Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harried Happenings -is there ever a dull moment?

Matt's out with a friend, all the kids are in bed (I think) and I'm ignoring the mountain of laundry on my bed. It's all good, right? I've been jotting notes down for days about things I needed to post here before I forget them - because while I do love to share a fabulous project or room re-do, mostly I just talk and/or complain about my kids here. usually after having some wine. :D that's all good too, right? So without further ado, and probably a fair amount of rambling, here we go:

William turned 9 back in August, right after school started. William is still a turkey a good bit of the time.
Last Monday I went to wake William up for school & found him playing Minecraft on his iPad at about 7:15am. I took it from him & asked him to get dressed & ready for school. There was a good bit of angst from him, but that's not out of the ordinary. At 8am, after sending him up to brush his teeth 20 minutes ago, I found him asleep in bed. ?!?!?!?!?!?! I dragged him out of bed, and off to school. At 9:50 the school called - William had fallen asleep in reading class & they didn't know what was wrong with him - um, I do! After a little discussion, it was decided that I would bring him home. He slept from 10:30 am until 2pm, when I woke up him up again. I had a class to go to that evening, so Matt had a discussion with William at bedtime where it came out that William had been up all night, playing Minecraft on his iPad. ALL.NIGHT. I have no idea how he did that without falling asleep, but he's lost use of his iPad until November 15.
 This morning I found William asleep in the chair in the basement in front of the PC the kids use. He'd been watching YouTube videos of people playing Minecraft. Needless to say, YouTube is now blocked from that computer. William went to school after a good breakfast and a cup of coffee.
William had an awesome backyard party with friends :)
Sarah turned 6 last week - how is that possible? - and had her very first birthday party with friends!
We were hoping to watch Tangled outside, but the weather was breezy & kind of iffy, so we ended up watching it inside, which might have been a bit of a mistake. WOW, seven 6 year old girls can be wild. At least one some of them, anyway ;) But seriously - how did my baby girl get to be SIX????

Evie has turned into a bit of an entrepreneur - she's making 'Fortune Pets' for kids at school and selling them for a dime. At least, the basic ones are a dime. Limited edition (?!?) ones cost a bit more. She's making customized paper 'fortune tellers' hand drawn as different animals - dragons, zebras, elephants, what-have-you - to order for her friends at school. I'm kind of blown away by this - one, because I find her to be incredibly creative and talented, and two, that she's selling them. I'm wondering if this is ok with other parents? The school? Go Evie!!

I know I'd pay a dime to my friend for one of these :) After school today she was a bit stressed because she had 16 'orders' to fill......

And I'm fairly certain that there is no cat in all the land that is loved more than Sweetie. Especially by Jason. The two of them have become fast friends. I think Sweetie sees Jason as a partner in crime.
He drags that poor cat all over the house, and isn't exactly gentle about picking her up and hauling her around. She doesn't seem to mind though, and actually seems to look forward to playing with him. I opened the door to the boys' room Tuesday morning to wake them up for school & Sweetie hopped into Jason's bed, licked his cheek, and then curled up & started purring. Other than the times she wakes me up at 5:30am, I'm really glad we got a cat :)
I'm sure there are a thousand other things I could mention - one of them being how much I love my new Kindle Paperwhite, my early birthday gift from Matt! (they finally made one that didn't need a light, and I'm amazed at how lost you really do get in reading it!) - but things are a bit crazier here than normal, with 5 birthdays in 2-1/2 months on top of Halloween, and some other unusual things piled on. I'll just keep jotting things down on sticky notes & hopefully get to them at some point. Right after I post pictures of our last two beach vacations.....time to get more wine. And fold all that laundry....

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