Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One down for a week, as Evie goes to camp...

We took Evie to Girl Scout Camp on Sunday - what better way to celebrate Father's Day than to drop one of them off for a week or so, right? No worries, Matt was properly feted Sunday morning with French Toast whipped up by Evie, and some shirred eggs. It almost sounds like I planned all that, doesn't it? In reality? While he went running I was drinking coffee, looking through cookbooks, hoping for inspiration. Thankfully there was a loaf of cinnamon bread in the freezer, buttermilk in the fridge, and plenty of eggs to bake in the oven while we cooked the toast :) Shirred eggs = yummy and easy! Bake each one in a greased ramekin, with a tablespoon of milk or cream on top, if you like - 325 for 15 minutes!! Hands free while you do other stuff :) Harried Mom likes that.
Harried Mom also likes wine and coffee, but you probably already know that. I'm thinking I'm liking wine a little too much lately (if such a thing is possible). While I used to crave coffee throughout the day, I find that recently I'm ok with less (which is good because Matt's drinking it again and I don't have the pot all to myself anymore and I'm really too lazy to make more...) however my wine consumption is up - which is NOT good for the bottom line - neither financial or booticular (I think I made that word up). Pardon me while I babble.

Anyway - so Evie is at camp this week, and things are uncharacteristically quiet here. I have to say - the kids have been out of school for about 2 weeks now, and I'm REALLY enjoying summer vacation! Nowhere to be until 9am, and half the time I just drop Evie and William off at the pool for swim practice & return home to finish up breakfast with Sarah and Jason. We're kind of taking it easy after the insanity of what basically turned into a remodel of the whole main floor of the house. Of course - I have a hard time separating 'taking it easy' from 'eating and drinking whatever I please'. I ran a half marathon 2-1/2 weeks ago with a friend and yet the scale is in my personal red zone - AGAIN. Why oh why are pounds so easy to put on/back on and yet SO difficult to lose? I like food - and wine - and I struggle.

I think part of the problem has been that while we've been working so hard on projects, it became all to easy to order a pizza, Chinese, or my own personal downfall, a ham and cheese calzone - large! - and then nosh away. Top that with a half bottle of wine, if not more, and there you have it - call me Mrs. Tightpants :) But I digress.

I cannot convey how much I am enjoying being a mom of kids who are getting bigger. Yes - they still make me crazy, and I think the days are busier and more chaotic than ever - but it is SO nice to not be hauling babies and all the gear they require around, feeling trapped in the house at nap time - or guilty because we should be home so they could nap. I love hearing all the thoughts and ideas that Sarah and Jason have, now that they can express themselves so well - smart cookies! - and watching them grow and blossom each in their own way is just taking my breath away. This time is so fleeting and short, I cannot even comprehend that Sarah starts Kindergarten in August and Jason turns 5 in November - how is that even possible?? I guess one of the gifts of life is that you don't see these changes occuring in the day-to-day, otherwise we'd all be puddles on the floor. Now if someone could tell me who that lady is that needs to color her roots that I see in the mirror every day, I'd appreciate it. Because in my head I'm 20.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Elephant Walk - or, Sarah's first Ballet Recital

Dear Blog,
It's been a long time - almost two months, to be exact - since I last came by to post. My only excuse is that I was eaten alive by my kitchen. And a brief trip to California, and the end of the school year, and a LOT of paint :) But all the food has found a home in the kitchen and isn't scattered in boxes anymore; as of last week, my piano has returned from storage, the buffet is out of the garage & back in the dining room, and the dining room table is OUT OF MY BEDROOM! It's a miracle. Or at least a lot of work. But the majority of it is finished, and I'm almost - almost! - ready to share pictures :) but not yet. I did want to share one recent happening though, my baby girl, my girly girl, my Sarah - had her first ballet recital this weekend :)

I was really nervous about how this was going to go down for her - for the past few months she'd been nervous about going to class each Friday, in case it was on the STAGE!!! - and each week Sarah was relieved to find out her class was still meeting at the studio. Time went on though, and I think once the costumes arrived and were tried on during class, excitement was starting to get her in its grips :)
By Friday night's dress rehearsal, Sarah was pretty excited - we'd been through hair and makeup already, for studio pictures, so she let me do her hair and face without any fuss, and by Saturday night she was ready to go. I can't tell you what a relief this was to me - Sarah usually doesn't like to be the center of attention, and can be pretty shy until she warms up to you - but then look out - so to see her just own it and have fun was so much fun for ME :)
I never took dance as a child - much as I wish I had, maybe I wouldn't be so clutzy - and Evie never had much interest in it, so I'm really enjoying going through this experience with Sarah - I know she'll have some fun memories from all of this :)

Girlfriend OWNED Baby Elephant Walk on Saturday night :) And she did smile - I just didn't happen to catch any good shots of it on camera.

Matt's parents made the trip up this past weekend to visit, and I'm so glad they were able to see Sarah's recital in person - a rare treat, as they live 20 hours by car away.

I had so much fun with Sarah this weekend, a few hours of time just with her, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the coming years, watching her blossom into whatever it is she wants to be :) I know it's going to be spectacular.

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