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Cleaning, planning, and journaling - who am I kidding? I hate all those things. Except maybe planning.

Hey look - I've managed to write TWO posts in the SAME YEAR! Will wonders never cease?

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but we're more than halfway through February. How the hell is that possible?  As with all things, I start with the best of intentions and then get thrown off course and sidetracked somehow. In an effort to get control of this that and the other, I ordered a planner/calendar/journal last month from Ink+Volt. Told Matt about my plans, how this was going to help me be a better 'whatever hat I'm wearing at the moment' - he may possibly have rolled his eyes. I suppose after 22 years he might know me a little bit... I managed to sit down on Super Bowl Sunday (because yeah I don't watch it...) and tried to plot out the next week, anticipating lots of accomplishments and organization. Did any of that happen? No. I think like 30 minutes later my throat started getting scratchy and I started sneezing, and just like that I lost a week …

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