Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolving for 2013....

It's a brand new day in a brand new year- feels much like the old one though. We've been traveling for a week and a half - we visited my family in Pennsylvania the weekend before Christmas, spent Christmas Eve and Day at home, then left on a big road trip cross country to Shreveport, LA to visit Matt's family. We're currently rolling home, with about five hours to go. At this point, I'm ready to run 10 miles and eat nothing but fruit for a month.

I'm anxious about what this next year will bring - Matt has one month of work left, and he's hunting, so we don't really know what's down the road- and that's something that is really hard for me, I'm a planner by nature and am always trying to figure out what's next. For now, I'm being forced to take things bit by bit, which isn't to say that I can't buckle down with the things I can control. I am determined to make the most of this next year - seems cliche to say 'get in shape & lose weight', because so many of us say just that every January, but nevertheless - this is the year I get lean! It's more of a self-discipline thing really - my plan is to do more with the time I'm given rather than piddle it away, and then wonder why nothing ever gets done. I am the pilot of my ship and I can determine where I go, for the most part - and that doesn't have to mean down half a bottle or more of red wine every night followed by midnight snacking :) It's ok to treat yourself in life, but I think part of the problem with society is we've come to expect treats, in various forms, as something we deserve as a daily part of life- and I'm thinking that's not healthy for our bodies, minds, or souls. Deep thoughts, here, I know, but uncertainty makes you think about things beyond what color you want to paint your bedroom :)

That's all I have for now, and Jason is asking for a pop tart, so I'll leave you with a wish for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year :)

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