Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow days & some other stuff.

My kids have gone to school one day out of the last nine days. Not school days mind you, I'm counting weekends here too. So we've all been together almost all day for eight days. Eight. Matt was gone for 5 of those. I'm about all done with winter weather and indoor activities with 4 kids. And I really need to clean the house, something I find all too easy to not get too when everyone is home (procrastinate much?) Anyway.

We finally had some snow here in Mayberry! Yes, they were calling for snow on Tuesday of last week, and school was canceled on Wednesday - even though, to me, the roads looked just fine at 8am! Surely they could have just done early dismissal? I've already told you how that day went in my last post, power outage and all. So we had about 10 inches of snow here, and happily my neighbors arrived around 9:30 am on Thursday morning to clear our driveway off with their snow blowers :) Got to love it when the cavalry arrives! It's a good thing they did, too - apparently once you hit 40 things start to just fall apart, and even just clearing what was left from the snow blowers off the driveway and sidewalk was enough to aggravate the tendinitis in my right shoulder. But enough about me!
Jeff and Rob arrived to dig us out!

I was sad to see my arborvitaes all bent over again for the second year. Last year they didn't really recover, but I shook all the snow off and they seemed to bounce back...
...I was happy to see this hawk - or whatever it is - circling around in the sky while I had the camera out. They have a huge nest in the trees behind our house and I see them every now and then, but this was the perfect opportunity to grab a picture without the leaves on the trees and no sun to get in my eyes...
...and then I noticed all the birds flying around my neighbor's feeder (the one the bear was eating from back in May - I guess he's filling it again, but then, the bears should all be hibernating, no?) and I wondered if I'd see any cardinals - I don't know if that's a cardinal, but it sure has some red to it :)
So we had some snow, and 3 out of 4 kids preferred playing in the snow to being inside. Jason seems to think his snow pants are too big, and therefore he doesn't want to put them on and go out. Sarah, who every day asks me when it will be summer and can we go to the beach, had lots of fun sliding down our small hill and playing with Evie and William.
 Speaking of, Evie and William were doing their best to make a super slick sled track, in addition to making a snow man. They'd asked Matt to turn on the hose on Saturday, which he did - I probably would have told them no - and I was under the impression that the hose was frozen. Somehow, though, William managed to fill a saucer up with water, intending to carry it from the faucet, all the way across the yard and up the hill, to slick up their track. I think he spilled more water on himself than actually made it up the hill :)
Oooh! I just noticed he's not wearing gloves - brrrr!
After being outside for a few hours each day, they've all come back in cold and tired, and ready for some luke-warm hot cocoa. I've finally learned to not make it too hot, otherwise it just sits on the kitchen table for hours while they let it 'cool' - and then I dump it out :) Have to say, I'd be happy if this is our only storm this winter, we've finally had enough to play in, but really - I need my kids to go to school. At least more than one day a week. Three days would be good. That's not too much to ask, right?
So I promise I will show you the bottle caps on Thursday, they really did turn out great! I was intending to do that today, and even took some pictures of the process on Saturday just for that purpose - however, I'm apparently not very good at 'doing' and 'documenting' at the same time, and didn't really have pictures to cover it all, so you'll have to wait :) Thursday! Promise! Assuming my kids go to school this week. Oy.
I was out running errands Saturday morning alone and was listening to - well - blasting, really - this song on my ipod, and for some reason all I could think about was Evie, and  - well, apparently, I'm one of those people who cries when they here music. Can't help it. Anyway! This song make me think of Evie, she really is one of those people with a brilliant light shining from the inside, crazy as she makes me :) Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foiled! And not in a crafty way.

I'm feeling foiled, in more ways than one - and that's not including our bathroom remodel. Today I was going to talk about the FABULOUS bottle caps I made with the girls on Monday, and share with you how to make them! Except our power went out around 5:30 today, and I was going to take pictures of the process this evening while we worked on some new ones after dinner. Kind of hard to do that in the dark, by candle and lantern light.

I had plans for Wednesday, you know. I figured the kids would be home from school - they were forecasting snow, and this being Virginia, we seem to cancel school if there is any whisper of potentially icy weather. I thought I could at least get some cleaning done, and have fun playing with my kids too. We had a dusting of snow overnight Tuesday, and the 6am call came that school was canceled.
Now, Jason had dropped my new Martha Stewart heart confetti punch on the floor Tuesday night. I have to admit, I was kind of ticked about that, as it broke into unusable pieces, as I really felt it was a splurge in the first place when I'd bought it on sale at Michaels over the weekend.When William offered to buy me a new one, I knew I needed to just let it go :)
So when Wednesday dawned kind of gloomy but not blizzardy yet, I figured we had time to head to Michaels again before the snow hit, and I'd let the boys pick out some stuff to make bottle cap magnets with - who says they need to be necklaces, right? What the hell was I thinking? Taking four kids into a virtually empty Michaels on a dreary Wednesday morning? The store was so quiet, I'm positive all the employees could hear every snarl and bark out of me as I tried to hustle my four through and pick stuff out that would fit in a one inch circle AND appeal to boys. Jason, I'm sorry, but the enormous dinosaur you had your heart set on  would NOT fit on a bottle cap, not matter how much you cried :(
So we finally made it out of the craft store and back home, me all the while wondering where all the snow is, and why my kids didn't go to school today, when finally around maybe 3:30 or 4 it started coming down. Hooray! This is our first big storm of the winter, and everyone was so excited to see it sticking to everything.
I can only say, I am so happy I started cooking dinner around 5 - spaghetti and meatballs - because no sooner had I turned off the burner and drained the pasta, than the power went off. For about four hours. So much for my plans for the evening.
You  know what though? If it hadn't, I would have plowed on with MY agenda, instead of taking things as they came. We ate our spaghetti  by candlelight, Matt texted me where to find the camping lantern in the basement, and the kids entertained themselves with coloring and stamps in the kitchen for at least an hour.
Sarah didn't understand why she couldn't watch tv, but it seemed to sink in after a while. I took some pictures (something I've been meaning to do!) before I cleaned up dishes, and then everyone got pjs on and played a board game before talking to Dad in San Diego.
I had just said goodnight to Evie and come downstairs when I glanced out the window and saw two power company trucks drive by, and not 30 seconds later the power was back on. So much for me reading on the couch by candlelight followed by an early bedtime :)
I really had quite a list planned for myself this evening, and I have to say it was really nice to be forced to slow down and take things easy - had the power not been out, I would have plowed through our evening, moving from one project to the next, pushing everyone towards bedtime.
Instead, the four played together SO NICELY! And I was lucky enough to witness and be a part of it all, instead of checking things off of my list of chores. I can always exercise tomorrow, and the snow isn't going anywhere until I get out there and move it - or a neighbor with a snow blower takes pity on me :)
So that was our first snow day, and school is canceled already for Thursday. I'm really hoping they go in on Friday, as Monday was a teacher work day  - if they don't go in, it will be a one day school week, and that's not NEARLY enough. Unless I say Uncle and give up on cleaning the house for the week.
There's always next week, right?
So is anyone else putting their winter fat on, or is it just me? I feel like I should be a bear. I have single-handedly managed to finish a box of Crunch 'n Munch in two days. The box says it has 11 servings in it. Not two. I don't even want to mention how many calories are in it. Chocolate? Don't think there is a single piece left in the house, I've eaten it all. And I'm thinking boxed wine - some of which is actually pretty tasty, I started out thinking 'oh, I won't feel obligated to finish a bottle in 3 days because it will keep!'  - well, I think I'm actually drinking more wine, because really, how objective is your eye when filling your glass? Not very, apparently. I keep thinking I'll be 'good' tomorrow, and tomorrow never seems to come...
And finally, here's a bit of Evie's cleverness :) Girlfriend cracks me up. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie night, skiing, and Santa. And a potential craft. Or maybe crap. Who knows.

Friday night was movie night for the elementary schools! Everybody - that is, everybody under the age of maybe 11 - wore pjs & we all went to the middle school to watch How to Train your Dragon! I have to say, this went a lot smoother for us this year than it did last year, in part because Sarah and Jason are a year older, and also maybe it was a bit less crowded, and I think the movie appealed to them more. Our PTO does a fabulous job at having events like movie night and Bingo for Books a  couple times a year, and it's a nice family evening out where Mom doesn't have to cook & a good time is had by all.

Jason was of course my constant companion, he played Angry Birds while Matt entertained himself with some light reading; there was an intermission where I really got a kick out of watching William do the chicken dance, and we really just all layed around on blankets on the floor for a few hours eating junk like hot dogs, cheetos, and m&ms. What more could you ask for, other than a chair to sit in?? Next year Matt and I will be off the floor like civilized people :)

Moving on! William lost his second tooth this weekend, finally!, and was visited by the tooth fairy! It's funny to hear him talking with a lisp now :) It seems like it took him forever to lose these first two teeth - he's been waiting a long time to catch up with his friend Dusty at school. So far the tooth fairy is two for two with remembering to visit William at night and pick up his teeth :)

Matt and I had a date on Saturday night, we had a babysitter in & we went skiing! Well, I went skiing and he went snow boarding. On what was probably one of the coldest nights of the year. Crap it was cold! We got there at 5pm, took a break at 6:30, and left I think by 8:15. The low Saturday night was about 15 degrees. Tonight (Sunday) it's supposed to be 7. Thank God for indoor heating, no?
Self-portrait from the chair lift. Lovely, no? I actually took off my glove to take this fabulous picture :)

So, what else? I picked up my Santa from the pottery place this past week, I think he turned out pretty great! Now the question is, will he sit on my window sill until next Christmas, or will I actually make the effort to take him downstairs and put him with the rest of the Christmas decorations? Time will tell - I've been known to let things go just that long...

And finally, since the kids have off from school today (Monday, teacher work day...) I actually have a craft for the girls to do! Evie and Sarah both have some bottle cap necklaces that are just SO cute, and after seeing Jen from Tatertots and Jello link up her gift tag tutorial, I've had them on the brain and have stalked down the supplies necessary to make a few of these. Or 100. Whatever. The local craft shops didn't have the bottle caps or the magnets, & I found a place online to get pretty much everything I needed, but in bulk. And then I went to Michaels today for paper and stickers and lost I think at least an hour gathering up the rest of the 'pretties'. Anyway - I'm sure these look much better in my head than they will actually turn out to be, but I have a TON of stuff to practice with :) And Evie and Sarah are excited to make them. I guess I can spare a few & just let them have fun, before I take over and make mine.
Wish me luck! I also have to make sure William finishes his science project due this week, his topic is 'Astronaut' and while I was out lost at the craft store today William and Matt worked out the details of the game he made up, and tomorrow we have to put it all together. Matt leaves in the morning for another week-long trip, so I'm on my own again. At least it isn't snowing a ton here and I likely won't have to shovel myself out. At least I hope not. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 5 days alone with the kids...

So I've backed away from my phone and Angry Birds long enough to sit down and update El Blog-o. Did you know that Angry Birds has a holiday edition? I finished the regular version the other night & then moved on to the Seasons one - purely for Jason's entertainment, mind you - I get no joy from this at ALL :) HA! There's a reason I don't play video games - I know better. Anyway - on to my week alone. I survived! Matt left me at o'dark early on Wednesday of last week to travel to Louisiana (Wheezy Nana in Sarah-speak) for his dad's birthday. I can't really remember much of what happened Wednesday through Friday afternoon, as the kids were in school - I think I cleaned the house, blew my nose a lot, shuffled them around to activities, blew my nose a lot, and yelled at William. A lot. (And blew my nose a lot). Even though I tried not to (yell at William, that is). But when I found him in his pjs, and he swore up and down he'd showered, and his hair was bone dry, I admit I lost it. I think he got the message - the rest of the week went much smoother. Anyway! I really need to pick up the camera more, because I find they drive what I remember to talk about.

After the big kids got home from school on Friday, Sarah had her first winter ballet/tap class at the Parks and Rec center. She was the only one to show up, and was lucky enough to have a 45 minute private lesson with Miss Alyssa!

After class, we had hot dogs and strawberries - Sarah's choice - for dinner, and then settled in to watch a movie (this was a running theme this weekend, watching movies). I'd recorded Tooth Fairy on HBO & the kids really got a kick out of it. I was a little bit worried that it might spark some thoughts as to the existence of the Tooth Fairy, as Evie's starting to reason more & William's in the midst of losing his front teeth, but so far so good - they all got a  kick out of it, and Evie and Sarah actually dug out their fairy wings on Saturday to play around in.

Saturday afternoon the $2 theater was playing Mega Mind so off the 5 of us went to the movies! I love the $2 theater, it's REALLY nice to be able to take 5 people to the movies - drinks, popcorn and candy too - for under $30. We had fun making Twizzlers into vampire teeth while we waited for the movie to start...

...and afterwords I took everyone to the mall. On a Saturday afternoon, by myself, which I never do. And I let them SPEND their allowance money! Or at least a little bit anyway. The little two got to pick out two small things from our stop at Target, and then we all went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. It was quite blissful! Of course, I let the big kids play their new DS games...
...and Sarah and Jason did a fabulous job entertaining each other while I looked on and took pictures. Thankfully, Ruby Tuesday at 5pm on a Saturday night is pretty empty - at least until the spillover of people unwilling to wait an hour for a table at Olive Garden arrives.

So the kids entertained themselves, I didn't cook or clean up, and I was delivered a yummy glass of wine :) What more could I ask for?? We went home, everyone had baths, and lights were out for everyone by 8:30. Heaven! And then I stayed up way too late playing Angry Birds. (sigh)

Sunday was a pretty easy day too. A first for me, I took the big two to Sunday school and then we all went to church! I have to say, I was very proud of myself :) I'm pretty sure Matt was surprised that I pulled that off - usually he's the one hustling Evie and William down there at 9:45 am for Sunday School while I'm in the shower or something. All in all, it was a good day, and a really nice weekend! It was really nice to not have much of an agenda for once, and just focus on having fun. We don't do that often enough, I think.
To the two cars of people in the parking lot who witnessed me barking at William as I raced ahead of you to the door of the restaurant Saturday night: I'm sorry. My particular brand of crazy had it in my head that if I didn't beat you inside, I wouldn't get a table (even thought I knew there were plenty). And I NEEDED a table. And also, I'd been barking at William all FREAKING afternoon to put DOWN his DS and GET OUT OF THE FREAKING VAN. It was getting very old at that point, as the 4 of us stood in the cold and waited for him for the umpteenth time. So again, I'm sorry :)
Matt arrived home around midnight Sunday night, and one of the first things he did was surprise me with a souvenir! The kids all got Mardi Gras beads, and I got a TWILIGHT CUP! Just the incentive I need to drink more water! Or at least I will know who's cup is who's now :) If you aren't a Twi-fan, read no further - if you are, I have to say - my new cup makes me happy :)

So that's it! Matt's off again on Monday morning for another 5 day trip, and I'll be pretty much doing what I did last week. I only hope I'm not blowing my nose nearly as much :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Name is Jen and I'm an Angry Birds Addict

Sigh. I resisted it for a long time. I saw Connie's Tweets about Angry Birds. I saw people on Facebook mentioning Angry Birds. I paid no attention. Really - I have enough going on in my life in the real world, not to mention the virtual world - the blog doesn't write itself (although sometimes I wish it would - maybe it would do a better job...) and then of course I must know what my People are up to and Ted Casablanca always has some terrible things for me to read (although I really only pay attention to the RPattz and KStew stuff - oh! and Glee!) So I didn't really need Angry Birds.

Matt got an iPhone sometime around late September. I don't know how long after that he downloaded Angry Birds, but I started finding him with his phone in his hand all the time. I thought he had a girlfriend or something, he was almost a little secretive about it - turns out he was playing the game.

I STILL paid it no mind, until the kids - who of course we give our phones to in restaurants & such to keep them busy - started complaining that I didn't have Angry Birds. So I downloaded it, and played a game or two, but didn't really pay it much attention. Jason didn't like my phone though, because Matt's phone had all the levels unlocked. Because he'd finished them all. And was starting at the beginning trying to get 3 stars on all of them. So every now and then I'd play a level or two, and then get annoyed when I couldn't finish them. William has been a great help at moving things along, as he's our resident Gamer.

I wouldn't say I'd reached the addict point until maybe today. This weekend I came down with the cold everyone here has had, and since there wasn't anything on tv and I didn't feel like reading, I started playing AB. And it's sort of crept up on me from there. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes tonight, and the time went by in a FLASH! And THEN I sat at the kitchen table to cool down, with a glass of wine poured on the counter, and completely forgot it was there while I tried my best to defeat level 4-13. There's a reason I don't play video games - I think I sat there for an hour and 15 minutes until I finally took control and said enough is enough.

My name is Jen and I'm an Angry Birds Addict :)
Matt's traveling for a few days, and we're on our own here for a bit. It was awfully quiet this evening - William had some free time for Super Mario Galaxy Quest, and Jason had disappeared upstairs with Evie. I brought Sarah upstairs to get pjs on and found Evie and Jason snuggled up on her bed - he was watching her play a hamster game on her DS :)

Evie has sort of become like the Pied Piper for Jason, and to some extent Sarah - you should HEAR how excited he gets when Evie comes home from school - it's really sweet :) She's in a good spot right now - thankfully, because her pre-Christmas behavior was something awful.
I'll take her cooperation while I can get it, because I know that surely it won't last long :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The one where I don't really talk about anything.

Dare I say, this was a relaxing weekend? Imagine! A weekend with NO plans, NO pressure, and NO holiday expectations to deliver A Good Time Had By All! It really was pretty fabulous - and I can't even tell you what we did. Oh wait - Matt kicked my butt playing Gran Turismo on the playstation Friday night, I do remember that much. And we did go bowling as a family today - William threw his typical fits because he wasn't winning (um, William, you're 7 and bowling almost as well as me??) - and Sarah did terrific! Jason still isn't interested but we're almost to the point of really being able to do almost anything as a family - YAY!!!! So I really don't have anything earth-shattering to share, other than some random thoughts:
  • We're trying to get moving on the master bathroom remodel that was begun in March of last year, but are a little annoyed at the flooring place nearby - nearly 4 weeks after a visit to discuss and measure and still no quote. How do places like that stay in business? 
  • Jason, after making really great progress getting himself to the potty, has turned completely 3 now and has no interest in doing that anymore. Or doing anything we ask him to without me counting to three first. And Dad isn't allowed to help him in ANY way, doing ANY thing WHATSOEVER if Mom is anywhere nearby.
  • I managed to kill off William's hermit crab through neglect. If you're a hermit crab lover, I'm really sorry - but this one never even peeked out of his shell when people were around and I sort of forgot about him. Oops :(
  • I've caught the crud that the little kids and Daddy-O (my new random nickname for Matt!) have been dealing with - sore throat? Check! Runny nose? Check! Lousy night's sleep? I'm sure that's coming my way! Hopefully - hopefully! This will be short-lived for me. I have a theory about colds - Matt grew up in the south, I grew up in the north, and things that hit me hard sometimes barely make him sneeze & vice versa. Sometimes it'll hit us both hard, and then others, he'll get sick and I won't, or the opposite. I'm thinking colds are regional. But what do I know??
Anyway - Daddy-O (!) is traveling on Wednesday to visit his family, so cross your fingers that I don't get buried under a ton of snow and get stuck in the house with the four for days on end :) I may not survive - or, at least not with my sanity intact.
Santa brought me a Flip for Christmas, and I wanted to do a little demo of my life here with the fab four, using Hex Bugs and Perler Beads. If you have a minute and 30 seconds or so, enjoy :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Briefly pondering our situation; painting pottery!

Holiday break was interesting for us - I really, really thought, when I was pregnant with Jason, that if we just got through that first year, we'd be good to go. Little did I realize at the time that everyone would get bigger, busier, and LOUDER. I mean, I guess a part of me knew, but maybe I was in denial about the whole thing. Or maybe I looked at other people's kids & thought mine would be like them.

There's a lot more bickering and arguing going on than I thought there would be, but I guess I've forgotten that kids delight in pushing each other's buttons - one of my favorites? From William - 'Sarah's LOOKING AT ME!!!!' - yes William, she sits across the table from you. There's not a lot of cooperation going on here, when we ask them to do something it's either 'ok in a minute' - my mom says I used to YES her to death, and then not do anything, so I guess I know where that comes from - or we get a big TO-DO about how it's not fair, blah blah blah.

I had a revelation last night after they were all in bed - William was 3 when Sarah was born, and Evie was just 5, still in preschool - and then we had Jason a year later. No WONDER Evie and William just do what they want and are content to entertain themselves - I was busy with two small, small kids & didn't really mind if William was happy doing his thing - they weren't really big enough to help much at that point, and it was just easier to do everything myself.

We're trying to change that now, although conversations with the big two seem to go in one ear and out the other - but I suppose a big job of ours as their parents is to just keep at it and stay on top of them and eventually it will sink in. I hope.
On Sunday I took the girls to the paint-your-own-pottery studio! Evie loves to do this, and is getting quite a collection of pottery animals in her room - she was so excited to see that this time they had hamsters, and she also found a tiny penguin. This was Sarah's first time & she chose to paint that fabulous big penguin in the first picture. As for me, I'm always stumped by the vast array of unpainted dishes and things in there, I never know what to do - I like all the dishes white, as they are and can never bring myself to choose one of them - plus my kitchen storage space is limited - so I usually end up with some sort of holiday knick-knack. In that last photo, on the right you can see the Santa wearing his bathrobe that I chose. Holy heck that thing is tedious - I painted all the polka dots white & wanted to do the robe red - you're supposed to do 3 coats of paint to get the best color coverage. Needless to say, I can pick up the girls' animals on Sunday, and hopefully I will have my Santa finished & can leave it to be fired. Because it's currently sitting on the kitchen counter half-finished, along with the paint and brush they sent me home with. As if I have time for that :) Photos courtesy of Sarah!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year, and welcome 2011! I have to say, 2010 was pretty good to us, I'm not sure 2011 can top it - although, this will most likely be the year we say ADIOS to diapers, so that in itself is a milestone! We had my sister and her family in to visit & say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and a good time was had by all - I hope! I was really grateful for the fact that it was warm enough on New Year's Eve to play outside for a bit...
Sarah tossed the football with Aunt Becky!

Anna, John and Emma

William - not that he needs an introduction :) And doesn't he look older than 7? An old soul in a boy's body...

Evie, whittling something
  ...and also have a fire to sit around - otherwise it's a LOOONNNNGGG journey to midnight with 8 kids under 12 in one house. We toasted marshmallows - and set a few on fire - and made s'mores before everyone headed back inside...

William, Evie, Gary and Uncle Steve

Jason with Aunt Becky, his new favorite person :)

I made Gary stand here with me until I was sure we had a picture that would work :)
...the kids got PJ'd & I gave them silly hats to wear...
Evie, Anna, Sarah, and Emma
...we goofed around taking pictures -  Becky wanted more Matt, less Jen....

...and we played Taboo! The game of Unspeakable Fun :)
Evie trying to guess a word while Becky is ready to BUZZ Matt...
Evie and Steve arguing a point...

Gary is ready to Buzz Steve
After game time, I stuffed everyone with cookies and appetizers, and by 11:45 everyone was amazingly still awake - even the 3 year olds - and completely stuffed with junk food - what better way to ring out the old? Matt poured everyone either some champagne or sparkling grape juice, and we said 'Hello 2011!!!' right along with everyone in Times Square! Sarah promptly burst into tears - she was so tired, so overwhelmed, and so bewildered by all the noise that I rushed her right upstairs and then we quickly got all the other smaller people off to bed. It was really wonderful having family here again for New Year's Eve - the last few years it's fallen on a weeknight & I know that Matt and I haven't even bothered to stay up for it - last year we took the kids out for Mexican food and a movie- the Princess and the Frog - so it was super nice this year to have a reason to stay up and people to celebrate with - Happy New Year, indeed :)

It wouldn't be the end of the old and the start of the new if we didn't make a list of things we'd like to change, right? So this year I'm going to keep it simple - and hopefully achievable! In 2011 I resolve to:
  1. Play with my kids more. I suck at this and they really are getting bigger faster than I can imagine.
  2. Drink more water. I drink too much coffee not to be drinking enough water, and it'd be nice to be able to take my rings off.
  3. Get to bed earlier. So I can get up earlier. Not having napping kids is wreaking havoc on my day.
  4. Let it go. Really. No more obsessing about things that are over and done with.
  5. Be sensible about eating, exercise, and the frigging scale. I'm 40, and I'm not a model - let alone the Super kind. Does 5 lbs really matter? Not in the grand scheme of things - it's just a pants tighter/pants looser thing. Maybe I'll just wear more skirts this year - they're more comfortable anyway!
So that's it! I'd also like to paint the main level of our house this year. My dream of an addition and new kitchen is on hold for the near future, and I'm wanting a change - plus we've run out of the paint we used 6 years ago and with four kids and no touch-up paint, Mama's not a happy camper. Kids love nothing better than to unintentionally destroy your stuff. I've got colors picked out and stuck to the walls, and I'm just trying to decide which room to start in - I'll let you know as soon as I've made a decision :) Happy New Year!!!

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