Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Air Travel Etiquette - Don't Be This Guy.

So I went on a quick plane trip yesterday - up at 3am, home at 11pm - don't ask - and on the first leg of my flight home, I had the 'pleasure' of sitting directly across the aisle from Sleepy McSlobber. I really have no words for this experience, but I guess I'll give it a go:

I first noticed Sleepy in the gate area, he was sitting at the charging station for cell phones, puffing on an electronic cigarette (what the hell are those things, anyway??) At first I thought it was a real one, but then never smelled any smoke - but anyway - they start boarding the plane, and I settle myself in my tiny little seat - big enough for me to be mostly comfortable, but I'm glad I'm not any taller. Sleepy stumbles in and sits in an exit row with another gentleman. They've closed the cabin door & are asking everyone to get seated when Sleepy realizes he's in the wrong seat, and sits down next to me across the aisle. He's muttering to himself about the crappy seat, nowhere to put his coat (the flight attendant told him to put it on the floor which I LOVED!), reclines his seat even though we haven't taken off yet....I'm looking forward to a great flight! He dumps all the stuff from the seat pocket onto the floor, snorts & wipes his nose on his hand a few times, and proceeds to pass out.
This guy slept through most of the flight - which was a blessing, because 1) it allowed me to take pictures of him and 2) when he was awake he was muttering to himself, guzzling coke and then belching, and constantly snorting and hacking and wiping his nose. I don't know whether he was drunk, high, or just mentally challenged - maybe all three - but it made for quite an experience.
This next picture was my attempt to photograph the drool that was hanging from his lip.
I really felt bad for the seemingly nice man who ended up sitting right next to Sleepy. He didn't roll his eyes a single time, just seemed to find it all funny. I'd have been asking for a change of seat - there were plenty of open ones around us.
So please - if you're traveling in a small enclosed space, don't be this guy. It's no fun for the rest of us  - but it does provide some blog fodder, and you never know who's sitting next to you, taking your picture :)


  1. Oh my gosh what a fun yet pain in the ass speckle to watch. I looove that you took pictures. You crack me up!!!

  2. WHat the hell is he wearing? Coolots? He just looks icky!!

    Now I want to know where you went and why?

  3. Um, wow! I have no words either. I'm kinda thinking he was all 3: drunk, high, challenged. I'm laughing at the thought of you sneaking pictures in while trying to be discrete. Hehehehehe!

    I need to know where you went too. Because I'm nosey.

  4. HOLY CRAP!!!!
    I WISH I was that guy! I'm the nervous one that won't sit still! I gotta ask though...what was the quick flight for. LOL

  5. Is that K-Fed?

    I love that you captured all of this and are sharing so nicely. It has given me a great chuckle this morning. Drool, snot, and hacking oh my!

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  7. bahahahhahahahahahahha.
    pure gold

  8. All I can think about is that he has a mother somewhere and she must be... she must be...
    Can you imagine if one of your boys turned out like that? Oh my.

    Usually a flight sounds like a nice diversion from my life with four kids (as long as it is a kidless flight, that is) but I don't know about this one... I'd be sitting there wondering how he ended up like that. I'd over think it for sure. SO, good for you for laughing and taking pictures!!!

  9. Free in-flight entertainment--who needs a movie with that across teh aise. I love it that you took photos of him.


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