Friday, March 9, 2012

Random kid stuff, and my painted living room

So I'm not going to call it global warming, because I don't believe in it - but I will say the weather's been a bit crazy here - red bud trees are blooming, my maple tree is budding, and all of my spring bulbs are coming up. So much for a ground hog being able to predict anything, huh? March is marching right along, here are the latest things of note:

 - William is being a big weenie lately. He putzes around and doesn't do anything you ask him to, and once you're annoyed at repeating yourself & you raise your voice, he bursts into tears - 'why are you yelling at me???' I swear that boy has no common sense. He spent four hours sitting, looking at his spelling homework, rather than right the silly story he was supposed to write with his words. I get it, not a fun job, but just DO IT already and move on with your life!

 - Evie asked me whether I liked coffee better than wine, and I was really stumped. If I had to choose one or the other? That's really tough - but I'm leaning towards wine :)

 - Jason and Sarah are taking swimming lessons together - parents aren't allowed in the pool area, so that have to walk in by themselves, and the first day it was so cute, they were both a little apprehensive, but they wrapped arms around each other and walked in together - SO wish I'd gotten a picture of that!!! And a side note - swim lessons are at 6pm, so lots of parents shower the kids and put pjs on while waiting for the rest to finish up - since when did footed pajamas become acceptable outdoor footwear? The thought of kids getting into bed after walking around the rec center REALLY grosses me out....

- Yesterday I ordered our kitchen cabinets - hoorayyyy!!!!!! Once I get my act together, I'll do a proper post with pictures of what we have and where we're headed. Fingers crossed, it's going to be a big improvement.

 - I finished painting the living room - it used to be red, now it's Fantasy Blue, #716 from Benjamin Moore. So hard to get accurate colors in a picture, but it's a real soft blue with just a slight, slight hint of a greenish tint. LOVE!
I've struggled with where to put the piano in this room, it's been in each of the three corners over the years. Finally, I googled 'staging a piano' and saw lots of great ideas, and something that made a lot of sense - the piano should open out INTO THE ROOM, for the best sound. I, like apparently lots of other people, thought I wanted to see the keys. So I'm trying it this way, I think I like it! Need to recover the rockers, get curtains & really 'finish' this room - it's been the oddball for a long time.
Next up is to take down the wallpaper in the dining room. I want to paint this room a milk-chocolatey brown - not too dark, but not too latte'-colored either.
After peeling away a little sample in the corner, I'm afraid I have a lot of spritzing and scraping in my future.....
-And last, but certainly not least - 18 years ago today I walked into a bar with a friend and sat down next to a nice boy. We had a lot to talk about, and he asked for my phone number - which he actually USED :) I hope he's not regretting that decision, regardless of how crazy things are today. I know I'd do it over. Love you Matt!


  1. I used a brown in my bedroom called fig. I have
    plenty left if you would like to use it to try.
    I went through 15 shades and $150.00 to get the right one. Then $200.00 in paint. Let me know? I can send you the paint.

  2. I love the color you chose and am completely jealous of your piano! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aw, how sweet!! You and Matt are adorable.
    And I LOVE the paint color. WHAT color is it?? I might want that in my relaxing!
    And I wish you could've gotten a pic of Jason and Sarah going into the swimming area...super cute.

  4. For crap's sake. You caught me. I totally skimmed over the paint name. DER!

  5. Beautiful job with the living room! And Happy Anniversary! Love you all.

  6. Haaa I love how Mimi totally called herself out on the paint color. Loser, she totally didn't read the whole post. LOL

    I am imagining your two little walking into swimming arm n arm & my heart is melting.

    Cabinets... YAY!!!

  7. I love the paint and molding in the music room... fabulous!

    This weather has been nuts - our door is still open right now at 10PM.

    And happy anniversary of your meeting... so sweet!

  8. I love your living room, the milling and the color are great!

    I hate removing walpaper, more than anything I think!

    We are about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and there are more times than not that I wonder how we made it so far. I have no regrets and I would choose him again and again, hopefully he feels the same!


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