Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Elephant Walk - or, Sarah's first Ballet Recital

Dear Blog,
It's been a long time - almost two months, to be exact - since I last came by to post. My only excuse is that I was eaten alive by my kitchen. And a brief trip to California, and the end of the school year, and a LOT of paint :) But all the food has found a home in the kitchen and isn't scattered in boxes anymore; as of last week, my piano has returned from storage, the buffet is out of the garage & back in the dining room, and the dining room table is OUT OF MY BEDROOM! It's a miracle. Or at least a lot of work. But the majority of it is finished, and I'm almost - almost! - ready to share pictures :) but not yet. I did want to share one recent happening though, my baby girl, my girly girl, my Sarah - had her first ballet recital this weekend :)

I was really nervous about how this was going to go down for her - for the past few months she'd been nervous about going to class each Friday, in case it was on the STAGE!!! - and each week Sarah was relieved to find out her class was still meeting at the studio. Time went on though, and I think once the costumes arrived and were tried on during class, excitement was starting to get her in its grips :)
By Friday night's dress rehearsal, Sarah was pretty excited - we'd been through hair and makeup already, for studio pictures, so she let me do her hair and face without any fuss, and by Saturday night she was ready to go. I can't tell you what a relief this was to me - Sarah usually doesn't like to be the center of attention, and can be pretty shy until she warms up to you - but then look out - so to see her just own it and have fun was so much fun for ME :)
I never took dance as a child - much as I wish I had, maybe I wouldn't be so clutzy - and Evie never had much interest in it, so I'm really enjoying going through this experience with Sarah - I know she'll have some fun memories from all of this :)

Girlfriend OWNED Baby Elephant Walk on Saturday night :) And she did smile - I just didn't happen to catch any good shots of it on camera.

Matt's parents made the trip up this past weekend to visit, and I'm so glad they were able to see Sarah's recital in person - a rare treat, as they live 20 hours by car away.

I had so much fun with Sarah this weekend, a few hours of time just with her, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the coming years, watching her blossom into whatever it is she wants to be :) I know it's going to be spectacular.


  1. Firstly, welcome back! ... can't wait to see the long awaited photos of your kitchen.

    Sarah looked gorgeous! So glad she enjoyed her big night!

  2. Love the little ballerina pictures! So pretty!

    Incidentally, I used to play clarinet, and Baby Elephant Walk is one of my favorite pieces! So at the end of reading your post, I definitely played the video and danced with the kiddos around the living room.

  3. HI!!! **waves**
    She looks adorable!! So grown up!

  4. Are you a dance mom? She looks great!

  5. YEA! So glad you came back! Been wanting to know how the whole house project had been coming along. Looking forward to the pictures!

    Your girly girl is so cute! Hope she (and you) continue to enjoy the recitals.

    PS Love the pic of Sarah with your in laws. Could Matt possibly look any more like his Dad??


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