Monday, August 27, 2012

And school begins for another year.....

Three out of four kids started school last week, and I'm still having trouble getting things done! Although in my defense, school started three days after we returned from the beach, Jason had to go to the doctor, we had no food & I had a bunch of errands to run - you know, all that life-stuff that gets in the way of coffee drinking and blogging and pinning things on Pinterest :) Today is Jason's first day of Pre-K preschool! Matt's in the office on Mondays, so this was supposed to be my first completely kid-free 3 hours. Well - some sort of bug is going around and William felt nauseous on the way to school - he's on the couch, and I'm not out getting in my long run for the week. C'est la vie - I have a kitty on my lap, coffee in front of me, and I'm spending some time with my laptop while William watches How It's Made - so far we've learned how to make caskets, foam dummies, and injection needles - fun!
So Evie's now in FIFTH GRADE, William's in third, and Sweet Sarah has begun Kindergarten. She is VERY anxious to learn how to read, and is pretty excited every day. Evie's ok with being back in school, she enjoys her friends and absorbs facts like a sponge. William would prefer to be at home playing video games :/

Evie, 5th grade

Sarah, Kindergarten

William, 3rd grade 

Jason would probably prefer to be home playing games too, but he's mostly easy going and got himself ready without too much fuss. I can't believe the day has finally come when Sarah is gone all day, and I only have Jason in the afternoons for one more year. HOW did my baby boy get to be almost FIVE??
Jason, Pre-K

I'm sure everyone does the same thing, all of a sudden you look at your child and somehow it strikes you how big they are - in the last year Sarah has morphed into this big girl who no longer has screaming fits, and Jason is most definitely no longer a baby - big ideas in his head, and I love love love hearing all about them. Evie's growing up and while she can pitch in and help, I'm also seeing glimpses of the teenage years not far down the road. William? That kid can rip my heart out. His birthday was yesterday and apparently it was the worst day ever because I wouldn't let him on YouTube. I'm the worst Mommy ever (sigh). Matt and I refer to William as Our Life's Work. And work it is :)

So the kids are off to school (mostly!) and I'm buckling down to get some projects done before we roll into the holidays. Matt made me an ottoman that I'm going to upholster (first attempt before I tackle the couch in the basement), the foyer needs paint, and I have miles of trim to finish painting (still). The plastic table will be leaving the kitchen shortly, once the sealant on the new one in the garage is cured, and I am DETERMINED to do some fun crafty things - anything to keep me out of the kitchen & away from the snacks :)


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  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. And I agree, your children really are your life's work. Dad

  3. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy while the kids are gone! Enjoy!

  4. I really don't like it. I mean, they are all cute and everything, but they're getting BIG. And I don't like it. :D

  5. If it's any consolation, I have a 3rd and 5th grader, and they would BOTH rather be home playing video games, and my 3rd grader is our "life's work" too.

    Your kids are darling. Hope their first day went great!

  6. My two are heading back to school next week. Hope William is feeling better.

  7. WOW - Seriously? How did they get so old?? Especially little Sarah?? KINDER???

    Enjoy your free time - Ian goes M,W,F starting next week- WHEEEE!!

  8. Early years of school are exciting. Enjoy guys!

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