Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Camping We Will Go (or went, I guess...)

Can you believe it? We went camping this weekend!!!! In my mind, our tent was just like this:
Ranger Safaris - Tanzania

Reality was a bit different....
 Home sweet home for two sleeps
In fairness, however, we've only done this once before - for one night - so I'm pretty excited over the fact that our family of six spent two nights outdoors in one tent, without any electronic distractions. Granted, we did forget to pack our camp chairs - again - but it didn't really matter because 1) our camp site was under a bunch of oak trees that were raining down acorns - and the occasional maggot, I'm not sure what that was about - , making it not-so-great to sit around a fire and 2) Saturday night it was really windy and cold so you didn't really want to be outside anyway. And I fell asleep at 9:30 while Matt told ghost stories to the kids....

We did have a fair amount of fun family time - William was so excited to have his favorite breakfast, cooked oatmeal - which I do make all the time, I'm not sure why he thought this was such a big deal....
William and the biggest walking stick ever
Sarah, surprisingly loves camping and didn't complain one bit - which sort of amazes me, because she can be pretty particular about some things, and is a bit of a girly-girl....
Evie is totally in her element in the woods - we went to the Nature Center at the campground for a few special events, and I could totally see Evie being a Naturalist in a state park someday....
Evie finds a beaver house
We walked around the lake, William proved to be an expert at skipping rocks (I was lucky if I could get a rock to skip twice, let alone his record of seven....)
We tie-died some shirts and fed some snakes at the nature center, and we did our best to keep William, Sarah and Jason from setting the woods on fire - or our tent, for that matter.
We brought some board games along, and yes - Jason was actually with us too, although he took a 3 hour nap on Saturday....

And yes, Matt and I were there too - we took pictures to prove it :)

So a year after our first attempt at car camping, we have successfully completed a second attempt, and I daresay the kids are ready for more.I don't see that happening until the spring though, as we roll into October and all the fall fun that follows - Halloween is a big deal here, you know. But I've made some notes for next time (more lanterns, candles, rugs and furnishings HA!), and I think we're all looking forward to going again. I'm only hoping to avoid 30 mph wind gusts and low temps of 44 degrees next time :D


  1. I guess William could not believe that you could cook oatmeal on a fire..... Looks like you had a lovely time, despite the wind and the maggots.

  2. I loved going camping with you and your family. Great pictures. Visit me when you can.

  3. I keep saying I want to take the kids camping....but we don't have any of the gear.

    Maybe the kids will have cool friends like you guys to take them. :)

  4. Ohhh, you look like you had a great time!! I'm kind of with Sarah. The outdoors . . . not always my favorite. And my Kam agrees. She'd much rather be warm and clean and bug free ;)


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  6. My kids love their gadgets but when we go camping they don't even think about them. I love that.


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