Monday, April 15, 2013

Drunken Ramble.

I like wine. Don't think that's any secret. I confess I've had a bit tonight (!) and am feeling chatty. Hi! It's been a long, long time. Happy tax day! Have you filed? I finished ours last night at about midnight, after getting all my tummy-sick family settled for the night - bug going around, you know. We were afraid Sarah had a bee sting allergy  up until the point Jason puked Sunday morning, followed by William, Evie, and then Matt. I have the constitution of Iron Man, apparently :) And now Jason is up happily chatting while Matt dozes & I kill my Shiraz, before getting up to do it all over again tomorrow.

So - Boston - WTH? I swear stuff like that makes me want to hide away in a quiet little place and never go to any big public events - who knows when the next nut job will decide to try and grab some infamy for him/herself? Senseless. There are a lot of messed up people in the world - I'm looking at you, Grandma in the red jeep cherokee that tailgated everyone and their brother all the way home today, all while smoking your ciggy out the window....

.....sorry, got distracted by a convo on Facebook about Texas. TEXAS! So, we have a CONTRACT on our house! Assuming everything goes through, we have a settlement date of May 20, and a move-out date of June 7th.We have 54 days to find a place to live. Happily, I have my little job to keep me distracted from the thought that Matt is still looking for work (although hopefully not for much longer) and that we will be homeless here shortly. I keep telling Matt to prepare his mom for our move-in. Who wants to volunteer to take my cat temporarily?? No, really - I'm confident - mostly- that it will all work out the way it's supposed to. After all, when I had my Tarot cards read in my early twenties, Angela Miller told me I'd never have to worry about money. So there! No worries. (oy.)

What else? I have no idea. I really need things around here to let up a little bit so I have some time to think. My little bookkeeping job is replacing me within the next two weeks so that will take a little pressure off, and now that the tax crunch is over, I'll have a little more time on that end as well.. Thank goodness, I'm not really digging this WORK thing  - God bless those of you who work full time outside of the home, I don't know if I could do it (without a maid, a personal shopper, and my summers off.....) In the meantime, we're doing what needs to be done & taking each day in stride as it comes. I'm so excited about what the future brings! I can't wait to see what the universe has in store for us, and what house is waiting out there for us to discover and make our own. Life is what you make it :)

Harried Mom.
ps - someday I will do this more reg and include pics. (sigh).


  1. I want to hide out at home most of the time too :( I swear, there are some crazy messed up people out there. And I don't think we even know the half of it.

    I'm praying that everything works out great for you guys. I know it will! Exciting new adventures!

  2. What happened in Boston is just insane! I don't know anyone can do this to other people!

    Wow things are really starting to move ahead for you.... it's going to be fantastic, I'm sure!

  3. Dear Jen,
    Please keep drunken rambling.
    PS Grandma red jeep sounds like she needs to get a smack down.

  4. I love your drunken ramblings and I love watching your journey to Texas from the side lines!

    I pray for you all every single day!

  5. I have been checking my blogger dashboard to see if you've updated and was so happy to read your post. Yea for the contract on the house! I do believe you are right. All the rest will fall into place. Hang in there and let us know how it's going!!!


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