Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is what happens with #4

Lots of people, mainly those with three children or less, have asked how you manage with four. Here's an honest answer: by number 4, all of your baby things are at least 6 years old and falling apart. So the safety latches you installed on your cabinets when you moved into your house 6 years ago have now become brittle and are all breaking. Or, your boy children are more mechanical than the girls, and have figured out how to open them by 14 months. Regardless, by number four, you have been reduced to allowing this to happen while cooking dinner or dealing with other various tasks:

Yes, that's my darling son helping himself to the cheerios, something he manages to accomplish several times a day. Sometimes his sister joins him and they have a cheerio picnic on the rug in front of the refrigerator. This morning I caught him toddling around (a new trick) with a fistful of them which he proceeded to snack off of. So, there you have it. An honest look at where you end up with four. Crumbs everywhere, and very little control over anything. Thank God the latches under my kitchen sink are of a different type and are still intact.

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