Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reality Check

I don't know where September went. I thought for sure that once Evie and William were back in school, things would ease up a little bit. And then I woke up.

Fantasy: I'll wake up at 5:45, grab a cup of coffee & get my exercise finished before getting the kids up for school. I'll have had some time for myself & will feel accomplished that I've gotten it out of the way so early.

Reality: Sarah is getting up at 6am, if not earlier (which of course makes her miserable by 11.) I find it difficult to get her settled & get down to the basement for my workout in enough time to be finished before the others need to be up. Matt seems able to manage it better, on the mornings he's at home, and he helps me fit it in. I just wish she'd sleep later & then it would be 'me' time.

Fantasy: Evie and William will be off to school and I will have time with the little ones to run errands, play with them, we'll have lunch together; they will nap for 2 hours and I will have some peace and quiet before E&W get off the bus.

Reality: Not much other than the errands is getting done because Sarah and Jason are constantly getting into things & needing to be rescued, asking for help with something, fighting with each other over a toy, wanting a snack of some sort, or helping themselves to Lucky Charms and scattering them all over the house.

He KNOWS he doesn't belong up there!

Reality Part 2: Sarah is starting to give up her naps. I figured this was coming. I've known all along, in the ironic world I live in, that I would get William off to all-day kindergarten and then Sarah would give up her nap. Here we are, September 26, and she took 2 naps this week. Which, as you all know, is causing her head to completely rotate around by lunchtime. Yesterday she actually passed out on the floor before lunch while I was vacuuming. I tried to move her upstairs, but no, that 10 minutes was her nap. Joy.

Click HERE if you're curious about what's in the background

Fantasy: I've created a craft area in the basement where I will accomplish SO much while the little ones play in the wonderland that is the playroom!

Reality: Sarah and Jason have a 5 minute attention span. Playing in the basement means getting one thing out after another and scattering it all over the floor; Jason climbing up in my lap to see whatever it is that I'm doing; carrying handfuls of toys from downstairs to upstairs, and finally losing interest in the playroom after 15 minutes total. I guess the solution would be for me to make sure that any project I start can be completed in a 5 minute time span during which time I may or may not have Jason in my lap 'helping'. I'm putting off the jewelry making class at the art studio indefinitely.

Fantasy: During S&J's 2 hour nap, I will have plenty of time to finish the projects I've started, write witty & thoughtful blog posts about my family so I have a record of everything for some later day, and read all the blogs I like to visit each day.

Reality: Sarah's naps are dwindling which gives me maybe 45 minutes a day to do whatever it is that I can't get to while they are up. Which is why those 4 pots of flowers from Lowes that I picked up 4 weeks ago are still sitting in their pots, in the same spot I left them, rather than being planted where they are destined to go. Because after dealing with S&J all morning, all I want to do in that 45 minutes is SIT. or maybe close my eyes. or (gasp) doze off for 20 minutes. Now THAT is a fantasy :)

So there you have it, my day in a nutshell. It would really be helpful if I could become a Cullen not need to sleep. Just THINK about how much I could get accomplished.


  1. I love the TV cozy! : )
    My 3 year old will do that too sometimes. He'll crash somewhere and if you try to move him, he's UP for the rest of the day. All cranky and stuff.

  2. Hmmm. All of that sounds all too familiar. :)

  3. It sounds like life at our daughter's in school and the 2 year old hates naps. Then he turns into something an exorcist could take care of!!

  4. Oh yeah, I've been there. Those 10 minute naps were the worst. Just when you thought it was safe to start something they wake up. And as for getting up early for some "Me" time. two of my three kids are morning people like their Dad, I am not.

  5. Can you imagine if we really were like the Cullens??? Ugh! Then the madness would never end, lol! I love it when I finally get to sleep at night...the day has beginnings and ends...

    I could totally write this post. I can't believe it is late SEPTEMBER already! {{eekk!}} I had wonderful dreams and plans once the kids went back to school...{{sigh}}

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  7. I hear ya sister!

    Not only would you love the extra time each day if you were a Cullen, but you would also have to get Edward to turn you - how womantic!

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  9. oh honey....i can relate to sooo much of this.

    My craft/playroom hasn't had a single craft made in it and I created that space 9 months ago.

  10. I know the feeling! Anthny has given up naps and I strugg;le with the loss of the time that USED to be mine!! That was when I would regroup and mentally prepare myself for the rest of the day!!! At least now bedtime is at 7!!! I hope some of your fantasies become realties soon!!

  11. Wow- you can totally tell they are brothers!! So funny- LOVE Calvin's dance- please tell him that he's got skilz!!!!


  12. I have little early birds in my family - but before 6 is just not OK. spend your spare time sleeping, reading, sittitng - not blogging. We'll still be here!

  13. I fear the day naps are no longer taken in this house...

    and LOVE the pics. Ours scatters cheerios but thankfully, he can not get on the counters yet. They are higher than average.

  14. I hear ya! (And I don't know how to tell you this, but even as teenagers, they can still manage to be needy....)

  15. sigh to be a Cullen! Pleasure in so many ways!!
    Hope you get some you time soon. I am struggling with being home and getting stuff done. Somehow I was more organized when I worked.

  16. That sounds just like Connie's days!

    I'd like to be a Cullen too!

  17. I am amazed at anyone who can get up early and exercise--even at home. I'm just too tired in the morning! Your post does remind me of what things are easier now though that they are all in school....

  18. I can not even imagine working out before the kids got up...perhaps that is because I have early risers and I would have to work out at 3am. And I also hate to work out.

    The days seem shorter with the kids in school, right? If I only I didn't have to drive all over the place all day long, I could just drink all day, and kill the pain.

  19. Yeah, reality and fantasty are two things I get mixed up on. :) I wish I were a Cullen sleep, gorgeous skin, amber eyes (without paying 40 bucks)...sounds nice.

  20. It's a darn good thing they're sooooo cute! lol.


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