Friday, February 13, 2009

This is what we've been reduced to...

So what we have here is a piece of cardboard taped to the front of my flat screen tv, which is usually covered in fingerprints. Because, as you can see, it's right at child-level. Why do we have a piece of cardboard taped to the front of my tv? Because baby JJ (happily grinning for the camera) has discovered a new favorite thing: turning off the flat screen tv; because the button is right there. And it makes his sister (you can just see the top of her head) scream! And he thinks that's great fun. I wish I was 15 months old! Let me tell you some other things about my tv and cabinet; you can't really see it from here, but about 2 weeks ago (and about a year too late) we bought a piece of glass for the shelf the tv is sitting on. Because, yes, it's at child height and they like to bang toys on it. Another lovely home-made addition to my tv cabinet is what's affectionately called the tv-cozy. As in tea-cozy, but for the tv. No, it's not to protect the kids from the corners of the furniture, it's to protect the furniture from the kids. This was also about 6 months too late. You know I thought we'd learned from the first two that nice things and kids just don't mix, but I guess not. Note to those without kids yet but planning to have some: buy disposable furniture. It's just going to get trashed. Then in 20 years when they move out you can have the nice things you always wanted! Now for some coffee...enjoy your day!


  1. I had to laugh at your cardboard on your TV...we do the same thing, but with plastic CD cases that we tape (heavily) can still get the remote to work through them. But then you are left with old sticky tape residue forever on your TV...but worth the hassle, I'd say!

  2. Ohmygosh. You're my hero...seriously! I think you deserve sainthood. :) I'm lovin' all your modifications!


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