Friday, October 2, 2009

Things are looking spooky

It's the most wonderful time of the, not Christmas, Halloween! Halloween is a big deal in our house. When I met Matt, I had no idea the depth of his love for Halloween. It wasn't until we moved into our current home 7 years ago (I'd known him for 8 years at that point) that it started to become apparent. I'll get into more detail about this as the month goes on, but suffice it to say that there is thunder and lightening, fake graveyards, and lots of spooky music and spotlights. And wait until you see the fake fence.

For the moment, I've dug out my Halloween stuff! It makes me happy to get it out every year and add a new piece now and then. (I apologize for the poor pictures, I have yet to master -heck, even attempt to learn - taking pictures indoors without the flash- maybe someday).

The kids love running around the house finding where I've tucked things

It seems to change each year

Amazingly enough, everyone is staying out of the jars of candy (so far) although they're all eyeing up the orange slices...those might not last long

This is a favorite of Sarah and Jason, Sarah likes the witch's hat :)

My mother made the lighted ghost in a ceramics class as well as the witch below

And finally, I had the kids paint new pictures for the frames above the sliding door in the kitchen. I asked for 'Fall' pictures in oranges and browns.

Evie gave me a dragon balancing a pumpkin on its tail; Sarah painted a dinosaur playing with an alligator in mainly green colors. William is the only one who actually followed my suggestion, his pumpkin patch makes me very happy! And Jason? just wasn't into the whole thing. He refused the crayons I was pushing towards him and substituted his own. Such is life with a two year old.

There are a few more things not out yet, and I want to make a ribbon wreath for the door, maybe this weekend. October is a HUGELY busy month, what with soccer, 3 birthdays (all us girls have our birthdays this month!) and Halloween. Add in other fall festival-type things and it's a whirl-wind. I'm flying by the seat of my pants and need to finish this post up so I can go make Sarah's cake - little girl turns THREE tomorrow! Where has the time gone??


  1. Fabulous goodies! We love Halloween too and are off to the "Spirit" Store after school.....I find it a bit creepy, but the 7 yr. old likes it! He will then have a bad dream or two following this visit!!

  2. I got really tired thinking about all those birthdays this month.
    I just got out some decorations. I bought some foam boards at the Dollar store. We are going to make up epitaphs and have gravestones--gross, huh?

  3. Jen~
    One of these years, we are going to make it your way during Halloween. I am envious of Mom and Dad getting to be there during such a fun time. I have the same set of glass pieces that you have with the candy in....what a cute idea. Right now, I have mine on the entry way table with coffee beans and candles. Love you guys! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah!!
    What cute decorations you have! I LOVE the candelabra... : )

  5. HA! I saw the picture of the candies before I read what followed, and I was thinking "Sheesh, how does she keep them out of that candy???" My girls would seriously be Or Makenna would, anyway. Seriously cute decorations, girl!

  6. Wow you really go all out. I like the three blck frames and the top of your buffet looks great! My son just loved your black tree!

  7. I love this time of year, too. Happy Birthday to Sarah. Have fun!

  8. Happy Birthday to Sarah! Your decorations are great. I have to get more Halloween stuff for our house so I can get in the mood before I start answering the door for trick-or-treaters.

  9. I love Halloween too! I was late getting my fall out so I'm going to enjoy it for another couple of day before I bring down the big orange tubs of Halloween lovin'!

    I have those jars, mine have orange potpourri in them, maybe if I put the candy corn in those instead of a hurricane with no lid I wouldn't have already eaten a 2 days!

    I love the picture of the black candlestick, the shadows are great!

  10. I love your decorations! They are absolutly adorable!

  11. Happy Birthday to your little 3 year old today! hope your/her day was fun!

  12. I like how your Halloween decorations are kid friendly, not too scary.

    And I LOVE your art above the slider, it's perfect! What a great idea :)

  13. i love your halloween decor! i must find an old candelabra at a thrift store and paint it black. you're inspired me.

  14. My husband is a halloween freak too. He loves the scary stuff! I'm posting mine on Wordless Wednesday.

  15. I am loving the candy jars! CUTE! September was CRAZY busy here and I think october will be the same? Does it ever slow down? Hope Sarah had a great birthday weekend!

  16. My kids hate how I decorate for halloween...pumpkins, corn and orange twinkling lights....they tell me it is NOT SCARY.

    Maybe I should hang a picture of my naked body on the front door.
    Now THAT would be scary.

    LOVE your candy jars!!! Where did you get them???????

  17. You have such cool halloween decorations! I love them all.

    Happy belated to your little girl.

  18. I'm LOVING all of your spooky decor! The framed art is great! I love decorating for the fun!!


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