Friday, January 29, 2010

Word of Mouth

William. My oldest boy. My life's work.

William is the one we worry about. He wears his heart on his sleeve and can cry at the drop of a hat.

If he gets a minor injury, you'd think a limb has come off, from all the noise he makes.

He's stubborn. And smart, in that left-brained engineer way. Ask him to put his socks on and he'll look at you and say 'socks'? I've never seen a person slower at doing much of anything. You can't hurry William along.

Matt went down to our church this morning and ran into the director of the preschool - one of her relatives works at William's elementary school. Barbara hears William stories almost every day.

His teachers LOVE him.

His Sunday school teacher LOVES him!

Which, I'm not sure exactly why, makes us scratch our heads. I can't tell you how many times we've said, 'that boy'! or 'What are we going to do with him?' Make no mistake, we love him to death. He is so amazingly good at playing with Sarah and Jason, and it absolutely breaks his heart when Evie wants some alone time and won't let him into her room. But he's not an easy-going sort, and not always easy to live with.

I'm so relieved to see that his first year out in 'the world' is going so well and he's well thought of - because I worried. (We always worry, don't we? I guess that's part of the job). In my mind it could so easily have turned out differently :)

One night this past year he told me, 'Mom, my heart loves your heart'. I melted. Mine too, buddy - mine, too.

When I was pulling the William pictures off my phone I saw Fan Boy and Chum Chum.
For your viewing pleasure.


  1. He sounds exactly like our Jack- stubborn to the core, slow as molasses, but oh so lovable!!

    Gotta love those boys!!


  2. So sweet. I think we all have one of those. Isn't it amazing how the things we get so frustrated with are the things that make them a joy to be around to other people??? Love the picture... too funny for words!

  3. so so sweet and so totally get it.

    When we had our first parent teacher conference and she said "Jack is such a great boy and what good helper" Nick and both had to make sure she meant Jack PHELPS, and not the OTHER Jack in the class.

  4. I'm convinced it's the second-born thing to be slow moving and super sensitive.

    I gave Lauren a lesson with math manipulatives when she was about six, left her to help Lexi, turned back to see the most amazing house built out of...math manipulatives!!!

    BUT we can't imagine life without those second-born's can we?!

  5. Completely agree with the Michelle above. And with your details too! That second one over here too is slow moving and sensitive. And would scream if we had to get a splinter out or something.When he was 5 I took him out to eat and we had choc molten lava and he was so happy he asked if one's heart could burst from all the love inside. You can understand why in my post I just put up I want to strangle that teacher. All his elem school teachers loved him.

  6. What a little cutie pie he is! He reminds me so much of my middle boy.

    Does he love the marble mania that santa brought him?

  7. Such a sweet tribute. My 2nd son is a bit like that (maybe the same age, too- he started Kindergarten this year). He's my dramatic one. I never scramble when he's hurt (poor thing) because he screams like his arm has been cut off no matter the size of his injury.

  8. Ah yes, you are describing my Number Two Son. He is full of contradictions - one minute demanding to see Terminator, the next cuddled up beside me reading The Black Stallion. One minute I want to throttle him, the next I am laughing hysterically at one of his imitations. His teachers adore him and so do I - most of the time.

  9. I think William and my boy could be twins! Isn't he also the one that wanders the house?

    LOVE the fanboy (fatboy?) and chum chum!!

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  11. Yes, yes, yes, you have just described my Makenna . . . also second born. She's by far the most sensitive. Will cry or scream at the drop of a hat, really. And she has one speed. One. And it's called, SLOW! It wouldn't matter if we were trying to race out of a burning building, that girl would be dawdling around looking for something. BUT, everyone loves her. They can't get enough of her. She's pretty special, but I worry about her too :)

  12. Isn't it funny how they are all so different, but we worry about them all in different ways?? Being a mom is so wonderful but so hard too.

    And speaking of worrying, I am having a terrible weekend. My oldest daughter has a growth on her leg and the doctor called me last night - he thinks it's a tumor. So we are going in for an MRI on Monday. Of course I am worrying and freaking out. Keep us in your prayers, will you?

    Thanks friend!


  13. Oh, I swear, I love that William! Just reading about his precious lil self, makes me wanna hug him! :)
    Love the fanboy and chum chum, by the way! :)

  14. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!.........................

  15. Isn't it the best when people tell you wonderful things about your children!? I love that! He sounds super sweet! and I have to say the super hero picture made me laugh out loud!

  16. sweet, sweet post. i'm using his line with my friends and family: my heart loves your heart. priceless!

  17. he sounds very similar to my son - it could very well be a boy thing

    my son is so dramatic we call him mary meltdown

    but fingers crossed IT IS A PHASE

    found you from mimi - popped over and looked at the candle holders you made - very sweet could use them for any holiday at all

  18. We have the opposite with our first-born. We think he's the cat's meow, and don't understand why the teacher had to call to complain about his attitude! So I guess it's better to expect less and get more :)

  19. you know I can relate! I just hope Anthony's teachers LOVE him!!! The last picture is TOTALLY cracking me up!

  20. Does he play Othello!??! The Hubs and I have had very heated Othello matches and it requires lots of thinking/strategy. Perhaps Wm doesn't recognize socks quickly, but I'm guessing he's brilliant beyond measure.

    Nice pix of your superheroes!


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