Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poltergeist. Or kleptomaniac ghost.

I think our house has a ghost who likes to take things to make me crazy. Or there's a black hole that I'm unaware of (or just haven't located yet). The other possibility is that our house  in Virginia is somehow located within the Bermuda Triangle. That's pretty unlikely, so I'm starting to really believe option 1.

I first became suspicious maybe 4 years ago, when Evie's Daisy Girl Scout tunic went missing over the summer. I tore the house apart looking for that thing for weeks, and finally ended up ordering her another one.

Over time, various things have gone missing and we joke that they're with Evie's Daisy tunic. Most of the time, they turn up - mainly because I'm neurotic and I keep looking for them until I find them - but that isn't always the case. Our passports disappeared off my desk last October and have never turned up (yes there is a remote possibility that I threw them out by accident, but I prefer to blame the ghost) and the *tooth fairy* had to remove some teeth from my dresser after Evie mentioned finding some weird boxes with teeth in top drawer. The *tooth fairy* remembers moving them to someplace where they wouldn't be snooped, but has since forgotten where that might be. I'm thinking they're in the black hole with the Daisy tunic. Or in a wall where the ghost has hidden them.

Matt's flashlight has disappeared recently, and one weekend not long ago while hanging shelves in the garage, the stud sensor he was using disappeared. Sure, it may have been misplaced, but we have looked and looked and looked and can't find it.

Today I spent the better part of an hour turning the house upside down looking for William's Nintendo DS. He swears I took it from him one night after bedtime when I caught him playing it late, and I do remember doing that, but it's not in any of the places I would normally put it. Evie's has vanished too. Srsly. I can see one getting misplaced, but two? Within a week? I've looked under and behind all the furniture, and in every place I can think of, however unlikely, and I'm coming up empty. And it's not like we're hoarders living in a mountain of stuff & have no idea where anything is....

So if anyone reading this happens to be clairvoyant or whatever you need to be to find missing things & can help me out, I'd really appreciate it (and so would Evie and William - he bought a new game this weekend & can't play it until we find his DS). Because I'm not liking option 4 any more than options 1-3, and that's that I'm sleepwalking and randomly throwing things away for no reason. That would just be crazy.
We went on a road trip this weekend! Matt & I took the kids to Connecticut to spend the weekend with Piece of Cake Laura and her family.We had SUCH a nice weekend, and were really amazed at how well the kids - 8 of them between us - got along. I took a bunch of pictures & will try to share them later this week, but for right now my pillow is calling after a weekend of travel, laughter and late nights. Life is good :)


  1. I hate when things go missing like that!

    Can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. I'm thinking it's a ghost too, they're crafty and sneaky. Maybe ask out loud for it to return your missing items and see if that works.

  3. I am not an organized person, which complicates my desire to know where things are. I am still reeling because I cannot find a lost beech towel. The boys all have one with their name on it and we are missing one. I've torn the house apart, and checked with the local pool, all to no avail. Now we've moved and I wonder if it will show up when we unpack. Hopefully, if not, some little boy name Thomas found it at the pool and fell in love with it.

    So, ya, I feel your pain.

  4. I just found some stuff the other day that had been gone for years. It was behind some drawers at the bottom of a cabinet...whoops.

  5. funny, but we are missing a lot of Bacardi and tequila this weekend...oh no...wait...we drank it :-)

  6. Glad your weekend was great!

    Ugh, I hate it when things go missing. I would keep a list of the things I can't find but would probably just lose that, too.

  7. I just read your previous post about finding them - and I can't tell you how many times I have put away something and don't remember it, starting a huge time suck of me turning the house upside down....ugh!!!!



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