Monday, August 29, 2011

8 is great. And Glittery!

William turned 8 on Friday! He's been looking forward to this day for quite a while now. Actually, all the kids have birthday lists posted on the fridge, even though William's comes first and the others have at least another month to wait. William's list stayed the same for a little while, and included the following:

1) Mazing Hamster (Webkinz)
2) Another DS game
3) Another Wii, PS & Xbox game (nothing specific, he'd just like something new)
4) A pet cat
5) Money!!!! Specifically, a $50 bill - he had a line drawn to this, which was item #13
6) A math book, grade 6. William just started 2nd grade :)
7) A Medel Deteckter (his spelling)
8) A super sonic nerf water gun
9) Gold (yes - gold)
10) Anything!!!!! (this one should be EASY!!!)
11) Marble track pieces. (He hasn't played with his marble track in years)
12) A pet lamb (a real one, that would graze in our yard - and provide wool, I guess??)
13) See #5 above :)
14) A DS protector. No specifics here, apparently his cousin had one.
15) A Webkinz Signature cat. I think he already has one of these.
16) Slinky. William loves slinkies. They do not love him.
17) A Pillow Pet Sheep
18) A stuffed Webkinz lamb. You can never have too many stuffed sheep.
19) A checkers cake
20) Lemonade
21) Pokemon Black and White Game
22) a $500 bill (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Every time I read this, it makes me laugh :) Gold! Money! $500 bill! At least one of my kids appreciates the value of a dollar. William is actually very good with his money, he saves his allowance and last month he wanted to take some of his money to the bank, so that's what we did. If he keeps this up, he'll have a nice little nest egg by the time he turns 18!Anyway - William's favorite color is now gold - or yellow will do as well - so I did my best to glitter up his birthday :)

Thanks to all these cake decorating shows, you can now get lots of stuff at your local craft store, like edible gold glitter and powder for cake decorating....
I think he liked it.....
Checkerboard cake, per his request, served with lemonade....

I wrapped all his gifts in yellow paper and added gold bows....
William's been talking about using his money to buy a gold bar for at least a year now. Gold prices being what they are, that will never.happen. Silver, maybe - gold, no. After asking him about his thoughts on this though, he told us he didn't care how small it was, he just wanted GOLD for his birthday. I found a 5 grain flake of it on ebay (seriously - it's a flake, maybe 1 cm x 1 cm) and he was so impressed by it :)
William got a few other things for his birthday, including his pillow pet Sheep.

I think he liked it :)

Things I never thought I'd hear a child say? 'I GOT MATH BOOKS! GRADE 6!!!!!!!' When it was all said and done, William declared Friday the Best.Day.Ever. Even though he didn't get a pet cat or lamb. And his slinky? Made it through to late Sunday afternoon. Oh well :) Happy Birthday William - I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I think there is a strong correlation between his desire for money and gold and his uber-math skills. :) That is really impressive.

    Looked like a terrific 8th birthday! Loved the cake.

  2. This brought a tear to my eye! What a great kid you have there!

    I love that he wanted gold and money!

    Very sad that there weren't any MATT pictures in this post. :(

  3. Aww, that is so cool! He's a riot, I love it!

  4. I love his list! My second son, David, turns 8 this Friday. He's not quite as decisive as your William. He keeps changing his mind on what he wants. There are a few constants, though. The boys have some things in common- webkins, DS games, nerf guns, pokemon (he wants soul silver). I cannot believe he is going to be eight!

  5. I love his list!

    GOLD?!? That's hilarious! I'll take some of that too.

    Did you make that fabulous-looking cake? How the heck do you get the checkerboard look?

    YUM! Lemonade! That's a great pic of him after finishing his cake! lol


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