Monday, August 1, 2011

One week only, Harried Mom of Three

August 1. How is that possible? I seem to keep saying that, how time is flying, but it really does seem to be getting away from me. My big kids start school 3 weeks from tomorrow. Where did the summer go?? Thankfully we still have our beach trip to look forward to, coming up in 2 weeks. I'm not really looking forward to coming back from the coast and diving right into back to school, and then William has a birthday coming up on the 26th! He was very excited last night to realize that today is August 1 :) Do you remember being anxious for your birthday to arrive, and not having the astonished feeling that yes, another year has past and you are ALMOST 41? Oy.

I dropped Evie off at Girl Scout camp yesterday. She'll be gone for a WHOLE WEEK. The house is a lot quieter this morning without her here, and I know I'm really going to miss her! Evie has really grown up so much just in the last 6 months, she's been a pleasure to have around :) The girls are doing 'Pajama Party', so it will be a week of facials, manicures, and lots of fun things like that in addition to swimming, hiking, and camp fires. I hope she makes good use of the disposable camera she packed & I can't wait to hear all her stories! Saturday morning seems so far away, and yet I also know it will be here before I can blink.
Riley, Katie and Evie ready for a week at camp!
So this week it's just me and the other three (and Matt, of course) and we'll finish up swim team practice with a final meet for William Friday night, and I'll probably take them to a movie. Feels like we can't have too much fun with Evie gone, but on the other hand, she's having fun on her own so why feel guilty, right? Although as I sit here right now I'm listening to Sarah and Jason and William go about their day bickering and making random noises (why do kids DO that??) & I'm realizing maybe Evie isn't the one causing the chaos here after all....
Our internet has become craptacularly slow recently, and Verizon can't get a tech out here until Thursday :( It's not too terribly bad downloading, but uploading that one picture above took 10 minutes. The good side to that is, the kids won't be hogging my computer playing Webkinz, but the bad side is anything I want to do takes annoyingly long. Technology - can't live with it, can't live without it :)


  1. I miss Evie too :-)

    time to plan the next visit...

    and I am filled with anxiety when I think about how time flies August seems to roll into Halloween, birthdays, football, 42 (thank you very much)...

    enjoy your week with the three
    have fun
    relish the moments left of summer
    because I am slowly figuring out that the journey IS the best part...Lord knows what the destination even is...or when it is...that dang Miley Cyrus was IS the climb:-)

    and when I start quoting teen Disney stars, it is time to move away from the computer...

    now...when do I see you again?
    weekend in NYC with the girls???

    think about it...

    (and Nick misses you)

  2. I"ve got 17 days.

    We never did go on a trip....but my in laws are here so we haven't been home much.

    Can they go home yet? And take Rob with them?

  3. Enjoy the time with the other 3. Don't feel guilty. :)

  4. How old is Evie? 10? I guess it's that time. If we hadn't moved, my 10 year old would have gone to a week long camp... that makes me feel crazy when I think about it. Enjoy the week! I hope 3 is not a crowd. Mine always play better when they are paired up.

  5. I hope sweet Evie is having an AWESOME time at camp!!

    She will be home soon!



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