Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Buddy turns 4!

My little buddy turned 4 Wednesday. I have no idea how that happened. Just yesterday, I was 60 weeks pregnant and as big as two houses; and yet somehow, here we are, 4 years later celebrating his birth.
William wanted to light Jason's candle :) 

Jason is the easygoing one, who really is Matt's Mini Me - probably a big part of why I'm so enamored of him. He's the sweet one, who listens - if I say something to everyone in the room, Jason's the one who can tell me exactly what I said. And last night he told me I'm lovely :)
William was holding the match down, and burned his finger. And spilled his milk.

Jason at four is SO much different from William - William was all about building marble tracks and studying how things worked, and playing Lego Star Wars on the PS3; Jason walks around pretending to shoot things, pretending his Mario Brothers Fruit Snacks are people, and playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii - maybe he's not so different from William after all....
You can see how concerned I was, I kept taking pictures :)
Jason is also different in that every day after preschool, he can't wait to tell me about his day and show me everything in his backpack - he wants to take it all out and show me before we've even left the pickup loop at school; Evie and William? Couldn't tell me anything about preschool - who the other kids were, what they did, and they could have cared less if they'd brought anything home.
He reminds me so much of Matt these days!
But that's the neat thing about kids, right? Seeing how different they are and yet how they can be so similar; looking for yourself in them, or your husband or parents - I don't see much of myself in Jason at all, just Matt - which is really funny, because Matt swore Jason had to be the product of my affair with the UPS man; I don't think there is any denying that Jason did not fall far from the apple tree of Matt.
This is like looking at a young Matt and a young version of my dad with blonde hair
So Jason has turned 4, and he was so excited to be getting birthday presents, after watching all rest of us open our gifts! He'd only asked for a Webkinz Dragon and a Nintendo DS - and a DS charger and a DS game - so I had to come up with a few things I thought he'd like, as we weren't ready to buy our 4 yo a DS - but he did get his dragon, and promptly named it Brian Regan. What else would you name a stuffed dragon?

He also got some Super Mario toys, a Captain America figure, a Captain America shield that shoots discs, and a Captain America Pez dispenser - because he was in tears one day at the store because I told him I wasn't going to buy it for him, and then stood my ground. I think he was happy to open it :)
Happy Birthday Little Buddy!I hope you always stay as sweet as you are :) I love you!!!!
Some  Brian Regan, if you don't know who he is....


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Great gifts!

    He looks JUST like Matt.

  2. Love the photo of the spilt milk. Exactly what my Number Two would do while trying to "help." Is birthday season over now?

  3. I love your pictures and that you didn't get upset about the spilt milk!

    I agree, he does look like his Daddy! What a special, Mario loving, little boy you have there!

  4. What.A.Doll.
    It cracks me up how in the photos of the spilled milk how Jason is giving the side eye. I mean all that action was happening close to his cake. So sweet how they will always have each other as party guests at their birthdays.

  5. Brian Regan!!! LOL!!
    Seriously, Jen. How is he 4?! He was JUST barely 2!

  6. He is so sweet - I cry every year Ian gets older!!

    He looks so much like Matt!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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