Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Day Happenings

Our Thanksgiving started out with a bang. Or maybe more like a stumble.William's school was holding a feast for the second grade last Tuesday, and I'd volunteered to set up and serve - it's been rare I've been able to get into the schools for stuff like this, but now that Sarah and Jason are in preschool I'm able to manage a little bit - anyway - as the second graders finally started making their way in for their feast, a friend comes rushing over to tell me William's in the nurse's office & has split his chin open. If you're keeping track, that now makes 3 out of my 4 children who have managed to split their chins open. So I gather up my stuff, and head off to see what's up. In the end, the local clinic was able to glue it back together - in and out in 25 minutes! - but William sadly missed his feast, and I didn't get to enjoy it with him :( So how did this happen at school you ask? More details have emerged in the last 5 days, and the full story seems to be that William was trying to get away from a bad smell in the bathroom; he slipped on some water on the floor, hit his head on the sink and his chin on the floor. Have I told you he's a hot mess??
I was so caught up in William's chin incident that I completely forgot Jason had his well check-up at 1pm that afternoon. Oops :( At least I didn't forget to pick anyone up from somewhere -that's a big fear of mine. Wednesday I made pies with Evie, and the kids all did some painting. William painted a lovely turkey, and then asked everyone to sign it :) Sometimes he really surprises me with the things he comes up with, and I am just TICKLED that he painted that turkey all by himself - the boy who wouldn't pick up a crayon for me EVER.

Thanksgiving here isn't much different from other days - we stay home and celebrate with just the six of us - but we do try to make it special and not plan too much. I brined my first bird, which turned out great, and everyone got along surprisingly well - although the mimosas may have had something to do with the mellow mood of HM and HD.
William with his chin laceration and jack-o-lantern smile

Of course, it's never a holiday here without some sort of drama - Princess Sarah couldn't make up her mind where she wanted to sit at the table - we tried accommodating her at least 3 times before we gave up - and as nothing made her happy, there was a lot of stomping and huffing and puffing from her before she finally took her seat and joined us for dinner. Stinker.
My pilgrim and my kitty
All this to say, Thanksgiving was a pretty typical day around here, and the drama factor was surprisingly low - something I'm always grateful for, the drama factor tends to run pretty high around here.
Jason giving his Zhu Zhu pet a hair cut
The rest of the weekend was filled with fall chores, we had an ocean of leaves to rake in the back yard (note: you get what you pay for when buying leaf blower/vacs, as we discovered this weekend - Stihl knocks the others out of the park!) and lots of other things to attend to house-wise. I'm trying not to stress over the fact that I haven't dragged out my Christmas decorations yet, but it's hard when your neighbors get theirs all out on black Friday and you're raking leaves. One day and one holiday at a time, right? Right.

Other bits of interest - I had 5 inches whacked off the back of my hair last week and I LOVE IT! I was so ready for a change :)

And for the last bit of our weekend, my BFF from college was in the area visiting family, and we met for an early dinner on Sunday -  2 hours isn't nearly enough time for a decent visit, but I'll take what I can get at this point. Nothing like good food, good wine, well-behaved kids and good friends to round out a very nice holiday weekend. I hope you had a great one too!
Michelle & me


  1. Aw- what a way to start eh week - sounds like you handled it well momma! Love the haircut and I love the flower on your sweater!!

    We have all our Christmas stuff down from the attic sitting in the garage. I'm taking it one day at a time at this point.


  2. Poor William!! I had glue on a cut once and it didn't work. :(
    It sounds like you had a "decent" thanksgiving...tantrums and injuries aside. You have such pretty pictures! :)

  3. Nothing says a holiday like a visit to the clinic. My guys spent all weekend bugging me to get out the Christmas stuff but I refused. Next weekend we'll get busy.

  4. I hate holiday injuries! At least it didn't happen ON the holiday!

    I love small celebrations too. It was just us this year and the only drunk person at dinner was ME!

    Love your new hair!

  5. I think your holiday sounds wonderful. LOVE the photo of you and Jason. And getting together with an old friend was probably a great recharge!


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