Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are you there blog? It's me, Jen....

Can someone please tell me where the end of October went? And the month of November? Jason informed me today that it's December 2nd - because of all the kids, he's the one keeping track - and I had a bit of a panic attack. How did I lose a whole month? I mean, I remember going through it all & doing all the daily things, but I'm just sort of baffled that we are just over 3 weeks from Christmas. Usually by now I have some shopping done, gifts on order, lists made, and a pretty clear idea of what December will entail. This year? I'm flying by the seat of my pants. One day at a time, here folks. The kids want to know when we're making ginger bread houses, when we're going ice skating, when we're doing this/that/the other. I want to know when they are going to help me?? :) Overwhelmed much? Yes, that's me. There are other things playing into my distraction, but overall I'm feeling untethered, like I'm floating above it all while going through the motions. Don't be surprised if I don't send you a Christmas card this year.

So in the last 45 days or so, Evie turned 11, I turned something-or-other, and Jason turned 5. Pictures to come, hopefully soon. What else - I finished up a class I started back in September, Evie tried out for and was selected for District Chorus, and William of all people lost 5 points on a math test for TALKING. That is so unlike him, it really sticks in my mind :)

William accused me of being Santa, which Evie promptly told him was ridiculous; Jason, while watching the Avengers, told us he knew the Hulk was going to appear 'because I saw it on my underwear'; Sarah, ever the prolific writer, is using her new-found reading skills to use up all my paper and staples make books about various subjects. A born author, that one :) They're all growing so big, so fast, I want to hug them close to me and have a good cry - time flies. Jason goes to Kindergarten next fall, and Evie will graduate in just 7 years. How is that possible?

Things are busy, things are crazy, and things are somewhat up in the air, but the kids are happy and healthy, and so are mom and dad, so all is good in our bubble at this time. That said, I'll leave you with pictures from our Halloween celebration, taken by our very good friend, Cheryl. She's awesome. And she takes awesome pictures! If you're local, you can find her at

For the record: Evie was Katniss, I was Effie Trinket (NOT Marylin Monroe!) and Matt was Bane, from the Dark Knight Rises. We're not sure anyone saw the movie, because no one seemed to know who he was...







Merry Halloween???


  1. Hey welcome back! Don't worry we all get distracted by life some times.

    Those are some great Halloween pictures! How did anyone not know he was Bane??

  2. I wish I lived by you! I'd trick or treat your always looks so festive!!! And I LOVE your costume!!

  3. LOVE your costume! You all look GREAT! I lost a month or two {or 8!} too!!

  4. SO impressed with your amazing costumes and decorations! I keep looking at all the neighbors' Christmas decorations and wondering when/how I am going to get ours up!

  5. Matt is scaring me!!

    I love your costume!

  6. How did people not know who he was! It is so obvious! His costume was great! As was yours- love that your coordinated with your daughter.

  7. You guys always do Halloween up so cool! You made a fabulous Effie!! And I loved Evie as Katniss! All the costumes are great! Oh, and you did so good on Matt's Bane mask! So crafty! How many glasses of wine did that take?! ;)

    Hope all is well. I know you said there is some uncertainty, so I hope everything is working/will work out ok.

    Miss you!!


    P.S. I still have your birthday present. Maybe it'll get sent out before Christmas.


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