Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Keeping on keeping on.....

Tuesday night. I should be in bed, but here I sit, finally ready to chat. I've missed this, the writing down of daily details, things that would otherwise be forgotten. I've never been one to journal or capture my thoughts on paper, and as I scroll back through images on my phone and the cameras, I'm amazed at how much I HAVEN'T jotted here, and I need to do that. Not just for me, but for my kids. I like to think that someday they will read this, and either laugh, or not think so harshly of me. One can hope :)
Thanksgiving day, game time for Dad while Mom cooks - note the Mimosa....
So what's been going on? Probably the biggest thing in our bubble has been Matt's job, or potential lack there-of. He's been a subcontractor for 6 years now, and while there have been many benefits - working from the house 3 days a week, more than adequate hourly rate - there are downsides - number one being the stress of never knowing if you'll have a job tomorrow. After we got back from the beach in August, we had word that Matt's contract would be finished in October. Then it was mid-November. Then December 8 or something. Now it's the end of January. Given that things change on a weekly basis, I took a class this fall in anticipation of working during tax season (background in accounting and all that) and started looking for part-time jobs. Happily, I've landed one that is pretty much ideal - part time accounting and tax work for a CPA, something that will get me back in the work force after 11 years away while not requiring me to be away 40 hours a week or more. I'm thankful to have found something like this while we wait to see what's around the corner with Matt's career. So much uncertainty in this world, in more ways than one. A week ago I would tell you that everything will be fine, things work out the way they should. Today? I'm not so sure.

Mom and Dad at the ice rink on Sunday

In the midst of me starting a new job - with a little bookkeeping gig on the side - Matt has started a blog about something he's passionate about, and is looking for work, either here or in Texas. Texas is looking more and more appealing these days. The kids are in full-on Crazy Christmas mode, manic and nutty as the day is long, all day every day - I have to remind myself that they get like this every year, so excited about Christmas and Santa and all that (although William I think is starting to think it all through logically - he asked me if I was Santa recently - like I could pull all THAT off!) They are all getting so big, so fast, and yet are still so small. Jason still climbs in my lap for a snuggle without even realizing he's doing it, one of my favorite parts of the day! I could go on and on, and probably will at some point, but I'll save that for another day. For now, I'm living looking ahead 18 hours in advance and doing what needs to be done, and savoring every moment I have here with my family. Because as was all too harshly pointed out, you never know what's around the corner.
Points of Interest:

Stolen from a friend's Facebook wall:

The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not comprehend it. John 1

The Shack. If you haven't read it yet, do so. Sometimes there is no reason, but He is always present.

If you'd like a laugh, some wisdom from Finding Nemo:

You have to go through it, not over it.



  1. What's your husband's blog? My Dad was a contractor and although my parents never let us 6 kids know it at the time, they were constantly swinging between having lots of income to being broke. It's a tough way to live. I'm glad for our steady (but teeny) paychecks. I love that your working at a CPA firm!! That was my old job, now I'm Business Manager at a high school and I love it..much less stressful than tax season! Merry Christmas Harried Family!!

  2. UGH. I'm sorry. I know that uncertain feeling and it sucks!! Unfortunately, it's a part of working for the government.

    I think you'd like Texas.

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  3. I hate the uncertainty :( Jeremy's job is stable, but our expenses keep increasing and increasing {mostly since building the house, but other unexpected expenses as well}. The unknown can be scary. Yay you for going out there, and landing the perfect job! Enjoy the season. We're in the middle of chaos right now, but I long for just one evening of peace, just enjoying the magic this time of year brings.

    Hugs, Friend!

  4. I'm so sorry. The job thing hanging over your head is such a cloud. But you're right, it will work out. Just keep praying.
    And I want to know Matt's blog!!!

  5. we have got similar job fun going on over here as well.

    Uncertainty seems to be a running theme...always.

    From my own personal experience, I can pretty much assure you of this, all of which I know you know:
    that so long as your family stays together, continues the mimosas and board games, and finds time to snuggle, nothing else matters.

    Matt's job...Texas...you back to work...
    while it is all so uncertain...
    they all sound like beautiful possibilities.

    I will keep your family in my prayers.
    I love you all, and I pray not for certainty, but for acceptance and the wisdom to follow where God leads you, to trust in Him alone, and to do His will.
    He's my homeboy...I know He has your back :-)


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