Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let the belt do its thing! (no, not the belt that holds up your pants...)

So yesterday morning I hustled the big kids off to school, and dragged the little two to the grocery store with me. Now those of you with kids know what a hassle it is to buy groceries with children. You want to get in and out as fast as you can with as little commotion as possible. So there I am at the store with Sarah (2-1/2) and Jason (15 months), and things have gone smoothly. I've been shopping at the same store for 7 years so I have my routine down. Non-foods, staples, produce, bread, meat, dairy. Meat and dairy last, of course, so they stay cold. It was a pretty quick trip and we made our way to checkout. Now, given that I've been shopping at the same store for 7 years, I recognize the checkout clerks, and there are some that I purposefully avoid - like the one who is overly-friendly with my kids (STOP TOUCHING MY KIDS!), the super slow one, you get the idea. Well yesterday I forgot about the short one who doesn't let the belt 'do its thing'. This woman can't be more than 5'2", and does she scan the items in the order I place them on the belt? Which is the way I want them bagged? Nooooooooo......she has to use her own method, picking and choosing from what I've placed there as she stretches as far as she can to reach what she wants. So the belt's not rolling forward because she hasn't taken all the stuff off the front, and I can't finish unloading the cart because the other end is still full. So I then end up shoving everything forward to make room. Oh, and she also knots all the plastic bags at the top, which I then have to rip open when I get home, making them almost useless for re-using as trash bags. Grrrr. (and yes, I do have re-usable grocery bags, but I don't always remember them as I am trying to remember 2 kids, 2 sippy cups, 2 snacks, and my coffee mug. Can't go shopping without my coffee!) And so, when I get home, I must root through ALL the bags immediately, hunting for the cold things to put away, before I race back out the door to pick up William from preschool. At least Jason had fallen asleep at this point, and I didn't have a crying baby to deal with.


  1. LOL! So true. I totally avoid certain checkers. I have one I avoid like the plague because he, *gasp* actually called me on an expired coupon! I was pissed.

    I also put my items in order on the belt, drives Mac crazy. I like to have them sorted that way I can put my pantry bag next to the pantry and the freezer bag next to the freezer. Makes perfect sense to me.

  2. You make me laugh. I avoid checkers, hardly ever want help to my car (am I supposed to tip them), and have usually opened several boxes by the time we get to the checkout!

  3. You are so funny...I can pick those cashiers out too...I will never go to a guy...they are way too slow, and the ladies who talk too much...forget it! Whenever I had an infant with me, I would SWEAT bullets with impatience just to make it out of the store without telling people to hurry the heck up!


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