Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Messy Kitchen...and a pizza!

If you were to make a 'pop-in' at my house, this is what you'd find on my kitchen counter. Because, as noted earlier in the Cheerio-picnic post, the latch on the cabinet where I keep the cereal is broken, and my tiny kitchen has no pantry. (I would die to have a pantry; well, maybe not, but I really really want one!) So. Jason was entirely too comfortable helping himself to the cereal, so now it sits all day long on the counter. Where I help myself to the Mini Wheats! Because they are good snacking! No wonder the last 5 baby pounds (the hardest to lose, by the way) aren't going anywhere. But I'm not getting into that, at least not today. So we have 2 containers, one box, and a basket that I keep the misc. cereal in once the bags are more than half gone. Also on the counter is my bread machine, which (thankfully) I'm actually using again to make pizza dough (yum!). And lastly, my (unused) Cappuccino machine. Which I love, but it's really too much effort at this point to make Cappuccino when I want one, especially when I have to move all that stuff to get to it. Oh, and the pile in between the cereal? That's from a project I started in November - the 'recipe organization' project. Notice I said November? Yes. I bought an antique wooden card file on ebay with the intention of organizing my recipes onto note cards & into pretty binders. What with the holidays and my new 'hobbies' - blogging and Face Book! who has time for projects? =-) Seriously, I do intend to get back to it, as soon as I finish deep-cleaning my bedroom. Which I started 2 weeks ago. Maybe tomorrow....

Here's the pizza part - and no, I have no idea why the picture is coming up sideways, that's not how I took it, and I don't really know enough about Blogger to fix it, but it sort of looks gravity-defying, doesn't it? Anyway. I tried "Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough" from Fabulous, and it's really terrific! I used 3 cups of bread flour and 1/2 cup semolina instead of the all-purpose flour, and I made the dough in my bread machine. It came out just perfect! I made 2 14" pizzas, baked on my baking stone (pre-heated) at 500 degrees for 8 minutes each and they were really, really good. Next I'm going to try shredding my own cheese, I hear from my sister that it makes a big difference. Yum! Can't wait for our next pizza night to have it again!


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