Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Days

We made it back alive from our beach vacation and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I have to say this was not our most relaxing vacation. As I told my brother in law when he asked, I tell it like it is here at the blog, no rainbows and unicorns here - just the unvarnished truth. Let's do this Hi-Lo Style:


We were on the road by 6:50 am on Saturday, and in our house by 3:30pm. I was at the pool by 5! Jason fell asleep in my lap and it was heaven.

We had beautiful weather the entire week, although it was pretty hot there at the end.

The grocery store was 5 minutes away, rather than 25.

The house had a big beautiful pool that we all loved.

I didn't cook dinner ALL WEEK.


Jason woke up at 4:15am last Saturday with a slight fever & was out of sorts all week. Apparently I'm the only one he wants, and half the time he doesn't want me. Age 2 is approaching and I think he's sprouted another head.

We stayed in a different town this time, and it just didn't feel 'right'.

Mini-golf at the beach sucks. There is no good time to go, you either bake in the sun or get eaten alive by bugs at night. The courses are always terrible. No more beach mini-golf.

I managed to gain 2 lbs and 2% body fat. Beach houses do not have pantries so all the food ends up on the counter & you just snack all day long. Then your sister brings out the chips/queso/salsa/spinach dip. And you have 2+ glasses of wine each night after your stressful day. And Matt kindly purchases 3lbs of fudge (it was a deal!) after you purposefully stayed OUT of the fudge shop this trip because you can't help but eat it all.

I am embarrassed to take my kids out in public. We manage to cause a scene wherever we go. To all the people who say, 'It's alright, they're fine!' No, it isn't, and they are not. William is always 20 feet behind us (Matt says he takes 'half' steps instead of full ones); Evie is racing off ahead. Jason seems to constantly be throwing a fit these days. Sarah was fairly well behaved, all things considered. Really? It's the 4 of them combined that are doing me in.

We are seriously considering taking a break from the beach trip next year - which makes me cry when I think about not going. I really have mixed feelings at this point. We usually book a place sometime in January, so we have some time to think about it & see how things are going. Right now, I'm just very glad to be home and thankful we have no big travel plans anytime soon. Time to get back to a routine & hopefully enjoy the fall weather that's coming soon. In the meantime, I'll look at this picture and think about how wonderful our trip was - and all the frustration will fade from my memory. And I'll start thinking about next year! Maybe.

Our last evening on the beach!
Photo credit goes to my Dad.


  1. Is there ANYBODY ugly in your family? No? I'm just saying, you are ALL gorgeous!
    I know exactly what you are saying with all the kids and whining and the pain in the rear it can be. BUT, make your plans like usual. Jason will be almost 3 by then and oh what a difference a year makes.
    I think you'll be ready to try again in a year. :)
    Glad you're back!

  2. Oh yeah, and you're lucky people say, "it's okay, don't worry" cuz around here people can be bitchy. And even if the kids are being jerks, when someone gets bitchy with me or them, I get bitchy back and all of a sudden it doesn't matter what my kids were doing. Isn't that crazy?

  3. "I didn't cook dinner ALL WEEK."

    I think this counts for 10 HI's... You'll be back! I would!

  4. Vacations are like childbirth - you remember all the good parts and the bad parts slowly fade out. Which is the only reason we do both again!

  5. I know just what you mean.... We are a family that causes a scene EVERY WHERE we go! It seems as though someone is ALWAYS dropping to the floor in a fit.... You should go next year.... everyone tells me it gets better... so its gotta right?!?! :)

  6. I think your Lo Memories will fade by next summer and you'll do it all over again. (But the kids will be older and you'll be wiser.)


    Here's why:

    1. Next year all the kids will be a year older - may make a huge difference.

    2. Next year you will know to forgo mini-golf.

    3. Forget about the weight gain - it will be transitory - you'll shed it as you get back into your routine. That's what holidays are for!

    4. Next year the town won't seem strange to you! (assuming you stay in the same place)

    5. So limit public outings - or pretend the kids aren't yours next year! Relax! It's a holiday. They're kids, in a strange environment. So they march to different drummers - if they can't do that on vacation, when can they!

  8. Sounds like you had a busy vacation. I am sorry that Jason wasn't feeling well. Not cooking for a week couldn't be bad. The best part of it all must be getting a picture like that! What a beautiful family photo!

  9. I'm so sorry there were so many lows. Maybe all the bad will just be a distant memory by next summer!

  10. Even though you're vaca wasn't all peeps and jelly beans, you'll have fond memories and do it again next year.

    Glad you're back!

  11. LOL! I was thinking the same thing after our family vacation this year. I can't justify the amount of money we get in fights with each other and me being exhausted.

    Our next little trip is in October...four days.

  12. Awww I'm sorry you didn't totally enjoy your trip. Home sweet home! I missed you around here.

  13. I think everyone feels that way after a family vacation (not going back). I bet you might change your mind soon!!


  14. I'm sure you'll change your mind . . . just give it a few months. As everyone else has said, a year makes a BIG difference. Vacations are always work, but the memories and the fun, far outweigh all the Lo's! Glad you're back :)


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