Monday, March 29, 2010

Finished! Ottoman slipcover for the playroom

Ok my funk is over and I actually have something to show you today! Remember this? Ugh. The couch and ottoman my kids managed to destroy in the 7 years it's been in the house?

There, that's better!

My lovely new view walking into the playroom :) I would love to say I made the slipcover for the couch, but I didn't. I have Pottery Barn and their January sale to thank for that. I did however make the ottoman cover to match, and the six pillow envelopes! It only took me 2 months to pull that off. I have no idea where the days go.

I didn't really have a pattern for the ottoman cover, I started by making the skirt for it, by copying the box pleats on the couch. All seams are hidden inside the pleats. I should have started with the top first, as I ended up having to adjust the pleats on the short sides of the ottoman. For the pillow covers I turned to Google & found directions for 'envelope pillow covers'. Easy! And I am so glad I did NOT attempt to reupholster the thing, as I can only imagine how awful that would have been, all torn up for months on end making me crazy. My mom swears the PB slipcovers wash up beautifully, hopefully she's right - I do love the cream down there (sorry for the awful pictures, it's a narrow room with low ceilings and no natural light, and professional photog I am not!)

My next project is to turn this

into two of these

Clicky the link for pattern info

in time for the girls to wear them for Easter. Can Harried Mom do it? Time will tell - I've started the blue one for Evie & the pattern says 2-3 hours work time. Stay tuned!

While I have you here, let me share with you what William has been doing all week: playing Wii fit. He's been getting up at a little after 6 every morning and playing all the different games all week long. I guess I don't really have a huge problem with it, as it is an active video game. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to care? Anyway - he was doing this bird flying-thing, and it was really cracking me up to watch him lean this way and that while flapping his arms :)

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Kudos to you!

    We are house huntiung, and I've been daydreaming (and real dreaming) of home decor for the past two weeks. Those pillows are exactly what I envision for a guest bath! Crazy!!

    Needless to say, I love it ;)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. Someday I'll have to show you phots of our playroom couch. After 7 years and one puppy I don't think slipcovering will save it.

  3. Impressive! The couch & ottoman turned out beautiful... love the pillows by the way! Those tutu's are soooo fun!!! I wish I was crafty, I'd make my ladies some!

  4. I'm glad you are out of your funk!
    You make me want to sew. For real. And I don't even like to sew that much.
    You do great work! I'm sure you'll get the dresses done.

  5. I'm jealous. I wish I could sew and make cute things.

    I'm sure the skirts will turn out great!

  6. It looks GREAT!!! And those pillows are so pretty. I love the colors and the prints you chose.

    Those skirts are adorable! YOU CAN DO IT! Can't wait to see them!


  7. ook, wow! You have such creativity and talent!! & I would LOVE to have made one of those skirts for my 8 year old and have even looked a few weeks back on the net to buy one, they are so darned expensive!. I have no idea at all how to even start one!! Great post and I cant wait to see them completed! xoxo LA

  8. The couch looks great!!! Go girl on the skirts- can't wait to see them- wish I had a little girl to make stuff like that for......


  9. I almost didn't comment. It's just that I am a broken record on your blog. "You amaze me." "You amaze me." "You amaze me." over and over again. Thank goodness there are legos on your floor or I might think you are waaaaay out of my league. (You are but I am in denial.)

  10. I love those pillows! I need to redo some of mine and I am so going to google the same thing you did! Thanks:)

  11. Great blog! Wide variety! I love the tutu and slipcovers. Those were my favorites. I am trying to talk my husband into slipcovers. I am your newest follower!

  12. Play room looks great! Of all the Wii games we have our kids like my Wii Fit the best! I am the flying champ in our home!

    Sorry to hear about your computer problems. How sad to lose those pics! I am going to do a backup right now!


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