Monday, March 22, 2010

Fungus, Rocks and Grass = Bread!

Friday afternoon the Kindergarten at William's school took a 'trip' to the multipurpose room to make bread! Sort of an indoor field trip, each student paired up with a partner to make bread dough, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the afternoon with them.

It was a really well organized event - as the kids arrived, they sat at prepared tables covered in craft paper & set up with a mixing bowl, wooden stirrers, and yeast. Each child was either a 'blue' or 'red' baker, and took turns adding various ingredients with the help of parents. The kids learned that bread was made from things like fungus, rocks, grass and bug goo (or in our world, yeast, salt, flour, and honey.) Everyone really had a great time playing with the dough, and when it was all said and done each child had a pan of dough to take home for baking.

Holy cow you should have seen all the flour that was on the floor when this was all said and done. I think I spent a good 20 minutes sweeping to help clean up.

Friday afternoon we baked our bread, and the next day we all had some with lunch. It was really surprisingly good! I always thought making bread by hand was a tricky undertaking, and somewhat unforgiving - but after seeing a roomful of 5 and 6 year-olds tossing their dough around I'm a bit more encouraged to give it a shot. This was certainly tastier than anything I've been able to get out of my bread machine, it was really very soft & edible. Jason actually ate his, instead of tossing it on the floor like he usually does.

Go to for more information on this fun event!


  1. what a neat program! I bet the kids had a BLAST!!!!

  2. Cute event!! Can you ask William to make me some??


  3. FUN!
    I liked the "fungus, rocks, grass and bug goo". I'll have to use that with the girls the next time we make bread...homeschooling baby :)

    PS: LOVE the hair color; I went darker, too.

  4. How fun is that? I really should try to make bread by hand but I know it would just get eaten in 5 seconds flat just like the cookies and brownies and everything else fresh out of the oven around here. Survived Spring Break and finally got a new post up.

  5. How fun! We love making homemade bread!! After battling with a bread machine for years, I gave up on it, and just went back to the traditional way. It's so much better :) Love the bug goo ;)

  6. Very cute pictures, Jen! My kids love cooking and it's cool cuz it helps with math and reading and stuff.
    BTW, LOVE that picture of you, your hair looks gorgeous that color!

  7. I love making bread!

    And Holy Cow you're a hottie!

  8. We're going to be making hot cross buns at Playcentre this week. Thanks for the tips about the different words I can use to make it more interesting for the kids!

    Good on you for tackling breadmaking!

  9. That looks so fun! I love being able to go in and help with projects. I bet you had a great time!


  10. Wow I bet the kids had a great time!! I just loved being able to go to school for projects!

  11. Looks like lots of fun...when did you go dark? I love it!


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