Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marking Time

I was a band geek. Well maybe not geek. I don't know, maybe I was a geek. Anyway, I was in the band in high school, concert and marching. If you don't know, marching bands do what's called marking time, where you just stand in one spot and wait, lifting your heels up and down, until it's your turn to move, either the parade gets going again or you're supposed to move to your next formation on the football field.

I feel like I'm in the band all over again, marking time, waiting to move on to my next spot. Not that this is a bad thing, and I can actually see the parade ahead of me starting to move - but I'm still standing in one spot, waiting.

I'm waiting for Jason and Sarah to give up the diapers. At this point I think Jason may actually do this first. Not that Sarah can't, Sarah doesn't want to. So we wait.

I'm waiting for the day when mealtime is less 'sit up to the table', 'don't touch your brother/sister', stop saying 'nipple' and more 'tell me about your day'. I think I may be waiting a long time for this one - I remember meals at our house and us laughing and my parents getting really irritated...

I'm waiting for the day that I don't need to harp on small people to complete their tasks. Or is this what being a parent is all about? Am I expecting too much from my 8 year old?

We're waiting for the little people to be big enough to get out and do family things without too much of a meltdown/need for naps daily. Damn all you people and your Disney trips, now I have Disney fever!

I don't want to wish away my kids' childhood, but honestly having four so close together is an awful lot of work and each day feels like running on a gopher wheel - I'm running and running and running, and not really getting anywhere. However - I know that in four short years Jason will be starting Kindergarten and I will have seven whole hours to myself every day to wonder where the time went and how my kids got so big so fast, while I wait for them to come home...


  1. When I hear about all these people going to Disney it makes me sad. :( I wanna take the boys, but I just wonder if they're too young to even remember when they're older.
    I know when your kids are older, you'll be happy, but you'll miss these days too. It's a catch 22 I'm thinking.
    Also? That marking time thing? That's why I didn't get on the flag/drill team. I couldn't do it. LOL

  2. We're going to Disney in 10 days!!! Our family so needs to get away!

  3. I remember those days :) Jeff was always gone on trips and I was going crazy with the kids. It will get better. Now I miss those days, believe it or not.

    I wish I lived closer and I could have your kids over sometimes so you could have some me time.


  4. I so hear ya! I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. It is hard when we are so far from our "ideal" home situation, and you're not sure how to get there. There always seems to be a lot of stuff going on at once, and everyone has a different need or want. Just know that you are not alone. My best advice is pick the thing you are mosted stressed about, and work on making changes this week. Inspiration comes, and you feel empowered. All the best! I know exactly what you're going through!

  5. Hmmmm, I have no idea what you are talking about ;)

    Here's my piece of wisdom from someone in similar trenches: PRE-SCHOOL!!! Then you won't be waiting four more years for K, you can start much sooner!!

  6. I don't want to go to Disney. It's overpriced.

    Maybe it's because you have old kids....but I feel like the band geek in the parade that dropped her instrument and the parade is marching ahead of me and I can't catch up.

    They are marching too fast.....

  7. I am thinking about those same things you are. Although I still get super sad each day when the littlest does something new. I am not ready for her to be my last. I want one more... I think??? I have this gut wrenching feeling though that she is my last & I just don't want it to end. As for Disney... I've done it with little little ones... NOT FUN - Wait : )

  8. Meal time for us does include the “tell me about your day” conversations (and they interrupt each other), but it also includes us (the parents) still telling the 12 yr old to hold his fork correctly or else he won’t eat dinner next time I see it happen, or telling the oldest to wait till he has finished chewing to tell us something, or the fart jokes or the farts themselves…like you said you know this will go on for a while!
    But yes, the leaving the house easily and quickly is great and no naps needed is nice….and the two adults going out occasionally without a babysitter is really nice. Thanks for those reminders! Pls don’t be mad but sometimes I long for the younger days cuz the parenting of teens/pre-teens is very hard…and don’t even get me started on middle school teachers and classes and all the tests……
    P.S. We have never done Disney—we like the beach and the pool…..

  9. yep....I hear you on having 4 so close together. 4 in 5 years is a lot. Didn't at the time...but it is. SO...I feel you. :)

  10. So I'm not the only one that has to remind my 8 year old (almost 9 i might add) to do every little task every single day...I'm really getting tired of the daily list of questions...

    "Riley, did you brush your teeth?"

    "What about your face?"

    "Where is your home reading?"

    And the list goes on and on.

    You'd think by now they'd just get it.

  11. It's interesting that you wrote about waiting today. I'm working on the research and background for a story about waiting.

  12. So saying nipple at the dinner table isn't appropriate?

    Oops, my bad.

  13. It is such a fine balance for me between "Ugh- what now???" and "Ooohh- gotta be a nice momma and not yell". I know that it will all go by quickly, but it is so exhausting now. I feel your pain- I only have 3!


  14. I took my kids to Disney last winter (Anthony was three and Madison was 20 months) It was actually a really nice trip! We spent the mornings at the parks, came home and they (ok we all) napped and then when beack out again after... I was REALLY worried about meltdowns, but we really did not have a SINGLE one (shockingly) :)


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