Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blabbidy blab blab

Just some random stuff here today, as I really don't have anything earth-shattering or exciting to share. No more visits from exotic wild creatures since Monday, and I would like to correct my error from Monday's post, it was NOT a hedge hog, but a baby groundhog. Somehow that makes me more sad, but thank you to my brother-in-law for pointing out that hedge hogs do not in fact live in North America. Thanks you Steve, I do like to be accurate, always :)

Baby Groundhog


The kids are LOVING the funball! (see Monday's post) Especially Evie. So if you have room to store a giant inflatable ball (ours is residing in the shed) and a compressor to blow it up with (your arm will fall of using the included pump) then GET ONE! FUN!

We have a nose-picker in the house. Well, two actually. But only the one is causing any kind of an issue. Gross.

Sarah is still defiant with regards to the potty. I am baffled. Jason will be out of diapers before she is.

I would like to know what law of the universe dictates that every time Matt and I contribute to our IRAs, the market takes a nose-dive. Every.Single.Damn.Time. Makes me want to stuff it under the mattress instead. (But I won't, so don't come looking for it...)

I signed up to run a half-marathon in September, and now my right foot hurts & needs a break, just as I was trying to add days & pick up the pace. Anyone local know of any good spinning classes??

Matt picked up the window yesterday for our bathroom remodel! It's so cute and small! I can't wait to have that hole cut in the outside of my house to let the light in :) I'm hoping we'll have some progress there this weekend so I can share next week. (Not the window, but the cabinet & pocket door definitely.)

I'm painting the girls' bath this weekend. This was one of the first rooms done almost 8 years ago when we moved in so I'm more than ready for a change - enjoy your holiday weekend and come back on Tuesday for pictures!


  1. I still can't get over the fact that you had a wild animal AND a snake in your yard.

    Everytime I start thinking about knee starts to hurt.

  2. What? That little baby groundhog is sad. I think cuz it was a baby.
    **still chuckling though**
    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  3. Wow! Busy week like me- lots going on in our lives huh!!!

    Hope the foot gets better quickly!


  4. Awwweee that makes me a little sad... a baby anything getting killed is definitely sad. Oh well, the circle of life right? Are you totally singing the Lion King Circle of Life song right now? I am. I looked for the Fun Ball at our Costco & they didn't have it... BOOOO : (

  5. Fun ball sounds . . . fun :) Awww, poor baby ground hog. That is sad. Every time I think about exercising I get sick. I take it as a sign that I shouldn't be exercising. Can't wait for some remodel pics!

  6. Yay for the half!! YOu will be awesome :) It stinks to have an injury...whenever something hurts too much to run, I just take a day or two off and eat healthier. It usually does the trick without making me feel like I'm getting out of shape.


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