Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time crunch and some random stuff.

I can't believe, as I am writing this, that it's Wednesday afternoon. Where does time go? There just never seems to be enough of it. And I know, I'm preaching to the choir here :)

When we found out we were having four (how often do I bring THAT one up?!) my main thought was, if we can make it through the first year we'll be ok. You know, sleepless nights, late night feedings, all that good stuff. The reality of it was, Jason was REALLY REALLY REALLY easy. He was sleeping mostly through the night by 4 months, and just sort of went with the flow. Which was good because Sarah was a holy terror at 2 - this is when, if you told her 'no', she'd just start SCREAMING. Screaming Sarah is actually how I referred to her. Which is odd, because we just thought she was so sweet as a newborn! And she really was :) Time tells though, and that girl has a LOT of her mama in her!

Fast forward to now, and where are we? Sarah and Jason are partners in crime and get into more and more trouble every day. While I'm cleaning the floors, they're helping themselves to Oreos. I discovered this yesterday when I intercepted Jason on his way to wash his hands - not that he can reach the sink by himself, but at least he was trying! You'd think I wasn't paying any attention to them at all, but that's not really the case - I could hear them getting something out as I crawled around Cinderella-style, but usually they go for the pretzel rods or goldfish.

In the last year Jason's gone from two naps to one, and some days Sarah skips one altogether. They all get up between 6:30 and 7, and we don't get Evie to bed until 8:30 or 9 some nights. So I get MAYBE 90 minutes of downtime in the afternoon, and then Matt and I have from 9 until whatever time we get to bed to accomplish anything without interruption. I think I need a nanny. Or a maid :) (don't we all?)

So I haven't been by to visit any of my favorite blogs in at least a week; the piles of crap are growing ever larger, and I haven't crossed anything off my project list in weeks. I was thinking the other day though, that Jason will start preschool in just 15 months (Sarah starts this September). At that point, I will have traded nap time for 9 hours a week where I'm not tied to the house and can go wherever I want alone!

The elephant in the room that I am refusing to acknowledge, of course, is the fact that my baby boy goes to preschool in just 15 months. I want to put him in my pocket and keep him just the way he is. He's still the easiest of the four, and I'm hoping that doesn't change.


And now for some Random Stuff. I could probably make more than one post out of this, but I only seem to manage two a week, and I've got you here now so keep reading:


Will I be going to the midnight showing? Is the sky blue? lol! Will I be seeing it at the IMAX theater an hour away? Is the grass green? Actually, we're not going to the midnight showing in IMAX, but WILL be headed there soon thereafter! Oh, and Breaking Dawn premiers November 18th 2011. Save your coins and join me in LA for some celebri-stalking :)

One thing I HAVE been doing is scouring the interwebs for motorcycle apparel. Because I like my skin and bones intact. Thank you all for your concern about my safety, and make no mistake, I'm concerned for it as well :) I am not getting on my bike and riding - once I learn how, that is - anywhere without adequate protection. For me, that means jeans with kevlar reinforcement (Matt finds it funny, I think, that I'm insisting on this) and also a jacket with armor in it.

I've been finding it difficult to choose a jacket. It's funny - Harley has a parts catalogue as thick as a phone book with stuff to customize your bike with. Matt asked me what I wanted to do to mine and I just sort of looked at him - isn't it fine the way it is? What needs to be changed? - but the choice in ladies jackets leaves a lot to be desire, IMHO.

Anyway - I don't want to look like a cliche, and I don't want to look like a dork. I want to look like me, on a motorcycle. And I'm not really sure what that means. These are the jackets I've narrowed it down to, so if you have an opinion, let me know.

SHIFT jacket in black plaid

Same SHIFT jacket in black

GoGo Gear Racer - this one's not out yet, but soon.

GoGo Gear Military Jacket

Alpinestars Stella T-Lux (cream and black)

I was originally thinking something other than black, but most of the non-black choices are meant for and look like racing jackets, so I'm kind of stumped. I like this last one, but am thinking, after reading descriptions, that it's meant for cool weather (as is the GoGo Gear military jacket). I'm kind of liking the SHIFT jacket in black it's at a bargain price (but is that because it's fuggly?) See, I need help. Chime in below, and have my thanks :)


  1. I like the plaid and the Go Gear longer one. Something other than black would be less of a cliche. But since you're going to be wearing a helmet no one will know it's you anyways. Go crazy!

  2. I like the GoGo Gear Racer. It looks classy. How long would you have to wait for it? Good for you to be taking your protection seriously.

    I love your description of crawling around Cinderella-style!

    Take care.

  3. I like the go go gear racer. So excited as to which you pick!

    My kid #3 was a screamer, too. He was called The the pharmacist.

  4. I'm leaving the house today to "go to work" with's the first time in 17.5 years!! Feels sooo weird. And a large part of me wants to sob. I'm guessing it's that elephant in the room I've been ignoring, huh?

    I'm not going to offer a jacket opinion because what really matters is what YOU like. I don't think any of your choices are cliche or dorky, so go with your gut!

  5. I think I like the Go Go Gear Racer jacket. And I really like the last one...the white one.

    I hear you on the no time thing...except that I make my kids play or watch TV so that I can read blogs and stuff.

    NO ONE is taking naps in my house. *sad face*

  6. Ugh, I see your dilemma. I like them ALL!

    And yes, you are preaching to the choir, dear. There are days that Kam decides to completely skip a nap, and all other days we're lucky to get one in. It's chaos around here ;)

  7. I like the GoGo Gear Racing jacket. I hope the next time you're cleaning floors Sarah and Jason share Oreos with you.

  8. I like the the go go gear racer and the millitary one!

  9. Now I just have a craving for Oreos. :)
    Go with the GoGo Military Jacket.

  10. I can totally relate to the Screaming Sarah thing... My 2 1/2 yr old Aziza, we mostly call her Z has been given the nickname lately of Cra-Z! She flips out when you tell her no, she goes out of her way to do whatever you tell her NOT to do... she is just a little, well you know. On the other hand she is cuter then a button & has this sometimes sweet silly disposition that I feel like makes me let her get away with more. Oh man what am I gonna do with her. Matter of fact as I type she is yelling from bed... I CAN'T SLEEP! Freakin kid!!!
    Ok so on to the jacket... I kinda like the plaid one. Although, I am definitely not an officiaunauto (is that even close to how you spell it???) on jackets. :)

  11. Oh yeah & I SOOOOO need a maid & more time in the day to read my bloggy friends too :(

  12. Yes, I am with ya! There just is not enough time in the day. I am having the hardest time getting around to see people.

    I love that off-white jacket. You need that one - lol. It would be cute on you though -- seriously.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy those cute kids :)


  13. I don't think the SHIFT plaid one is fugly...I think it's cute. Maybe you need a Twilight one?! :P I'm no help. I think you should go more for what kind of protection the jacket offers you, since that's the main purpose in wearing it.

    So, we have a VIP room at the theater for the midnight showing of Eclipse, but we're also going to do the IMAX experience the next day! I can't wait!! Our IMAX tickets are not on sale yet...what's taking them so long?!

    I can't imagine what it's like having 4 kiddos, a husband, and house to manage...I should never complain about not having enough time in the day! You're a supermom, Jen!


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