Monday, August 2, 2010

Adventures in Motorcycling, and other Happenings

Matt and I went for a ride on Saturday, on our motorcycles. On REAL roads, with CARS. Oh my heck, I think maybe I do want to be the chick on the back of the bike. Let's just say, there is a big big big difference between tooling around an enclosed training course on a 300 lb bike at maybe 15 mph, and zooming - ok, not exactly zooming, I was 10mph below the speed limit (give me a break, it was my first ride) - on my 600 lb bike down back country roads with CARS at 35 mph.

We'd gotten a babysitter to come over for an hour Saturday afternoon, because let's be serious - I was most likely NOT going to head out on the road on my own without Matt. I'd done a loop or two around the neighborhood alone, and each time I'd head back to home he'd shoo me off to do another loop. Well on Saturday, the sitter came at 2pm and off we went. Now, to be fair, nothing awful happened, and my bike doesn't feel quite as big to me as it did after I took the class two weeks ago (wow time flies) - but I did feel really exposed and vulnerable. Maybe a wind screen would help, part of it may have been the wind, and I also realize this was my first time out - but I must say, once we'd been gone about 1/2 hour and turned around to come home, all I could think of was "I just have to make it back to the house and then I can get off". I am not 100% convinced this is for me just yet, but I'm going to give it another go and see if that changes. At least I have all the proper gear to be a passenger now :)

Evie went to camp! We dropped her off for a Sunday-Wednesday Girl Scout Camp, her first time really away from home, for 3 nights! She was very excited, but also a little bit nervous. Happily, she'll be sharing a cabin with 2 good friends from her troop here at home. I was a little worried about that, as I signed Evie up late - I think she got the last spot - and Katie and Riley were already buddied up, but all 3 will be together for the next 3 days, for better or worse! I went to NYC with both their moms back in March, so I really love the idea of the girls all having an adventure together :)

Evie and Katie

Cabin Assignments!

Evie, Katie and Riley, ready to camp!

The house will be a LOT quieter without Evie at home, but I'll be keeping busy painting her pig sty room while she's gone. Hers was last painted when she was 18 months old, and it really needs it - in addition to a HUGE purge of JUNK. I have to say, I am APPALLED at the crap she just stuffs away out of sight when we ask her to pick up, and I'm very grateful that she seems to be the only one out of the four with hoarder tendencies. Look for her on TLC in maybe 20 years...

Sarah may be FINALLY done with pull-ups. For the most part. Last Monday, a few days after this post, I'd changed Sarah's pants before we had lunch; after lunch & before her nap I asked if she needed to use the potty. She very matter-of-factly told me she didn't need to, as she'd peed in her pull-up. At that point I'd had enough & told her that was it, we were done with pull-ups, I wasn't buying any more, and into panties she went. Much to my amazement, she left them on.

The next day she busted her chin open at the pool, so I wasn't expecting much, but we continued to make Potty Progress - we did have an accident or two, but she was trying and we continued on with panties.

Wednesday was a lovely day. Sarah, Jason and I went to Walmart, in underpants (well, of course I always do, I'm talking about Sarah). She did go before we left the house, but I don't think we were in the store 10 minutes before she said she had to poop. We raced over to the restrooms, ditching our cart outside, and hustled into a tiny stall. Sarah sat there for 10 minutes with nothing happening, all the while I'm telling Jason not to touch anything and people are coming and going and violating the air all around us. I wanted a decon shower by the time we left. The very very best part was, not 5 minutes later, when she peed herself in the curtain aisle. Thankfully there wasn't much to be cleaned up. Motherhood either kills you or makes you wish you were dead :)

By Thursday she seemed to have the hang of it, and by Friday I put her to bed in panties. Saturday, she was dry all day!

Sarah, before she peed her pants at camp.

Matt and I were congratulating ourselves on the fact that Sarah seemed to be done with diapers when on Sunday at camp drop-off Sarah whizzed in the woods without saying a word to us. I think William was the one who announced it to all within hearing distance. Yes, that's us, making a scene wherever we go :)

Between the public peeing and her FrankenChin -she tripped at the pool on Saturday morning & got another gash on the chin right near her stitches! - we've had quite the week with poor Sarah. I will be holding her hand going forward to catch her when she trips - maybe her feet have grown and she's not used to them yet? Who knows, but life is never boring...


  1. My two olders just got back form church camp and I loved the quiet. Even just minus one, you will notice a difference- have fun cleaning the hoarders room- I have one of those too!!


  2. You make me laugh, and you make me feel "normal"!

    Wow, you are so brave to go on the motorcycle. I was scared riding my bike with John-Paul this weekend because I hadn't ridden in so long!

    Evie is GORGEOUS, I think we'll be seeing her on America's Next Top Model, not Hoarders :)

    And Sarah, oh man! Love that girl. You're excited for her to be out of pullups, and Maggie is excited to finally get some. We were trying not to use them, but the bribery for Dora Pull-Ups worked!

  3. You are so right, motherhood either kills you or makes you wish you were dead, LOL!!

    My oldest is a major slob! It took me a week to clean & paint his room, good luck with 3 days!

  4. I think you should ride your bike to NYC this weekend!!! You can totally do it. Come on. I dare ya.

  5. I would rather be the chick on the back of the bike too. I for sure would crash it. You are brave!!
    And the pics are gorgeous, as usual, cuz you got the cutest kids!!

  6. You are soooo brave! I'm sure the more times your on your bike the more comfortable it will feel, or at least I hope so for your sake (oh & matt's too) Potty training... Ugggghhhhh! I feel your pain. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with my little stinker. I'm trying not to push it, but come on already get a little more interested or at least quit being so matter of fact when I ask or worse yet when you go & then tell me as your doing it. Geesh!

  7. I think I'd feel like you do about the bike....

    Poor Sarah! Peeing yourself in Walmart sucks! I've done it myself!

  8. You Jen, are a bad ass! I don't know if I could ride a motorcycle, I think I'll stick with my horses!


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