Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I thought I'd start with this, because it makes me laugh! AND I've had too little sleep and too much wine, please prepare for a fairly disjointed post ahead:

So - there's a full moon today and school starts on Wednesday. Can you say 'the kids are acting crazy'? Is it just mine? Lots of bickering, raging, and crying going on. My smallest people no longer want to take naps - sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, sometimes they alternate days, which makes me NUTS because I usually plan to do something during that time - silly me - and I know this will be a big adjustment for me. I think I finally showered at 10 pm tonight. Oy. Moving along:

William has a birthday on Thursday! He turns 7 , and as my mother was here to visit this weekend and he had a Webkinz on his list, we took him shopping for one so he could pick it out! (Evie always has a particular one in mind - William always just asks for 'a Webkinz') He chose the Signature Tabby Cat and decided to name it Jack - I have no idea why.

Mom was also kind enough to buy him one of the Amazing Hamsters - are these on your radar yet? Evie's been asking for one for weeks. In fact, when we got back from the store & she discovered that he had one - which we KNEW would set her off - she actually packed a bag and left the house. No idea where she thought she was going, but William told us she'd gone out the front door & Matt caught up with her walking down the sidewalk, backpack in hand, packed with the following:
She had a book, her blankie, crayons, a dream catcher, pajamas, and 6 pairs of panties. Clearly this was a well-thought plan (at least she had plenty of clean underwear!) Matt told her that when the police stopped to question why she was walking down the street alone, he was going to say he didn't know her. She promptly turned around and came back to the house.

Now check out my newly inherited chair:

This used to be my great-grandmother's! My mom brought it with her this weekend as she no longer has space for it & I was more than happy to take this small, sturdy chair off her hands. At some point I'll get around to either making a new slipcover or reupholstering it, but right now I can't imagine when. The kids think it smells 'minty' - it does! - and Jason was so funny - after mom and her husband left this morning, he was very concerned that they'd left their chair behind - doesn't everyone travel with their own furniture?

Things have been just crazy here since we got back from Florida. We actually vacationed a week earlier this year than we have in the past, and I can't imagine how we pulled that off, rolling right into a new school year, William's birthday and soccer season. I'm feeling pulled in a thousand directions as it is, and I've had an extra week to get ready. That said, I'm working on being more Positive, Productive, and Harmonious! Believe it or not, this comes from a classmate of Evie's - we were at a lake last Tuesday and I overheard him saying it to his older sisters and it REALLY struck me. It's my new mantra! So far I'm still yelling, but I'm working on it. That's all we can do, right? Try to improve. Speaking of improving, my motorcycle? Still scary - went for a short ride about town on Sunday, lots of stalling and a BACKFIRE - ALRIGHT! But - I do actually WANT to get back on it again and try. Tomorrow is another day...
After my last post about our Florida trip, there was some talk in the comments about a blogging gal's non-BlogHer-type get-together one weekend in Savannah, which I personally think is a FANTASTIC idea! So - if you're interested, please email me with 'Savannah' in the subject line at girlyshappymom at yahoo dot com and let me know. Maybe sometime in the spring (May?) or next fall? Right now I'm just trying to gauge interest and see what time of the year might be best. So let me know!


  1. Wow, we haven't had a kid pack a bag and leave yet. Yet. It will happen, I'm sure. And I'll probably help them pack. :)

  2. The cat picture is SOOOO funny! :D Made my day!

  3. I love that she thought far enough ahead to include all those undies, ha! And what gorgeous pics from your road trip! I know you say that road trips with young ones isn't that bad . . . yeah. You don't know mine ;)

  4. That picture is priceless! I laughed so many times during your post! But the best part ever is Evie running away from home!

    I vote for FALL....because I need more time to save. :)

  5. I'm with Connie. I need time to SAVE. :)
    Also, the pictures are adorable as usual!

  6. Is an Amazing Hamster like a ZhuZhu pet? My kids are currently OBSESSED with those and keep wanting to go buy more! But as far as I'm concerned, there about a thousand times better than getting the real thing so I'm happy with the set up. :)

  7. Is an Amazing Hamster like a ZhuZhu pet? My kids are currently OBSESSED with those and keep wanting to go buy more! But as far as I'm concerned, there about a thousand times better than getting the real thing so I'm happy with the set up. :)

  8. I love that she packed underwear. My kids would pack comic books and gum.

    I've never been to Savannah.

  9. Evie packs better than Nick. Maybe she and Annie can share an apartment. I have big love for that Evie...and not just because she is beautiful..although I am superficial like that.

    And now I was going to make a comment about the chair and how it smells...but I think it would be crossing the line...yes, even for me...so you know it must be bad. But it's a great chair. You should take it on your cruise. Because you should start traveling with your furniture. I think that is a great idea.

    And now we have to wait a whole year to go to Savannah? I am so ADHD...total MTV generation here..no patience what so ever, no way I can wait that long. Lets just go to Connie's house instead...I hope she lives in Hawaii...I've never been.

  10. At least she was prepared for disaster with all the panties she packed!

    And the crayons in case she got bored.

  11. I would LOVE to go to Savannah, I could fly with Macey - doesn't she panic on planes. I need time to save & time to wean my youngest (from my boob & from needing me all the stinkin time!).

    LOVE the packed backpack. I rememeber wanting to "run away" when I would get mad. My younger sister & I would plan it all out, get bags packed & a list made of stuff to take from the kitchen BUT then we would fall asleep & never make it out of the house. ha ha ha!

    Great new mantra. I need one. My poor kids, lately they probably think my real voice is my yelling voice. Annoyed much.

    Fun post today, you made me smile :)

  12. Savannah sounds great! The packing was great...panties, crayons and blanket...I love it.

    Terrific chair!!


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