Thursday, August 26, 2010

And William turns 7

Seven years ago today William came into this world. He had the benefit of not being the first, so I sort of knew what to do with him - as an infant, at least. Definitely not as overwhelming as the first, Matt and I were already 'experienced' parents - at least experienced with children up to not-quite 2. William joined our family on August 26, 2003, and thus ended Evie's only-child-hood! Poor William, with where his birthday falls, he's always headed back to school :) At least this year it wasn't on the first day, as it was last year.

Bright, shiny and ready to learn!
Back to school, 2010 - 3rd and 1st grade

The birthday boy always gets to choose dinner and what kind of cake we eat, and I think this may have been the 3rd year in a row we've had Broccoli Soup and Pepperoni Bread for dinner. Apparently, there is NOTHING William likes better than broccoli soup! He also picked out this cake from pictures I'd showed him, but I think he was most impressed with the fact that it was a four layer chocolate cake. He ended up with a fabulous chocolate cake with chips mixed in and peanut butter frosting on top! Thank you Laura for the cake recipe. And the frosting recipe. I tried hunting for the frosting recipe on your blog, but couldn't find it :( I think I ate enough of it to add another 5 lbs. But back to William!

William had a few small things on his wish list - a signature Webkinz, the K'Nex small roller coaster set, something called 'meade' (I have no idea what that meant) and Super Mario Brothers Galaxy 2. He and Evie have also expressed an interest in fushigi, but thankfully they've both forgotten about it! William almost NEVER asks for anything, never pesters us to buy things at the store, unlike She Who Shall Not Be Named Right Here - and if he does ask for something, it's a video game. So Matt and I tried to come up with an idea or two that he would really enjoy.

After some back and forth, we settled on some Heelys and an iPod and docking station. The Heelys were Matt's idea, and William seemed excited by them! Once he figured out what they were, that is - I think he thought they were just sneakers. I told him to read the box and he thought it said 'high heels' - I expect big things from his reading teacher this year :) Of course, they're too big & need to be exchanged, and of course it's all my fault, I should have KNOWN better and ordered the correct size to begin with. Jeez, Mom! Ahem. (And of COURSE, Evie wants to see if they fit her so she can just KEEP them! Why should she have to wait until her BIRTHDAY???) ok enough about her.

The iPod was a hit! I've been thinking he would enjoy one of these for a while. On the rare occasion I'm playing music that I like in the car, he'll always tell me when he likes a song that he hears, so I look forward to loading it up with music for him beyond the Spongebob Yellow Album and Other Kids Whatnot. Evie mainly uses hers for taking videos and listening to audiobooks, but I fully expect William to use his for music. The boy has an ear :)

I'd spent a few hours last night loading it up with some music, so it was all ready for him. He headed right out to the swing, iPod in pocket and headphones on, to swing and listen in peace while the other three played. Happy Birthday William, I hope you enjoyed your day!


  1. Oh sweet William..happy birthday!
    The cake looks beautiful. You don't need me at all.
    I would love high heels for my birthday.

    and I still love matter what you say...

  2. Happy birthday young William!

    I would love a pair of heelys! I need to see if they make them in adult sizes.

  3. Ohhh - happy birthday William! I hope he had a wonderful day!


  4. He looks like a happy boy!
    And that cake looks awesome! (I'm a choc and p-nut butter gal).

  5. Happy Birthday...great cake choice. That looks terrific!

  6. Happy Birthday to William! What a sweetie!

  7. How cute is he! He looks so sweet & content swinging & listening to his music. Happy Birthday William!

  8. Happy Birthday, William! And great job Mom and Dad...that would've made my day too. :)

  9. Okay, so your kids and my kids are both addicted to those toys they see on tv aren't they?
    Also, that cake looks so good!
    I hope he has a wonderful day!

  10. Dear William,

    Happy Birthday! You are a lucky kids because if Heely's are what I think they are...I hate them and won't let my kids have them.

    Your friend,



  11. Man, he's such a cute kid!! LOVE the cake! You did a great job! Hope he had a great birthday!


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