Thursday, October 28, 2010

40. I guess I should talk about it at least a little.

So I turned 40 on Tuesday. It kind of snuck up on me, but then my birthday always does. It's smashed in there between Evie's birthday and Halloween, and this year we threw in a fire pit and a cruise, just to mix things up a bit! Why not, right? Anywho.

My 30's were pretty good to me - I had four beautiful babies, we moved into our current home, and I have been able to stay home with the kids pretty much since Evie was born. 39 was a really good year - I stalked a celebrity, learned to ride a motorcycle, ran a half marathon, and just had a fabulous break from reality while sailing to the Bahamas. And my hubby made me a fire pit! Now that I'm 40, according to him, I'm about to fall apart :)
My very own birthday cake, baked by Matt. Candles courtesy of Laura!
I can't tell you the last time I had my own home-made birthday cake :)

I've been thinking about 40 for a while now - I don't think anyone who is approaching that particular number doesn't - and I didn't really think it would bother me - age is just a number and all that. Now that I'm here and get to greet that lovely 4-0 on the scale every morning (because I will continue to weigh myself every single blessed day no matter what the scale says, thank you very much, and the damn thing wants to know how OLD I am for some reason!!! and why am I not just lying about it, instead of changing the number every year???) along with my weight, I'm not so sure. It does feel kind of....well, old.

My parents were young when they started their family. I remember my mom turning 30. And then they were 40. I was in my 20's when my parents turned 50. I have a 3 year old. I'm thinking this may be a big deal! When Jason is 20 I will be 57 years old. Surely someone who qualifies for the AARP and Early Bird Specials shouldn't be worried about what their college-aged kids are doing, right? And why didn't I think of this sooner? lol! Matt and I went to see Sherlock Holmes last winter when it came out in the theaters & while I was in the rest room looking at all the other people in there, I realized I'm not 20-something anymore, like I think I am in my head :) I'm a mom of four with hair turning grey that I cover up every 3 weeks to mask the fact that I'm 40. Because while my face may not tell the tale, those white hairs are a dead giveaway. And they must be banished at all costs.

I'm not sure where I'm going with all this, other than to say that maybe 40 is a bit of a reality check. Am I devastated to be here? No. Do I think I'm missing out on things and life is passing me by? Not one little bit, I couldn't be more content with where we are. I'd like to have a bigger kitchen, but in all the ways that matter I'm pretty happy with the status quo. And can any of us really ask for more than that?? Well - maybe I'd ask for a Miata :)


  1. I think the people who fall apart in their 40's, were already cracked a bit in their thirties. (speaking from personal experience) A number doesn't make or break it a number on your birth certificate, or scale (although the number in my bank account is another story..that one really hurts!) It is in attitude, and gratitude, that we are able to define ourselves. Not in numbers.

    You have always struck me as content and satisfied. That will carry on in your 40's, 50's and so on...

    great candles...beautiful cake....and gorgeous 40 year old.
    Happy Birthday Jen.
    Maybe next year Matt can build you a bigger kitchen a week before Halloween?

  2. I would NEVER guess that you're 40. Seriously you can pull off 31 for a loooooong time :) Happy Birthday!

  3. You look fabulous, as does the cake.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! You look beautiful and that cake looks tasty. I enjoyed your simple reflections on aging... and honestly, it's so nice to know someone just a bit older than me. :) Seriously, it sounds like you are very blessed.

  5. Oh, Jen! I just have to share with you what happened when I read this post. My son (almost 15 months) was sitting in my lap. When I scrolled down and he saw the picture of your cake, he pointed at it and said, "Mmm!", his noise for "Boy, that looks good, Mama!"

    Then he got very excited and pointed at the cake, then made his sign for "please." I think he approves of your birthday cake!

  6. Awe what a sweetie for making you a cake. My husband would be SOOOO lost! You look beautiful. I am not really sure what 40 should look like anymore, once I got into my 30's age kind of is lost to me. College students I see look like they are 15. I see you & think hmmm she is probably about my age, maybe a year or two older (I am 33 in a few days). I think lines are blurred & that is ok with me... especially since I know 40 will be approaching soon enough for me as well LOL. My point is that you look GREAT!!!
    Happy Happy Birthday to you :)

  7. You are a beautiful, strong example of 40! It's funny how that number effects us.

    Happy Birthday again....and I love you!

  8. You've got it goin on, girl. Happy belated b-day. I too will be 57 (58?) when my youngest is 20.
    P.S. I wish I were 40 again.

  9. You aren't going to fall apart! You'll be like wine: you're gonna get better with age!
    Those are beautiful pictures too. :)

  10. Let me just say, you look good!

    Also, I was thinking about this whole age thing...and I thought about my mum who is exactly 30 years older than me, so she's my opinion she looks amazing! She is just young at heart, she smiles, she's generous, she sets goals and achieves them and she loves and is loved by all in her family. This year, she went back to school with a bunch of high school graduates to do creative design!!

    We can write our own rules for the life we want to achieve, regardless of our age :) (just promise me you will repeat this back to me when I start freaking out about my age!)


  11. Jen, I loved this post, and I can soooo identify! I'm 43 and while I'm not quite as fit as you are, (I couldn't think of running a half-marathon with these knees), I like to think I look younger than my age... but for those white hairs! I am not ready for them; I am so with you on that! I read someone ponder once why it is that we like so many things old, and we go out of our way to "age" new things by antiquing, etc., yet we don't appreciate that in the human speciman. Wouldn't it be great if we valued the fine lines, the white hairs, nay sought them out, wore them with pride? Sigh. Happy Birthday!

  12. Welcome to the club girl...the FORTY and FABULOUSLY FOXY club!

    A Miata? Really?

  13. You look so Fab, girl! I understand what you mean, though. I fell apart a little when I turned 30 this year. I didn't think I would, but I had some issues with it. Now I'm fine and am embracing it ;)

    Happy Birthday!


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