Thursday, October 14, 2010


I love October. Cooler weather, brilliant leaves, pumpkin carving, my birthday, and it all culminates with Halloween. I love Halloween! Matt loves Halloween too, and he spends more than a fair amount of energy turning our house into a Haunt - which is why, when we booked this cruise back in the early spring, we questioned whether mid-October was a good time or not. At the time, we figured we just wouldn't plan any new things for the big display, Halloween is on a Sunday so we'd have all day Saturday and most of Sunday to get ready for it. HA! Things never turn out the way you plan, no?

Mayberry decided to have our Trick or Treating on Saturday the 30th this year! Which is great in that the kids won't have to go to school on Monday all tuckered out and crabby, but now we've lost a whole day to prepare for it. Then there's the whole Fire Pit Project going on - we'd hoped to have that finished by Halloween, but that isn't going to happen. Evie and I are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme for our costumes, so I need to turn her into the White Rabbit, and Matt at the 10th hour agreed to be our Mad Hatter. (Did I tell you that my sewing machine died last week as I sat down to get stitching? My kind neighbor loaned me her daughter's - Thank you Kerri!) Which all would have been ok, but for the cruise we stuck in the middle of the month. I know, you're all playing your violins for me in pity, right? :)

So back to my point - I LOVE October & all its glory, but right now I'm in a pressure cooker of my own creation and am looking forward to the more low-key month of November - or at least sailing away from it all for a week :) First thing on my ship-board agenda is a massage. Or a nap. Or a nap while I get a massage. Or a pedicure. Can I get a pedicure while I get a massage while I nap? Will there be wine readily available? Things to think about...

Here's some pictures from our trip to the farm on Columbus Day:
Jason didn't want to cross the bridge with the rest of us and stood there for 10 minutes.
Off to a great start!
We played mini golf!
I love how 3 year olds play mini golf :)
Little Buddy had so much fun - this may have been the first time he's played...
Sarah loved the Spider Web...
Evie's friend Katie came along, the owner of my loaner sewing machine...
William catching some AIR on the jumping pillow!

After keeping the kids cooped up at home this past weekend while we worked on projects, they really had a blast at the farm on Monday & before we left everyone picked out a pumpkin to take home. I think William's weighs 22 lbs, but he was able to pick it up and carry it himself, so who am I to say no?


  1. The Mayberry comment made me laugh so hard, our little town does the same thing, Halloween is NEVER on the 31st, go figure!

    Have fun on your cruise!

  2. I'm so jealous of your theme (and your cruise). My kids won't dress up with me. They want to be superheros that I've never heard of.

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of what you do for Halloween, you do like the best costumes every year!

  4. For Halloween, my family is going to dress up like The Locke family, and pretend we are on a cruise. :-)

  5. Don't nap during your massage or your pedi, you need to savor those moments. Nap the sun while holding drink!

    Have fun!

  6. I can't believe trick or treating can be changed to another day. Someone was asking me that very question this week! Don't you think some kids might still come on Sunday?

    Not that that solves your problem... I say go on your cruise and relax and enjoy every minute. It'll all get done when you return. And if it doesn't you'll be too relaxed to care! :)

  7. I want to jump on that pillow thing!! Looks like so much fun! We love going to our pumpkin patch. They have lots of fun things to do there. Hopefully we'll be able to next weekend. I wouldn't stress over the decorating and stuff...just go and enjoy your cruise!

  8. Oh!! Your trip is coming up!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! I will live vicariously through your wonderful travels!


  9. You are a busy busy lady! I agree with Shawn no napping while massage or pedi is going on, definitely nap after with a drink in your hand! Have a wonderful time & can't wait to see pics of Halloween!!!


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