Thursday, December 9, 2010

The red dress, and my coughing hacking sick house.

Sarah likes to wear dresses. Thankfully, because Evie's were hardly worn, and we inherited a TON of beautiful hand-me-downs from her cousin in Louisiana. She also has a favorite color. For a while, it was pink - which is unfortunate, because I painted her room purple long before she had a say in the matter. But then out of the blue she decided she liked red. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that Evie loves red, but who knows.

So in the wonderful trove of beautiful things from her cousin was this knit red striped dress, and a love affair was born. Sarah wore it in April when we went to Pittsburgh for Easter...

She wore it in July for our cookout and fireworks for the 4th...

She wore it to Disney World in August...

...and on the cruise in October...

...and many, many days in between. That red dress was the first thing she would pull out of her drawer to wear the minute I put clean laundry away. One time I caught her pulling it out of the dirty laundry - I almost missed the fact that she'd worn it the day before. November came, and I started insisting that she put some layers on under it, it was just too cold to wear by itself.

She's a silly one, my Sarah, and I'm thinking that red dress will have to be tucked away for 'someday'. I don't think I can really bear to part with it at this point :)

I was hoping to have some fun things to share, but we're all still under the weather, and Jason now has a double ear infection - although he swears they don't hurt. I'm coughing, Matt's coughing, and I'm hoping William is not getting this too. I passed out on the couch Tuesday night watching GLEE and woke up at 1:40am, then couldn't go back to sleep. I think I finally passed out at 5am. Which would have been fine if I'd just accepted that I was up & maybe cleaned or SOMETHING, rather than tossing and turning and trying to sleep. Wednesday wasn't so bad, but I'm sure I will hit a HUGE wall today, probably right after lunch. Maybe I will try to get my sick non-nappers to lay down with Mommy for a little bit & watch a show. 'Cause we never do that :)


  1. The dress is adorable over jeans! There is a blue and white gingham dress with yellow smilies on it that I just hung in my closet; all five wore it and loved it!! It makes me sad that Brookie is finally too big for it. :( I guess that's what grandbabies are for...?

    Here's hoping for that quiet time this afternoon.

  2. So cute. Hope everyone is feeling a bit better today.

  3. That's a really cute dress, and looks so good on her in the layers, too! You're going to have a problem when it doesn't fit her anymore.... You may have to find it in a larger size!

  4. My girls have had their favorites too. And they get worn day after day after day! That first pic of her in the grass could be in a catalog, so adorable!

    Hope you feel better soon. We've got the coughs around here too. And it's keeping everyone up at night. Ugh.

  5. I hope you feel better soon!
    That red dress is adorable with the jeans and turtle neck.
    I meant to ask you: what kind of camera do you use?

  6. We're still under the weather too. Hope we're ALL 100% soon! I'm tired of the sickies.

    Those pics of Sarah are precious!! I just love her and her red dress. It's my favorite color too. I would wear that dress all the time, if I had one. :)

  7. I can see why she loves the's adorable...especially paired with the layers!

    sorry you are all sick...feel better soon!

  8. We had a dress just like that but it was purple. M wore it constantly last summer and that was when I had to convince her to finally wear underwear.

    I think she and Sarah are twins!!

  9. What a little doll! I've been having to layer my girls dresses too, they go through that stage where dresses are an must. Ugghhhh, we don't own enough for that! Hope you all get to feeling better soon! Oh & I am with Mimi, I wanna know what kind of camera you use too.

  10. I hate when mine are sick. Cuz once they get over it, I get it then mom then they get it again.

    Also, thought you might get a laugh from a new blog I started. If you like it, share please.

  11. I think it s a lovely dress especially with jeans!

  12. Few can pull off horizontal stripes so well.

    (When she's outgrown the dress, take the fabric and make a quilt or a throw pillow for her....)


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