Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Daydreaming: I love Duck.

We go to the beach almost every summer. Usually, Duck, NC. I love Duck. It's quaint. It's quiet, and has a small town feel. If you're close enough to town, you can walk and get ice cream, walk and go shopping, walk and see a beautiful sunset over the sound. We've tried other towns and other beaches, but Matt and I both say the same thing, we like Duck. There aren't any lifeguards on the beach; you usually have no trouble finding a place to park your stuff on the sand, and the houses aren't right on top of one another. And a lot of them have private pools!
We either get take out or try to eat in at the Red Sky Cafe every year. Have to get there early if you don't want to wait 2 hours for a table....
The sand isn't as fine as the Jersey shore, but the kids don't seem to mind - and it's easier to wash off :)
The kids have noodle battles in the pool - I think Jason won this one....
...and much to my dismay, the kids love the hot tub. (I have issues with hot tubs that get used by other people...although this one seemed pretty clean...)
Shady hammocks are a great place to read or swing...
Little kids get tuckered out and nap on Mom at dinner.....
We always play mini golf - sometimes with a little air guitar on the side....
And last year we discovered the fabulousness of Duck Donuts. Oh my heck. Talk about hot, fresh donuts, freshly topped with whatever you choose. The lemon glaze was Ah-maz-ing.
My dad usually comes, and last summer the three of us rented bikes! Look at that summer glow on Evie's face :)
And by the end of the week, we've always finished a puzzle. We don't go home until it's done, and most everybody pitches in. Love.

So that's the place I love. There are probably others as well, but I've got Duck on my mind because this is when we usually book our house. If Matt would figure out what week is good, I could cross that off my list :)

Go see R We There Yet Mom for lots of other lovely places to go :)


  1. Sounds like the perfect place to return to again and again for a summer vacation. The Duck sign alone would keep me coming back for more!

  2. It sounds awesome. I love reading your beach trip posts at the end of every summer!

  3. What a relaxing place - you've made me yearn for summer on this cold day.

  4. I LOVE it!!! Makes me want to go too!!!

    Thank you so much for lining up today!!! XOXO


  5. Ooh it looks so relaxing! I can see why you keep on going back.

  6. DUCK! HA! I love the name. It looks like a pretty fun time! Hot tubs totally gross me out too. I feel ya on that one.

    Look at your cute arms (and the sleeping baby in them). I need to do some bicep curls asap.

    Miniature golf is always fun!

  7. That sounds like so much fun!!

    I want to go to Duck!

  8. Duck sounds like a pretty cool place, and I'm good with any place that has their own kind of donuts. Although the name does creep me out a little (I keep picturing Duck as one of the ingredients).
    I have a picture of my daughter doing almost the exact same air guitar/mini golf pose. I think she was ten when it was taken. It must be a pre-teen thing.

  9. what is a great place to make wonderful memories for you and children!!

  10. Looks & sounds like an amazing place!

    Ohhh my gosh you & Evie in that picture have the most amazing eyes!!!

  11. Duck sounds AMAZING!!! I love places like that...simple, family oriented, togetherness.

    I like to have vacations like my mom and her siblings talk about having when they were kids. They would go to these camping places or "resort" types (think Dirty Dancing)...and spend their days swimming and their nights hanging out with new friends they had made, while the adults would socialize and stuff. Just sounds so fun! I think I was born in the wrong era sometimes.

    Great pics! You're such a pretty momma! Love the summer glow on Evie's face!

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  13. I like Duck a lot too. Our first vacation to Cape Hatteras is what convinced us to move from Syracuse to NC. We live near Topsail Island, I think you would love it here!!

  14. I love Duck too. We live near Topsail Island, you should come here for a change, I know you would love it!!


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