Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Daydreaming - or is it a nightmare? - Spring Break 2012

I need to get my act together. I'm using my kids as an excuse not to get things done around here, and really? it's not a very good one. I'm trying to distract myself from the fact that I've been bogged down in daydreaming about my kitchen - which we're remodeling - finally! - and trying to make plans for that, as well as figure out what I'm going to do with my four children for the week of spring break while we have our wood floors sanded/stained/finished. Because we have wood floors all over the main level, on the stairs, and in the upstairs hallway. And you have to essentially move out of your house for the week while they do all that. So! Here's my plan:

 We're headed to Williamsburg, VA! I'm leaving Matt behind at the house to manage as best he can for a few nights while I take the four kids away from it all by myself. Scary! No, it'll be fine. (Right? It will be fine?) Happily, these days there are hotels that have suites with kitchens in them that will fit the 5 (6 once Matt joins us on Friday) of us perfectly comfortably for a few nights. I LOVE THAT. We'll be at the Marriott Residence Inn....

2 bedroom suite! Matt and I get our own room, with a king! There's a fireplace, and a full kitchen!

 for 5 nights while we wait for our floors to dry, and I'll be keeping the kids busy doing things like:
Ripley's, Williamburg

Pirate's Cove Mini Golf

I'll take the kids bowling, and maybe to a movie, and we'll see what else is there that I can manage by myself - the four of them, at 10, 8, 5 and 4 are mostly manageable, but they can become a handful at times for just one parent; I'm kind of glad the hotel does NOT have an indoor pool, as that will eliminate a lot of hassle and angst on my part (is that wrong?). Once Matt arrives, I'm sure we'll do Colonial Williamsburg - can't wait to eat at Christiana Campbell's Tavern!!!!