Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts on William, a detox drink, and some kid-bits...

 I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. Oh my heck what a fabulous time suck! So many pretty things to look at, clever ideas, yummy things to make...I guess I need to pick a day to pin, and then a day to do all the things I've pinned! Although that would probably take more than a day....

I saw a poster on there the other day that made me think of one of my own. Basically, the ones that need the most attention are the ones that you find it most difficult to give it to. This really struck home with me. My Sweet William is a thinker; he's kind of difficult to connect to, because he's content in his own head, doing his own thing, playing games, building things, what have you. Riding in the car with just him, it can be SO QUIET. Not that there's anything wrong with that - he just doesn't have a lot to say. I can relate :) He's strong-willed and stubborn, and sometimes it feels like all we do is yell at him to get going, do what you're supposed to do, why aren't you finished your shower yet????

Of course - yelling doesn't work. I know that. Matt knows that. But it can be so frustrating to be ignored that you just ending up losing it. Then the tears come, and you feel like a big jerk. But he brings it on himself, right?

So I've been trying extra hard lately to give William the extra attention he needs. He's still the slowest kid ever doing his homework, and can be distracted by a gnat; he still can't seem to manage to get a shower in a reasonable time without supervision most days, but he's been helping me work on a puzzle before bedtime (really, he just sits and talks with me) and I'm sitting with him while he does his homework instead of barking at him from the kitchen to SIT DOWN AND DO IT. Seems to be helping - he told me the other day how nice it was to spend time with me, and I can't tell you how many hugs I've gotten this week.

 So about a week ago William misplaced one of his DS games, Super Mario 64. Instead of really looking for it, he made 'missing' posters one morning and taped them all over the house before I got up. And then he pestered me for 4 days, asking if I'd found it yet. If he'd spent half that effort looking for it himself, I'm sure he'd have found it. Anyway - one night at bedtime, I suggested he try using his metal detector. I came down the next morning and found it in the kitchen with a note saying 'use me'. He'd tested it with another game to make sure it would find them....
 Um, the whole point, William, was for YOU to look for it....needless to say, later that day he and I went down to pick up the playroom and lo and behold, there it was, hiding in plain sight on my craft desk. I swear I'm the only one in this house who can SEE things sometimes.... :)
 I don't know about you, but I wake up every morning puffy like a frog. Frogs are puffy, right? Anyway. I know I drink too much coffee and too little water, but as I don't see the coffee part changing anytime soon, I needed to up my water consumption somehow. While trolling pinterest, I ran across Jillian Michael's recipe to remove water weight. I don't know if it works, but I AM finding that I'm drinking more, and it doesn't taste nearly as awful as I thought it might - really, just like water with lemon....
Mix 60 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice concentrate - the natural, no sugar added stuff; 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and a dandelion tea bag (I brew the tea then add the rest of the water and stuff to the jug). I'm finding this to be a good way to make sure I'm drinking enough. I start the day with a full jug, and by the end of the day it should be empty. If you're used to drinking lots of sweet things you may not like this, but as I stick to barely sweet coffee and water, I think it's pretty good. And my skin looks better too :) Drink up!
A couple kid-bits from the last few weeks, I finally found my sticky-note:

Sarah and Jason are getting a kick out of saying these back and forth....

"Say Hi to your knee!" Hi-ney!
"Say Boo to the Bee!" Boo-bee!
And last but not least - Jason came over to me as I was in the kitchen last week and asked, "Mom, would you like a massage?" WOULD I EVER. I'm never letting that kid leave my side.....


  1. I swear we have the SAME kid - I have had the same thoughts about Jack all week long - he drives us bananas b/c he is so slow and moves to his own beat - I love him to pieces but I get so frustrated too!! He couldn't find his shin guards yesterday and they were on the floor of his room in plain site!!

    Oh another note - are you losing weight with the detox drink?


  2. You just described my oh-so-middle child to a T and it seems like you are on the right track. I need to follow your lead. More quiet time together, less yelling, more hugs. But gosh darnit, he makes me soooooo mad.

  3. I wish Emma would SLOW DOWN. I guess we have the opposite problem. Ok, so mine is barely 2. Not quite the same. I know. I'm just trying to relate! =)

    Ok, so I totally saw that Jillian drink on pinterest so I took off to hellmart to pick up ingredients only to be told they don't have Dandelion Root tea bags. Awesome. Guess I'll have to pick it up in Tulsa the next time I go. Ugh.

    Boo-Bee! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Those are funny!

  4. Yeah, I'm totally going to bee saying "hi knee" and "boo bee" now. :)
    William is nothing if not creative, that kid really thinks outside the box. I know one day he's gonna be a brilliant something...I dunno what, but brilliant.

  5. I tried to drink that stuff and it was so gross I couldn't do it.

  6. i too can not keep of pinterest,did not know what it was curiosity got the better of me.Love it.I also have a child and a hubby who loose things,and expect me to locate them!

  7. i too can not keep of pinterest,did not know what it was curiosity got the better of me.Love it.I also have a child and a hubby who loose things,and expect me to locate them!

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  9. "say boo to the bee"...totally using that one as soon as I get a chance! Maybe in the breakroom later today.

    I think William and Isaiah were cut from the same cloth...seriously. I could have those exact coversations with him. And I know all about raising your voice and feel bad about it later, but OMG...they can be soooooo frustrating!

    I'd say Jason is a keeper!! Isaiah likes to give back massages too...but he expects one in return. He knows how to work most things to his advantage. Hopefully that'll pay off later in life.


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