Monday, October 7, 2013

My baby girl turned 7....

Seven years ago Sarah came screaming into our lives. No, seriously -I've never heard a baby cry that loud at birth. Matt and I just looked at each other somewhat in horror at how loud she was. The nurses got a kick out of that, and warned us we were in trouble.
Love the feet :)
Aside from the screaming - she did NOT like baths, and I swear I have some hearing loss from the sound echoing around the bath tub.... - Sarah was a great sleeper, and we definitely had our peaceful moments - I've never seen such a smiley baby....

I miss sleeping with a baby :(

Sarah was my only thumb-sucker. We didn't really use binkies, when they cried, I picked them up, no matter where we were (seemed like I always had to hold it in their mouths anyway, otherwise they pushed them out). I'll never forget finding her sleeping in her crib, thumb in mouth, the first time :)

Sarah doesn't suck her thumb anymore, but she DOES make the same faces :D Life with her is intense. She's smart as a whip, and has a fantastic sense of humor. She uses big words like preposterous, loves to sing (in the shower) and dance (when you're not watching) and help me in the kitchen. She's to have around, and can always bring a smile to my face.

Simple things make her happy, like a big red button that says 'NO' in a bajillion different ways....

A hat so she can pretend she's Derpy from My Little Pony....
...and some stuffed guinea pigs. Sarah can apparently never have too many stuffed animals.

"It took me all my computer time to get all my webkinz (4 new ones) signed up, but I DID IT. PHEW!" - Sarah, aged 7

My baby girl is 7 and I want to know where the time has gone.......


  1. I was so confused! Evie looks just like Sarah (holding Sarah) but I dont think they look alike now.

  2. Awe!! Happy Birthday, Sarah!! She is adorable and I can't believe she's 7!

    *searches for the pause button*

    -Jenny Kate

  3. aww Happy Birthday to your girl!
    My baby girl was 7 on the 29th sep. My only thumb sucker too :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Sarah! Our Tiger turned 9 yesterday.

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah!! She is getting so big!


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