Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Three months in....

October 1! Welcome to fall, y'all :)It hardly seems possible that it's been 3 months to the day since we moved into our Texas house. Is it me or does your current reality kind of overwrite everything that came before it, and it seems like you've been in it forever?

It helps to have our own things around us, I was SO HAPPY to have back MY furniture, kitchen things, and CLOTHES after living out of a suitcase for a month & having most of our house packed for three. Of course - not much fits, because moving is stressful on a Harried Mom, and she tends to drink more wine when under stress. It's a good thing we're in Texas, and I have a month or two before I need to fit into my jeans. My 'drink less' effort wasn't going so well, so now I'm working on 'run more'....

So, we've been here 3 months, and the kids have been in school for several weeks. They're settling in and making friends (dear moms of friends - I'm giving you my phone number because my child wants to have a play date with yours, and I don't have your number - please call!)
 We're dealing with all the issues of a 12 year old house that - I have to say -seems to have been a bit neglected in the last couple of years - but that's a whole blog in and of itself (coming soon to a blog near you!)
 My small kids, after about 6 weeks of swimming in the pool with vests, ditched the vests at the end of the summer and were swimming on their own like fish....
pool noodle jousts
 We enjoyed long summer days swimming and swinging on the playset left behind....
 ...and I caught William READING A BOOK. The book I insisted he get from the library. I think he actually enjoys reading now, that he's fluent and it's not so much work - not that he'll ever admit that to me....
 William turned 10 and can now be seen zooming around on his electric scooter. When they only ask for one thing, you sort of have to get it for them, no?
  We had birds having a pool party....
 ....and inherited a cat that was left behind. Sugar is a sweetheart, and I'm happy that if the previous owners didn't want her, they left her for us. She's also a fantastic mouser (if only she'd stop leaving them for me...) and I'm hoping that will cut down on snakes...
Finally, I have never in my life seen such consistently beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It is gorgeous here, and I love it.


  1. I still can't believe you're in Texas. I'm so glad that it's working out and you like it. Looks like you have lots of room to run....

  2. O wow it looks and sounds like you are all settled, so happy for you!

  3. Beautiful... so glad you are happy. Can't wait to hear about the house adventures.

  4. LOVE the photos of the new digs. Looks like Texas suits you! So glad you are back to your blogging. Have been wondering all summer how it was going.

  5. Oh my gosh, that's your yard and pool? It looks like a fantastic retreat! Maybe we should move t Texas...how are you finding prices down there?


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