Friday, December 11, 2009

Crafty! Christmas Crafting

Welcome to my one and only post about Christmas crafts! I tend to be less 'crafty' and more 'oh, that's pretty, I'll buy one' when out and about - as long as the price is right. 2 weeks ago, however, I was at Michaels and saw some tin stars on sale. I was looking for stuff for the walls, as I have limited flat space out of reach of little fingers, and when I saw the stars I remembered Jen's project from this summer. I knew just what to do!

Here's my tin star for $2.49, a roll of ribbon, and a pad of small Christmas scrapbook paper, which I cut out to fit my star.

Want a better look at the paper?

A little bit of matte Mod Podge and maybe 30 minutes later (srsly, this one is EASY! I did it when the kids were up!) here it is hanging on my wall!

I thought about adding super-fine glitter to it, but when I tested it on the paper the only one it really 'popped' on was the blue/poinsetta one - and even that, where I have it hanging, wouldn't have shown up all that much. So I've left it as-is, and am very happy with my new wall art. I may need to go get some more stars!

Next we have something Evie wanted to work on for family gifts (Amy/Nana/Becky/Mom, this is a spoiler alert, stop now if you'd like to be surprised!)

Evie had found an old candle holder that I was using to hold q-tips in her bathroom; she wanted to use it to make a Christmas gift for someone. After we talked through her idea, she ran some errands with Matt and after a stop at Michaels they came home with the supplies for her craft: glass 'rose bowl' votive holders, Christmas 'phrase' stickers, and some 3-D stickers too. She picked out 'shimmer' Mod Podge as well, but that didn't turn out so nice on our test.

Evie applying the clear stickers to the bowls

Yes, her nightgown is on backwards and inside out - some school rumor about that and putting ice cubes in the toilet bringing snow (who makes this stuff up??)

Here's the final product. After she applied the stickers, I coated them with matte finish Mod Podge and then sprinkled them with Martha Stewart's superfine glitter. After that dried we hot glued the poinsettia stickers to them.

And here they are, all lit up:

I hope everyone loves them! We're making them for the teachers too - I figure what with all the lovely crafts they send home to us, they might like some in return ;)

And now that I have your attention, I have an award to pass on. Back in November (how has it been over a month already?!) Erin at The Fierce Beagle passed along this lovely award to me:

I'm flattered :) In order to accept this, I am to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass it along to 7 fellow bloggers. So here we go:
  1. I wanted a nose job in 6th grade. Even did my first research paper on it. After all that, I didn't really want one anymore. My nose is mine, and it's part of my face, and I wouldn't look like me anymore if I changed it. So it stays, bump and all.
  2. I have control issues. And I'm aware of it. And I find myself trying to let things go and keep my mouth shut, but then being unable to do so and then regretting it. Sorry :(
  3. More and more I'm seeing myself in Sarah, and now I'm wondering how she and I will survive the next 15 years?
  4. Every day I think we had more kids than I can handle. But I can't imagine life without any of them.
  5. Related to that, I quit my 'job' at least once a week, but they won't let me go!
  6. I got really lucky the day I married Matt. I don't know that anyone else would put up with me.
  7. My chocolate addiction is the main reason the last 6 pounds don't want to go anywhere; I filled some jars with Christmas colored candy as a decoration - the peppermints & chocolate covered candy canes? No problem. The Hershey Kisses of various flavors? The jar's half empty & I really can't pin it on the kids at this point.
  8. I have a mild obsession with coats. Don't need another single one, but I'm drawn to them!
  9. Same thing with shoes!
  10. Lastly - I really wish I knew what I want to be when I grow up - or rather, when the kids are grown up enough for me to be more a person in my own right. Maybe I'll write a book about a sparkly vampire...oh wait, that's already been done...
And the lucky 7 are:
  1. Laura at Piece of Cake. If anyone is honest in blogland, it's Laura.
  2. Alex at Whoa-Mumma! Cracks me up :)
  3. Cid at Blog like no one is reading. Lots of honesty here- makes me feel completely normal.
  4. Mimi at Living in France. She's received this one already, but in my book deserves it again!
  5. Michelle R at Must Be a Full Moon Always something interesting here
  6. Colleen at Martin Family Moments She reminds me what it's really all about.
  7. J.J. at I'd Rather Be Laughing Because I would too :)
Thanks for stopping by! And WISH ME LUCK - DIY Network is announcing the winner of their HUGE Kitchen giveaway today and I am under the perhaps mistaken impression that I am the only person who entered this sweepstakes, and therefore must be the winner. Think positive, right?


  1. Thanks so much Jen, love the candle holders and stars, don't know whether I should introduce my guys to Modge Podge, I see diaster in the making. And another thing we have in common - coats and shoes, well more specifically boots, in my case (just bought a gorgeous brown suede pair)

  2. P.S. The inside out pj's worked here, third snow day in a row!

  3. That star is awesome, your own custom Christmas star! Your daughter did a great job on those candle holders. I must go grab myself some of that extra fine glitter. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those candles and the star are awesome awesome awesome!

  5. Oh, I LOVE the star! I saw when Jen first did em this summer too and I forgot about it!
    Also? Those candles I'm totally stealing for teacher gifts! They're gorgeous!!! : )
    Thank you for the award, I hope you have a great day!

  6. Where do I start? I love your star!! And those candle holders are gorgeous. They turned out great! I remember being very superstitious about what would bring snow. But I don't think I ever tried the pjs inside out . . .

    I have a slight obsession with coats too :)

  7. cute star, I had to lol at the teachers getting crafts back, I am also lucky to have a husband who puts up with me, and of course you will win!

  8. Those stars and candle holders are just so cute! GREAT job! I hope you are having a great week my friend!

    Hey, I'm having my first linky party on Monday and I was wondering if you would link this post up. It's all about homemade gifts. I love these ideas!


  9. I hope you win that contest! The crafts were way cute. I'd never be able to cut the paper to fit correctly on the star!!
    Thanks for the shout out in your post!
    I will do it soon! (I have to fly to FL for three days to visit my Grandma and no internet!)

  10. So, backward inside out pjs and an ice cube in the toilet. Got it. I'm going home to try it tonight.

    Love the candle holders!! They are really pretty. I'm sure their recipients will love them! And your star you made is ADORABLE!!!

    Love your honest list! Maybe you could just pick up where Steph Meyer left off...I really want to read more about that sparkly vampire that we love so much.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!♥

  11. The star is awesome. I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the candle holders! Great projects... can't wait till my oldest is ready to do crafts like this (maybe it will motivate me to actually doing them ha!)

  12. I love your crafts! I'm going to have to try those!

  13. Oh, thank you so much!

    I also have an unhealthy obsession with coats...and I don't even need them here!

  14. Love your candles, if I ever get my lazy ars going I have a few things to make as well.

  15. Fingers crossed about the contest! :) And great job on the crafts. My favorite is the star!!

  16. Thanks for the nod :) And I LOVE those candles!

  17. cute stuff! I love to bake so I've decided instead of making stuff I'm baking for people this year. and congrats on the award!

  18. Thanks woman!!!!! Sorry it took me so long to say so!!!

  19. Such lovely projects! I wish I had a star like that for my tree. I'm so happy I found your blog!

    Thanks for liniking up at the Holly Bloggy. I'm placing your little bowls on my list of items to feature from the event!


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