Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cocktail anyone?

So I've already mentioned that we went to a cocktail party Saturday night; what I didn't mention was the fact that this is Matt's favorite party of the year & he fills the roll of party planner and bartender while our neighbor Kim shares the work load and hosts at her home. Mix master Matt does an awesome job of mixing drinks to order & keeping everyone in Christmas 'Cheer'.

Matt mixing one of many Candy Canes - yum!

Not to overload you with party pictures, but here's another one of me, with some friends and our hostess; notice that I am the only one NOT holding a drink.

Me, Michelle, Kim and Dari

In fact, in all the pictures taken Saturday night (the ones I have access to anyway), there is not a SINGLE ONE of me holding a drink. Anywhere. (I assure you I did have some, you just can't prove it photographically.)

Which brings me to my point: apparently Matt and I have developed a bit of a reputation with our eldest off-spring. I'm not sure how, but apparently Evie is under the impression that WE LOVE MARTINIS! WAHOO!

Now - to read these, one might get the impression that the party is never-ending here at our house, and the liquor is free-flowing; fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the day and the stress-level) that's not the case. And RARELY (ie: almost NEVER) do we mix drinks when the kids are up. Glass of wine? Sure. Two glasses? Probably not until after they go to bed. So I'm not really sure where Evie got this 'awareness' from. The martini cuff links I got Matt for Christmas one year? Maybe.

Regardless, we were a bit taken aback by her drawings, especially since one of them came home with her from school. Nice, huh? We had some sort of conversation with her about what topics were appropriate for 2nd grade art projects, and then later had a good laugh about them. Needless to say, these two pieces of art are going in my permanent file. They make me smile every time I see them. And now LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


  1. LOL! My kids love to draw attention to the fact that we are going out and probably going to "get alcohol" (right mom!) and "are you going to drink alcohol??" and "get drunk!"

    I swear we don't really ever drink.

    My boys expecially.

    I think they are drawn to the forbiddin and it excites them or IDK, but it sure thrills them. Exspecially if they can announce it in front of grandma, lol!

  2. Ah yes, our kids notice a lot more than we think they do. My middle son figured out that he can eat just about anything as long as he brings beers with the bags of chips or cookies down to the dock at the cottage. And of course, there was the youngest's infamous, "All About My Mum - her favourite food is wine" You are in very good company.

  3. ROFL THAT is too funny!!!! I bet her teacher got a huge kick out of it. Whohooo!!!

    So, so funny.

    And you look lovely in your non-lush picture :)

  4. Oh that's funny!! I've had many a same moment when you pull out the latest from school and immediately cringe thinking...okay who saw this and dear lord what do they think of us now :) But they always, always always make us laugh!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

    Still loving that hair :)

  5. Hilarious!! You have to admit, the word "martini" is so fun to say. That is so cute that she knows you guys have fun with your party next door, dressing up, and that Dad makes some fun martinis.
    My 6th grade son was asked to write about a Thanksgiving tradition. Everyone wrote about church or something altruistic. Mine wrote we have a tradition of everyone watching our Joe Dirt dvd.

  6. Those pictures are adorable!

    Riley often asks why we have to stop at the beer store so often...ha! You'll understand when you're older kiddo.

  7. Funny you should say that one of the pictures came home from school! My mom was the librarian at my elementary school and the teacher told her that when she asked my class to give a work that started with "v", I said vodka! Needless to say my mom was pretty much mortified...

  8. That is hilarious! I love the drawings and her verbage...too funny. Definitely keepers!

  9. Gotta love what comes from the mind of a kid. Every time my oldest draws or makes up a story I smile & laugh at the thought that popped into her head when she was thinking it! By the way... you looked beautiful & your hubby looked very handsome in his white tux!

  10. That is so funny!
    I'm really really loving your hair color, btw! :)
    Also: everyone LOVES the bartender. We went to a wedding a couple years ago and my husband's uncle was the unofficial bartender. I heart him.

  11. First of all....Matt in that Tux! Oh my HECK!

    Second. YOU! Beautiful! Did you color your hair? I thought it was lighter.

    Third. Hilarious that your darling daughter did that art project at school. Love her!

    And Fourth...I want to be your neighbor.

  12. Hilarious!!!! Can I move to your block! Looks like you guys have great times! :)

  13. for a second I thought you were going to say you were pregnant. The whole notice I have no drink thing.
    gotta love kids!

  14. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Nothing is a secret around here. I am so loving the fact that we homeschool. I imagine we'd be called in for a parent teacher conference or two, with some of the things that Sierra spouts off! :)

  15. Hahahaha!! Those a brilliant! we got some eyebrow raising "stories" written about us in my boys writing books when they first started school.

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the party.

  17. Pretty good artist you have there. You just never know what inspiration will send them looking for crayons and paper!

  18. That is too funny!

    Are you sure you're not lying about your alcohol consumption? It's ok, we won't tell....

  19. That is a hoot. Do you even drink martinis? hee hee


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