Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wiped Out

What a whirlwind of a weekend - pardon me while I sit here for a minute and catch my breath, it feels like I just got off a fun-house ride.

In the last week we had William's winter concert...

William singing (shouting?) his heart out :)

...Matt and I escaped the house on Friday to do some Christmas shopping together for first time without kids - it was SO nice to spend a day with my husband uninterrupted by kids (we even had dinner!)

...we had our first snowfall of the season, a picture-perfect 5 inches or so

From the kitchen, 2 hours in

... a fantabulous holiday party Saturday night hosted by our sweet neighbors which gave us the opportunity to dress up and look pretty for a night...

HH & Me - notice anything different?

...hours of fun in the snow - Daddy took on snow duty this time & let me catch up on many to-do's...

Jason and Sarah and their very first snowman!

We've baked Snickerdoodles and Russian Tea Cakes, and watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I have to say, I am officially pooped. Luckily, tomorrow is another day, and there's not much on the agenda. Maybe the little ones and I will crush some candy canes & make Peppermint Bark...I also have a craft or two to share, but that'll be for another day. For now, my pillow is calling my name...


  1. Me too - it is so busy this time of the year. You guys are a beautiful couple. And I love your hair. It is so pretty!!!

    I am glad you had a good weekend my friend :)


  2. Your hair looks beautiful--both color and styling!

  3. You went dark!!! Looks awesome, makes your eyes pop :)

  4. You guys look great. I love this busy time of year! How fun.

  5. What a perfect weekend! Send me some real estate listings for your street ;) or maybe just some hotel info...

    Have a great Monday! Oh, I do love the new look.

  6. If I've said it before, i'll say it a thousand times...I don't know how you do it..I can barely get Hector ready for 3 week trip...sounds like fun and I believe you changed your hair color...if not, it still looks good and nice Tux Matt!

  7. Oh yeah and that's me Jenn up there...Michelle

  8. You've had a busy week! I LOVE your hair. You're so beautiful!!! Enjoy a little rest before it picks back up again. C'mon, you know it will with Christmas right around the corner! :)

  9. Love the hair! Also, love how wide your boy's mouth is in that first photo—talk about enthusiasm!

  10. Your hair looks gorgeous!!! You guys are beautiful.
    I love how William is singing with his mouth wide open! : )

  11. How ironic...I just dyed my hair blonde!

    no I didnt

    You are beautiful...

    now go and sleep

  12. Love the hair, every once in a while I think of going dark but my Other Half might divorce me. We finally got some of the white stuff and the kids are already hoping for a snow day. Me, no way, I have far too much to do before they are out on the 18th.

  13. Love the darker color on your hair!! You don't look a day over 25...I used to think that was old, but now I know it is VERY young. You and HH look gorgeous!! I'm totally jealous that you had a reason to get all fancy. Sounds so fun! Love the pick of William "singing" cute! Love your snow...I want some.

    Hope you're feeling better rested today.

  14. Gotta love a kid who's ready to belt it out!! He's just adorable!

    You and HH are looking rather fiiiinnneee!! Your hair is gorgeous, and just because I'm a brunette does not make me bias in the least :) It also makes you look a little younger...if you ask me.

    Wasn't that snow was great snowman snow! Ours is still around even though the rest of the yard is pretty slushy. Poor Dunn scraped up his face sledding last night...all icy!

    Get some rest...we may be in for more winter white stuff this week :)

    xoxo ~Lisa

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  16. You got your hair did!!!! :)) it looks AWESOME!!!


  17. You look gorgeous! And it does sound like a great weekend.

  18. I should have read these in order.

    Your hair looks GREAT! I think you guys look like you could be in the show Mad Men. Do you watch it?

    I still want to be your neighbor....


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