Monday, June 21, 2010

Bathroom Remodel Part 2 - A room with a view!

3 months in, and it's time for an update on the remodel of our master bathroom! Matt opened the wall in our master bath back in March to install a pocket door, which went pretty well but hasn't been 'finished' because of the other work that's been going on in there. Since then he's been working (in between his job, soccer, life, family stuff, yadda yadda) on making the built-in cabinet for storage in the 'toilet room', and this weekend he installed my window - yay! Here's the story in pictures....
Late Wednesday afternoon he opened the bathroom wall from the inside to frame it out for the window.

Interesting thing, the floor plans showed a window here - and sure enough, there was framing there to accomodate a 20" window - Matt just had to remove that center stud and add a horizontal piece at the bottom. Wonder if the builder forgot to order a window or it was just framed wrong...

The best overall 'view' of what we're talking about here, given the lenses that we have


Removing the siding...

And after the hole is cut!

The small people were VERY excited about the hole in the house :)

My new view :)

Of course, I'd have to stand on the toilet and look down to see this...

Let there be light! and the top of Sarah's head...

Here's the pocket door. The drywall is finished on the inside, but the outside was left open until Matt had finished framing out the storage cabinet. We're going to put some 'frosted glass' vinyl on the lights of the door.

Matt, ready to put the window in

I made him take some pictures of the cabinet-in-progress from the outside, as you can't get a full length pic of the whole thing from inside the bathroom. I cannot WAIT to fill up all those shelves with towels, toilet paper & all the what-not stuffed under our bathroom sinks...

The window is in!

And it's as if it was always there :)

I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to me to have some natural light in that small room. It's always been very dark and dreary. I can just picture that window sill with some small cobalt-colored bottles sitting there to catch and reflect the light :)

The next step will be to finish that little room - make the cabinet doors & put in the wainscot that I dearly want & have discovered that I can now have - thanks to the fact that the walls aren't straight & Matt needs to adjust his plan for the frame on the cabinet - and finish the trim around the new window. We're going to 'finish' that part of the room except for the floor before we tackle the main bathroom, mainly because we're trying to keep it functional as long as we can, and also because we're figuring out what the next step is as we go. I will say, once the shower and tile all gets ripped out, we'd better have a plan in place it get it put back together quickly because I'm sure NEITHER of us wants to be using the girls' bath for very long...
I hope everyone had a terrific weekend, I know we did - I had dinner and a show with the ladies Friday evening, we saw Showboat at the local university's summer music theater; Matt had the window finished by 11:30 on Saturday morning & he then helped me get the kids ready for the pool - my first trip with the 4, it went surprisingly well, I may try it again - before he took his motorcycle out for a bit. Saturday night we had a babysitter & walked downtown to my favorite restaurant for dinner (I did not cook and ate out TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! You'd think it was Mother's Day...) and then Sunday we didn't really do much of anything. Which sometimes is the best thing to do of all :)


  1. Looks great, you are inspiring me. I hate all our bathrooms but after 3 years we still haven't done anything about them.

  2. Wow, I am so amazed at people who can envision projects like that and actually complete them! Looks awesome!

  3. I didn't think it was possible for your husband to get any sexier...but the fact that he can do this kind of thing AND he rides a hog.


  4. Wow! Oh to have a "handy" hubby..mine knows how to pick up the phone to make the appointment and write the check. sigh.


  5. Wow! Oh to have a "handy" hubby..mine knows how to pick up the phone to make the appointment and write the check. sigh.


  6. This is awesome Jen! And I LOVE the pic from the top of the ladder at the little smiling faces below. Too cute.

  7. It looks great! Wow - those are big projects! the window is so nice. Your husband is very handy.

    I love the pocket door too. Your bathroom is going to be amazing!


  8. I'm jealous of the pocket door and the shelves and everything!!
    We have a window like that too. It's nice to add the light in the small rooms.
    Also, I just want your backyard!

  9. Awesome! And your deck rocks. I guess your hubs is okay too.

  10. Wow! You make such a huge project seem so simple. I am sure it's not, but I am definitely impressed. My kids have asked, "Daddy, why are you using Mommy's drill?" So I am most jealous of that handy husband.

  11. I bet that window makes SO much difference! I am sooooo jeaous of all your extra storage. It is looking great - good job!!!

  12. I bet that window makes SO much difference! I am sooooo jeaous of all your extra storage. It is looking great - good job!!!

  13. Wow that window does make a difference and I love the shelves you have now too. I did get woozy looking at the photos of the ladder (there have been several dads around here who have fallen off ladders and the results were not good). Those photos of the kids watching are so cute.
    Totally off-subject: Have you read “Water for Elephants”? I have been reading about the making of the movie with Pattinson here: (scroll around for photos of him)
    (Not to say anything about your boyfriend but his nose is too small now).

  14. that is so cool!!!!! I bet the kids were nuts about that cool hole in the house!!!

  15. Window looks great and I'm envious of those bathroom shelves. I would love a window in our closet someday, so dark in there. I often tell my husband that I'm going to "marry a handy man in my next life" :)

  16. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I'm glad you got out of kitchen duty for a couple of nights, even if it isn't Mother's Day, you totally deserve it!

    The bathroom window looks great! Natural lighting can do wonders for small rooms! Love the shelving!

    I got to get out and go to a show too. We saw Wizard of Oz at the PAC on Sunday! It was so so good! I love the theater.

    Hope you're having a great week so far!

    7 days!!! You are seeing Eclipse at midnight, right?


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