Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls' bathroom makeover!

You know, I should really know better by now - things take 10 times longer than you plan, always. I painted the girls' bathroom this weekend!

My plan was to have it all prepped and ready to go by Friday evening. I'd paint the first coat while the kids watched a movie with Dad, paint the second coat Saturday morning, the trim at nap time, then get it all put back together before bedtime Saturday. Hah! :)

The reality of it was, we didn't do ANY prep on Friday, so I spent most of Saturday washing the walls & waiting for the spackle in the holes from the old towel bar to dry. Went to paint the ceiling & realized we didn't have any roller covers left so I gave up Saturday as a lost cause. I took William to see Alice in Wonderland & we went to Lowes after the movie.

So I spent pretty much all day on Sunday - the most beautiful day of our weekend, thank you very much - painting. 3 coats of paint in all. We tried to not have so much left over so we only bought 2 quarts, but that was just barely enough to do 2 coats of this pale, pale pink over a darker blue, so Matt ended up running out Sunday afternoon for more paint. I should have primed it, but hindsight is always 20/20. Anyway, on to pictures!!!

Here's mostly what we started with. There was a duck shower curtain in here, but I'd pulled that down before the yard sale, and Matt had already replaced the shower rod for me with one of those curved hotel ones. What you can't see in the pictures is how beat up and chippy the baseboards are, and the funk all over the walls from Evie's hot showers. This was one of the first rooms we painted & after 7 years it really needed a do-over.

And the after! I wish I had a better lens to take better pictures in this teeny tiny bathroom, but we work with what we have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out! I picked out the shower curtain (Target!) first, and then went from there. I think the wall color (Quebec Calm, Lowes) looks a bit darker in the pictures than it actually is. We replaced the double towel bar with hooks I found at Target on clearance for half price. The frames were in the dollar section at Target (can you tell I like Target?) in a 3 pack for $1.50. E for Evie, S for Sarah, G for guest...

Two things I haven't finished yet, I'm working on some pictures to hang over the hand towel where the prints of the ducks used to be, and I want to do something with the new towels so the girls (and we) can tell them apart - maybe some colored stitching - we'll see.

Good morning, Sarah!Sarah, who was checking in and watching my progress all day Sunday, is very very happy with
her new pink bathroom - pink is her favorite color :)


  1. Oh, that would be Maggie's dream bathroom!! It looks so pretty, nice job!

  2. What a fun change! I love it!!
    30 days :)

  3. Again, I bow in your presence! I hate painting...reeeaaallly hate painting.

    Triple love the shower curtain. But not as much as Sarah's morning "do". :D

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the transformation!!! The bathroom is ADORABLE! Sarah is so cute...I love that just-outta-bed look!

    Side note, can you believe we're down to less than 30 days!!!! Squeeeeeel!! I can't wait! Uber excited over here!

  5. Oh my, she will be so delighted every time she enters the space . . . perhaps it will motivate instant teeth brushing ? Well, here's to wishful thinking !


  6. Great job! I love the towel hooks instead of a bar. Genius!

    Sarah is adorable!

  7. That turned out GORGEOUS!!!
    Love that picture of Sarah...maybe a new pink bathroom will help her get the potty down quicker!

  8. Sooooo cute!!! For something where the duck prints used to be you could get a piece of matting paint it a solid color of one of the polk-a-dots in the shower curtain & then do other color Polk-a-dots on it & then frame it. You could do a couple in different colors. That would be super easy & cheap. I love me some Target too... one of the best stores out there! Great job, I think your timeline was awesome, it would have taken me at least a few days beyond HA!

  9. It looks awesome! Great job!!


  10. Great job!
    Love that pink color!

  11. LOVE the shower curtain and the room looks great. lol I was trying to remember your kids names to figure out who had a G name. great job!

  12. love love love the bathroom redo and especially that super CUTE polka dot shower curtain!!! Thanks also for the sweet comment on my blog, it means a lot! ;) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  13. Love it! My Lulu loves her pink bedroom. I am also loving that blue paint - do you remember the name of it?

  14. that last pic is adorable :) I want to give her a hug.

    I love that shower curtain!

  15. That shower curtain is so adorable! I love it! And those hooks are awesome - my sister uses hooks in all of her bathrooms - it's so much easier for the kids to keep the bathroom looking good when there are hooks!

    You did a wonderful job! It's so cute!



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