Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Break!

The kids are finished school! Wahoo! Or, Dear Lord please help me get through the summer with my sanity intact :)

So we're off to a banging start. Somewhere in my head I thought dismissal was at 12:45 on Wednesday, and that the kids would be back sometime shortly after 1pm. So around 11:30 I took S&J off to run a few errands in town and pick up some balloons to greet E&W at the bus stop with. We got back around 12:15, I made them lunch & then got down to coloring in a poster for Evie and William, planning to meet them at the bus with the balloons and the poster & the little kids.

Damn if the doorbell doesn't ring at 12:50, Evie and William home from school. Crap! I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME they have early dismissal. WHY do I always think it's at 12:45 and not 12:30??

Anyway, the balloons were a hit with everyone, as were the Mrs. Field's ice cream sandwiches, in their choice of Oreo cookie or chocolate chip (I preferred the oreo, myself.) I do get bonus points for buying 5 balloons instead of 4, in case one popped. Evie popped hers within 5 minutes of being in the house - by accident, of course :) I lose those points for not taking any pictures.

One thing that kind of struck me this afternoon, while they were eating their ice cream, Evie asked why I was so happy. I know I need to work on my attitude a fair amount, but how to explain to your 8 year old that it's a moment in time that's exciting & fun whereas the rest of the time she's always arguing with me about every.damn.thing.under.the.sun while I'm trying to get through what needs to be done with the house/chores/little kids/make dinner/yadda yadda yadda. I WISH I were a bit (ie: a great deal) more laid back, but we have to play the hand we're dealt I suppose.

After dinner and blowing off steam outside for a few, the girls got glitter toes and then all were off to bed. No rest for the weary, swim team starts first thing at 9am today and continues through the first week of August. Hopefully my bag of tricks is well-stocked to keep small people entertained, and I've got the camera packed to take pictures of all the happenings, in case anything wild and exciting - maybe the bear shows up? - happens, or if Jason's looking especially cute :)
Monday evening Evie and William had a piano recital, Evie's second and William's first. I get SOOOOOO nervous for them! I hate that feeling in the pit of my stomach, I used to have it whenever I had to play solo in public - UGH. I'm always afraid they'll mess up and be embarrassed - because I've been there and it sucks - but I forget that they are not-quite 7 and not-quite 9 and things don't affect them the same way. Anyway - I think they ROCKED!

Here's William - he was one of the younger kids there, has been taking lessons for one year, and I believe may have been one of the youngest ones to play two songs from memory:

And here's Evie - girlfriend REALLY surprised me - she always RACES through her songs when she practices & sometimes stumbles through her lessons, so I was really happily surprised to see what a great job she did - go Evie!

Sorry for the crappy iphone video, but I really have no idea how to get the video off the HD video camera, and really don't feel like devoting the time to it :) Also - that kid in the front row in the orange shirt? His parents were two rows in front of us and in every.single.picture I took, he's turned around, mouth open, trying to talk to them. Memories :)


  1. Good luck! My guys aren't out for another week and I have so much to do to get them ready to go to camp - the next day! Have fun, take time for yourself and when someone offers to help, say yes!

  2. Loving the balloon idea :) So sweet and special! Good thinking on getting 5! Spoken like a true and experienced mom!
    We have been out of school for a few weeks now and I LOVE it! I LOVE not having to rush to get out the door 3 days a week... Real school just might kill me! The summer days are slipping past so fast though!
    Loved the piano videos!

  3. I NEVER think to get an extra balloon - you are wise beyond your years my friend! Your kids are great on the piano! I'm so excited that John-Paul will be starting violin next year in the second grade...I just hope he sticks with it :)

  4. Yeah for summer - you might have to pass on what's in your bag of tricks. My bag is getting slim!

  5. Yay for Summer! I'm glad you were able to be laid back and enjoy the kiddies last day of school...what a fun and special experience you made it!

    I'll have to remember to come back here from home to see your cuties play the piano.

  6. I love the glitter toes! Why haven't I done that? >> oh wait, now I remember, my boys wouldn't like it. Hmph, well my 2 year old will be in school soon enough and I am sure she will love that one. How fun!

    The recitals are great! It was funny to watch the kid in the orange shirt. Love your take on it - Memories.

    Happy Summer Break!

  7. Love the idea of the balloons and ice cream sandwiches...and LOVE the glitter toes!!

    The kiddos did AWESOME at their recitals! Way to go, Evie and William!

    Hope you're having a great day!♥

  8. I had to pick my niece up a couple weeks ago because there was early dismissal & my sister forgot. She felt like the worst mom in the world & well I felt like Whew, if it happens to me at least I know I am not the only one. ha ha ha! yay for William & Evie, what great jobs they did!!!

  9. The kids did great at their recital. I really like the second songs that they played.

    What is up with that kid in the orange!

  10. Im hoping to be able to accomplish at least a few things on my hard when its over 100 outside though to do much of anything!

  11. What a fun way to celebrate the last day of school! I love your take on life and enjoy reading your blog. Here's to keeping our sanity while making it a fun summer.

  12. Oh my goodness!! They both did amazing!!! I can't play any sort of instrument at all!

  13. The kids did SO well! I laughed at
    the comment you left about the foreign objects that were found in the piano.
    All the best for the school holidays! I would recommend making a list and then do things off your list as your mood (and the kids mood) takes you. Eg if you feel energetic go for an outing, if you feel blah have the kids play in the backyard.
    Keep us posted


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