Thursday, November 18, 2010

A birthday, a visit from a friend, and some ponderings

My baby turned 3 last week. How on earth is that possible? It seems like just yesterday we discovered he was on his way, I remember that day so vividly (as you would, I guess, with a surprise baby number 4 on the way when you were content to be finished with number 3 who was only 6 months old...)

Jason just fit right in from the very beginning. He wasn't fussy, he slept through the night early early on, and just was so easygoing. As he's gotten bigger, and I've been able to compare them all, I've come to the conclusion that Jason is the apple of my eye because he is so much like his daddy. The other ones have too much of me in them, and it has clearly messed them all up. At 3, Jason actually seems to hear us when we ask the kids to do something - more than once I've been shocked to say 'please start picking up' to turn around and find HIM the only one doing it - and he does a great job. No wonder he's my favorite. (Sshh, don't tell the others, I think they already suspect that!)

So Jason had his big day last week, and he was super-ready for cake and presents - after all, he'd watched the other three AND me have our birthdays in the last two months, so he knew the drill. We had carrot cake (since he didn't tell me anything other than he wanted 'cake', I chose! It's healthy and delicious, from Good Housekeeping - click HERE) and then some presents, and he loved every minute of it.

Matt insisted in the beginning that Jason belonged to the UPS man.
Don't see how he can deny being this boy's daddy anymore.

I mentioned before that Laura from Piece of Cake came to visit us for the weekend, she wrote a lovely post about her visit with some fabulous pictures of the fire pit, my kids & our town- if you haven't read her before, go check out her blog. She loves coffee and wine, has four kids of her own, and will make you laugh, possibly cry, and remind you to be grateful for what you have. As they say, time well spent.

Now that I'm actually sitting here writing, I don't know that I have any ponderings other than the same things I've been saying for a year now - time is moving TOO quickly and I don't know where the days go. I keep thinking I'll get to the thousand things on my list, but it never seems to happen. I thought as the small people got bigger I'd have some more time to attend to these things, but all I seem to manage is the chores - do you have any idea how much laundry six people create? And then there is the constant repair of things that get busted. There is always at least one toy on the kitchen counter awaiting repair, and Sarah managed to pull the paper holder off the wall next to the toilet because she's been using it as a handle. I'm starting to think that there will be no time for 'extras' until Jason starts preschool in the fall. Which really, when I think about it, isn't all that far away.

I am, however, trying to find the time to watch GLEE! My neighbor has gotten me hooked & given me season 1 on DVD to get caught up. I have to say - I actually dug out my piano music on Monday and PLAYED. It's been too long. I'm kind of amazed that the brain doesn't forget - songs I played 20 years ago (was it REALLY that long ago?) in college for a recital are rusty, but my fingers knew what to do. It may be time to hunt down a teacher and take lessons myself - what better way to convince Evie not to quit than to set an example myself?


  1. Go for it! The piano lessons, I mean. I wish I had stuck it out when I was younger, I gave up when I was about 13. My brother, who was never forced to take lessons like my sister and I plays by ear and can sit down and pick out just about any song. And I firmly believe just like with reading, if you enjoy it then your kids will pick up on that and want to play too.

    P.S. I am a Gleek too.

  2. Such a cutie - both my boys have my heart...something about a son & his momma!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!!! And so glad to hear about another Gleek!!!

    Lastly, I have always wanted to play the piano - sounds like something you never forget?


  3. "as you would, I guess, with a surprise baby number 4 on the way when you were content to be finished with number 3 who was only 6 months old..." - Replace the 4 and the 3 with a 5 and a 4 and I'm with ya! hahaha!

    Carrot cake. GREAT choice!!

    If we were closer, I'd love to give you piano lessons. I say GO FOR IT...kinda like the Harley, if it floats your boat, do it. :)

  4. yes. I do know how much laundry 6 people create.

    yes. time is moving way too quickly.

    and please, throw that broken bug toy on your counter away.

  5. What a doll he is! I can relate to that youngest, sweet, mama’s boy, youngest boy. Mine was and still is best at chores. At age 5 he could do a better floor and toilet cleaning than the others.
    The laundry situation gets more prolific as the clothes get bigger….BUT they can do it themselves when they get bigger! Especially when someone starts to complain that a certain shirt or uniform was needed but still in the wash. Everyone has his own basket in his room. Two youngest share a room and a basket.
    Loved reading about your wonderful weekend with Laura!

  6. Yep. That's Matt's kid. Adorable!

    I've been lurking on Laura's blog since you went to BlogHer with her. I'll go say HI.

    When toys break at our house....I either throw them away or put them in a plastic container and throw it up on top of the entertainment center. An area that's become known as the land of the misfit toys.

  7. Your baby boy is beautiful. God knew you NEEDED him before YOU knew you even wanted him! :)

  8. He is such an adorable little boy!

  9. Jason is just too adorable for words!
    I followed the link over to Laura's blog & I love love LOVED her post about the trip to visit you. What a sweet tribute to your beautiful family.
    I feel you on the whole laundry thing... the 5 here produce WAY too much too! Good for you for picking up piano again, so technically you could say you are a musician that ride a Harley. Do you even know how cool you sound! :)


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