Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Pie to feed an army. Or a bunch of 1st graders.

I was really prepared for Thanksgiving to be a miserable day. You see, we don't have family nearby - 3 hours is about the closest, and we're headed to see them in two weeks for Christmas - so typically the 6 of us rattle around the house on Thanksgiving, trying to treat it as a special day when in reality, it's just like any other - only Matt and I feel like we shouldn't be doing chores, we should be relaxing, while I spend hours in the kitchen cooking a meal that will only be appreciated by about half of us. At least on Easter you have church to go to, and Christmas has presents. Thanksgiving is all about the food, and as you all know by now I'm still trying to drop a few pounds - needless to say, it's not necessarily my favorite holiday.

William's Feast of Friends luncheon

To top off THAT anticipation, the forecast was for a cool, breezy, drizzly day - so we'd be cooped up inside. BONUS! Nothing says happy like four energetic kids stuck in the house all day, right?

I don't think he knew I was coming :)

In reality, I have to say it hasn't been half bad. Evie helped me make pumpkin pies this morning, and Sarah helped trim the green beans, and was actually excited about it! The kids decorated some wooden ornaments for Christmas - thank you, Michaels, for all your awesome kids' crafts! - and everybody mostly got along without any drama - imagine that! Of course - Matt and I opened some champagne and had Mimosas throughout the afternoon, and by dinner the bottle was gone - so I'm sure that helped ease some parental pain. The chardonnay we opened at dinner has about one glass left and my name is written all over it.

William and TJ

While we may not necessarily feel like observing it, Matt and I agree that it's important to observe the traditions of the holiday because the kids won't always be little. I can only hope that 20 years down the road I'm cooking for a crush of people when my four come home for the holiday, hopefully with families in tow.

My Turkey! You should hear her gobble :)

In the meantime, I cook a turkey breast - enough for the 6 of us for Thanksgiving and a night of leftovers - and all the trimmings, and pumpkin pie.
Emma and Evie at their 'Diversity' lunch. Don't ask, I don't know.

We eat around dinner time, clean up and then have dessert...

Prayer hands!

...William spends 10 minutes at the dinner table trying to pull out his loose front tooth...

...we have pie and then everybody settles in to watch Elf - best Christmas movie EVER. We'll spend the weekend doing fall clean-up in the yard, and maybe on Sunday afternoon when it's warmer and sunny we'll get some Christmas decorations out. Or maybe we'll wait until December 1st :)
This tree outside our church had all its leaves on Sunday.
I took this picture on Tuesday. By Wednesday it was bare.

Whenever Evie brings schoolwork home, I always have to check the back of it - you never know what you're going to find - nothing I'd like better than a cat that enjoys coffee with her morning paper....

And finally, I'd like to direct your attention to a little poll I have at the top of the page: I try to post twice a week and feel kind of bad if I miss one, as - due to the magic of the internet and statistical counters - it seems that some people stop by more frequently than that. SO - if you wouldn't mind responding, I'd appreciate it. If you want more Harried Mom, I'll do my best to oblige - and if you really don't care, then I won't worry about it :) Thanks in advance!


  1. Hope you had a restful day in the end. I'm always checking in, I seem to be reading more than I am posting these days, oh well.

  2. I would say that I want more Harried Mom!!!
    Except that I am harried too and can't get over here to read fast enough or often enough, so I play "catch up" anyway. So I voted for do it when you can.

    I love your wrap up and the pix of the kids. I have had a few T-days that were home just with Hubs and kids, so I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Love the look on William's face when he saw you!

    You should come here for Thanksgiving next year!

  4. Awwww, prayer hands, I love it! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. And you're right, Elf is the best movie ever :)

  5. Sorry Connie, they are coming to my place next year. But you are welcome to come too, now that we are BFFs. Or maybe you would rather come to our Diversity Lunch?

    Now don't laugh at me Jen, but in LA our church had the greatest Thanksgiving Day mass. Everyone brings the bread and wine they will be eating and the Priest blesses it. I missed that this year. It was a nice reminder about what we are celebrating... Being THANKFUL. Takes the focus off of the cooking and work and is just a nice way to begin the day. Or you can have a diversity lunch :-)

  6. I would say that I want more Harried Mom cuz I love you, but it's too stressful sometimes and you should just do what you feel good about doing!! :)
    Also...let's see...Oh! Evie's drawing is really good! She's gonna be an artist, huh? I couldn't draw a cat that good! At all! LOL
    And...Diversity Day sounds like something a liberal wackadoo thought up.
    Woops. Is my RED showing? Sorry. lol

  7. I voted for when you can... I sooo enjoy reading you, but sometimes I am harried too & am late in reading posts so they just sit in my blogger dashboard till I get to them. If you post more, I will read them, if not, that is ok too. You are one of my favorites - you write REAL! You write the fun & the not so fun times. It makes you totally relateable & I appreciate that! I feel like we could be real life friends. Is that weird to say???

  8. I think you should keep posting the way you do, because every post you write is such a big happy melting pot of stories...and if you wrote each one individually, well, it would be a bit boring like mine ;)

  9. I voted for more but understand that by having double the children I do you have half the time so no pressure!

    Well...did William get a visit form the Tooth Fairy?

  10. I will always say MORE MORE MORE! But I understand how time goes, so no pressure - get to it when you can!!



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